screw the xbox, just get the sickest amp you can find
use it to buy dark clothes so you can rob people and get more money.
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How about not making such crazy accusations when you're the one living in a cheese house!

If the action was fine before, with 100% identical gauge strings, then new strings will not have pulled the neck visibly forwards unless you put it under a microscope. Don't be a total birthday clown, man.

cheese house? i dont get it. anyway, im not saying that the neck magically warped when he changed the strings, it could have been set up wrong in the first place adn gradually changed.

p.s. please explain the cheese house bit, im curious now.
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Yeah, but It wasn't his guitar playing that everyone liked.

i agree, but i saw him on a list somewhere of great guitarists. also on a buddy icon right between jimi hendrix and b.b. king. its a sad world we live in.
when you look down the neck, is it bowed forward at all? if it is you need to tighten your trussrod. i dont know why nobody has said this yet. to be quite honest i dont think anyone here knows what they are talking about.
just base everything around a major scale. it simplifies everything a lot because most of the others come from a major scale. you can use a mixolydian mode which is a major scale with a flat 7th step (over seventh chords), minor scales obviously, you can use the locrian mode which is basically a major scale starting a half step down. look up modes somewhere on the internet to learn how to use them.
kurt cobain. probably the ****tiest guitarist who ever became successful.
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All of them

even if you were to decide what "level" you are at, guitarists are in no way comparable. Whos better, Malmsteen or John Scofield? Jimi Hendrix or Segovia? you might be very good at playing metal, but that doesnt make you a good guitar player.
just do it a lot and you will get stronger and used to the feeling. I use a strap made out of rope so it used to hurt but after a while it goes away.
arnsbjorg means "eagle protection." you should use that.
name it something in a different language. i named my warmoth les paul Hemming. its a norwiegian name that means "someone who is suspected of being a shape-shifter"
59 gibson es-335
72 marshall bluesbreaker
and a huge room.
haha, i just went form 10s to 13s on my sg to darken it up. i love the sound of heavier strings, but dont plan on doing too much bending. It actually didnt take that much adjustment. I thought i would have to adjust the truss rod because of all the new tension, but all i really had to do was lower the bridge and move the saddles a little.
learn a bunch of jazz chords. they are wierd at first but they are sooo much fun.
your using your pinky pretty easily, and thats a good sign.
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all fender necks are the same in terms of the inputs on the neck so YES

false, tele necks are more square at the bottom and strat necks have more rounded corners. Im not sure about mustangs and jaguars though.
with the versatility of tones and styles you can get som much more expression and individuality out of it. you can always recognize a players style.
29 has got to be a typo. does 20th sound right in its place?
The the ibanez john scofield signature. I think its called the JS200 or something like that. Ive played one and they are amazing.
get some d'dario 13s. Probably the heaviest i have seen. they wont be as floppy when you tune down which i think is good, but thats completey a preference thing.
find something to do other than headbang. it just looks gay.
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As far as "all the knobs up" I'm not so sure about, but I did read about an old 50's guitarist who was considered the "grandfather of punk", and had a "raunchy tone, and poked holes in his speakers with pencils". Anyone remember the guitarists name? He was in guitar world within the past few years because he died recently.


I was being an a--hole.
Do people really find it that hard to sound like NOFX?
i had one the other day. i hear that most people actually have them all the time, just they dont remember their dreams.
get something like
a.)kick a== box of chocolates
b.) pussy
Banned for no punctuation.
email warmoth and ask them. i just got a guitar from them and there are some nice people working there.
fender super reverb. its 55 watts or so, you can get them vintage on ebay for well within your price range. i have a 72(?) blackface in my basement right now that i borrowed and it kicks a^^.
seymore duncans or fralins maybe. the gibson burstbuckers are nice too
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Even with a good tube amp distortion, people want to overdrive that to get some tones not achievable without the pedals. And try finding an amp with all the effects (chorus, reverb, distortion, flanger, phaser, wah , etc.) that someone would want.

vox valvetronix. the effects arent extremely high quality, but they are pretty good for onboard effects.
this happened to my sg once when i was changing pickups. you need to get the screw back into the gold thing while keeping the spring between. take the whole pickup out and do it. i think i know what your talking about and it is a pain in the a== to get back in. you need like 10 hands.
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What settings would be good to a VOX AD30VT if you wanna play:

Old Green Day and NOFX ?

turn all the knobs all the way up and use a screwdriver to put a hole in the speaker.
get the trussrod adjusted by a professional
i looove the gibson sg. warm warm warm stuff.
depends where you go. theres a shop in my area that charges about 200 bucks, but it might be different in different places. dont be worried about it though, the only reason you would need a refret is if your intonation has gotten really bad. if your playing is in tune dont bother.