just wondering
is there any way to get the sims bustin' out to work on a 360?
I downloaded the backwards compatibility onto a disc but it didn't work for this game
what do i search for?
I've tried xbox gamer pics, downloadable gamer pics and they lead me to xbox live
Edit: oh well I'll just buy the mag or something
sorry for the interuption,
ok I don't have xbox live and i was wanting to get more gamer pics, so is there any way that i could do this? besides getting like xbox magazine or anything
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like this?

yes thanks
I was wondering if someone could take an image out of my avatar, the Whitechapel one, that is all gray if you need me too I can include the 3 other images to make a new one
I don't know if this is considered stupid or not but anyway, we were looking at a guitar magazine, looking Ibanez I think here's the conversation:
Him- I think I'm gonna buy a new guitar because I don't like the 7 string getting in the way for 6 string stuff, and I don't lke my Strat single coils. So what's a cheap guitar that I can buy?
Me-I don't know.
Him-After I buy this guitar for Christmas I'm getting two, and next year for my b day I'm getting another one.
Me- Why don't you just get some better guitars than a bunch of crappy ones?
Him-I'd rather have more crappy ones than a few nice ones.
An Autopsy-The Faceless: play count-50

in this video of Impending Doom, I know ones is an Ibanez, but the other, I have no idea. I'm thinking Schecter though
^the guy with his fist up, thats a Schecter right
What brand of guitars do these bands use I can't find any of them on the guitar websites, or their official websites. All Shall Perish, Decapitated, Impending Doom, and The Absence.
Originally posted by AeroRockerand BulletsToBlood, ive got your avatar, too
i hope you weren't expecting to see album cover details in 50x50 pixel form, cause thats impossible

if necessary, i can make the albums flash by more quickly
let me know what you think

yea dude that's awesome!!!
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simple, do you just mean those covers flashing by 1 by 1?
ill get on that right after the zombies, both will be up tomorrow

yes thanks
could someone make an animated avatar of these album covers: Impending Doom-Nailed. Dead. Risen, Whitechapel-This Is Exile, All Shall Perish-Price of Existence, and The Absence-Riders of The Plague? Thanks if you can!!!

EDIT: here they are-
This Is Exhile music video is sick!! If you haven't ssen it, you have to!!! I really like these guys because they freakin rock and they're from right here in Tennessee!!!

EDIT: Crap I spelled Exile wrong
Again, my friend and I disagree. This time he said Ibanez is better and I said that Schecter is. So which one.
What is the name for this tuning: low to high- A D A D G B E ? I thought it might be A standard, but that's A D G C F A D right. By the way I put a thread up a few days ago or smething about our bands tuning problem he wanted F and I wanted A, we solved it by using this tuning.
Thunderstruck!? I have no idea my friends always want me to play that for reason. Like always that! Then they're saying wow you're so good! I don't how you're friends are, but mine go crazy for just that first part.
I know, I didn't know where to put it
Who do you guys like better? My idiot friend thinks more prople like Meshuggah more than BFMV! I disagree but, we'll see!
holy crap that's the best guitar in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah right.... what freakin guitar?
Oh and we also wan't to be two different genres, I want to be death metal and he wants to be experimental metal.
I like Schecters better IMO, and the Damien that your wanting is a pretty nice guitar. I would buy the Schecter.
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How're you tuning all the way down to F?

We use 7's.
that's why I don't like low tunings it gets too low and sound like crap, but I like A it sounds good, not too low but that's about as low as I'll go
Ok me and some friends are startiong a band and I'm the lead guitarist, well the other guitar player likes low tunings like F. I like to use A, F is two low for me. So how could this work? Has any band even used two different guitar tunings like this? Just in case you were wondering, my friend gets his "love of low tunings" from Meshuggah.
I was wondering if someone could show me some diminished arpeggios. Also how do you make an arpeggio out of a chord. Someone told me to do that but I wasn't sure.
They freakin' rock!!!! Definately on of my favorite bands!!!!!!
Are these guys Christians? Someone said they were, but I don't trust him that much.
sorry to interupt but I just bought a Schecter 7 and I am having some fret buzz on the 3rd fret. I just noticed the sting is bent up a little bit on the fret. Could that be the problem? I also have the same thing on my Washburn 7 but it is on the 15th fret and it isn't bent. By the way these are both on the 7th string.
Could someone tab out how to play this on a 7 string? If it has already been done, could I have a link to it? Thanks! Also there is another tab, could someone also tab Bleed in regular tabs. I don't have Guitar Pro.
I just got a Schecter 7 string, and it has some fret buzz on the 3rd fret of the 7th string. My first 7 was a Washburn and it has the same thing on the 15th fret of the 7th string. Is there anyway I can fix this? Thanks!
ok so you don't actually "join"

EDIT- how do you get that 7 String Legion thing in your sig
um probably a pretty stupid question to ask but, how do join the 7 string legion
Can anyone put Bleed in regular guitar tabs? All they have is guitar pro. Thanks!
Oh and sorry if this needs to go in the Guitar Pro/ Power Tab thread.
Is the Schecter Gryphon 7 string any good? I saw one on the internet and was wondering if it plays well and if it has good features as far as that stuff goes? Thanks!
My mom is giving me a choice for my birthday, a new Damien 7 or a used Gryphon 7. Which is better as far as quality and playing it and stuff? Also does Shecter even make the Gryphon 7 anymore? All I have seen is the Gryphon 6. Thanks!
Lonely Train by Black Stone Cherry is pretty good, or if you like death metal As I Slither by Kataklysm is a great song. The only thing about As I Slither is it's in Drop B if you want to tune that low.
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Do you have powertab?

thanks smokey bowl
can anyone make this avatar size thanks
ok I'll try them

EDIT: I tried all of the links and they were the same tabs as the one on here.