"I barely recognized you with all those
Needles stuck in your eyes"

- this gets the attention much better than your first line imo, I'd bump it to the top. I think the second verse is definitely the best one, and I don't really like the third at all. It could be pretty interesting as a song, this. I'd be more detailed but it's 3am and I wandered here from the frontpage by mistake so I just thought I'd think aloud at you, hope that's cool
At my uni we just put a sock over the damn thing and it's fine.
The first bit sounds like We Like The Moon, to be perfectly honest with you.
So is anyone else excited Diablo 3 was announced on Saturday?
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i thought we were giving Pluto the cold shoulder now?

It certainly IS cold on Pluto! LOL!
Yes, but not as many. Because 90% of computers use Windows, virus writers tend to target that OS. But now a lot of servers use Linux instead, there's a migration towards that operating system.

Macs aren't necessarily any more secure than Windows machines, it's just that less people are trying to attack them, because less people use them.
It might be that you have some kind of spyware or hijacking program, in which case I'd recommend downloading Spybot Search and Destroy from this site:

They look very like the ads my girlfriend got when her browser was hijacked, and she used Limewire and Ares as well. Spybot sorted her out. That was called "vmclite" if I remember correctly.
I really like your daughter and I was wondering if you would mind me taking her on a date so we can get to know each other better.

Then, if necessary, assure him that your plans don't involve sex, violence, or strong language, etc, etc, etc...
You're sixteen.

No seriously, you're sixteen.
If she goes swimming in any public pool she will probably be fine, by the way. Lifeguards, etc. Does she live near any rivers, canals, lakes, etc? and I'm talking pretty near, she's sedated so she won't want to walk far.

This might also give you some idea of where she is - if you've got a mobile phone and there's only one obvious destination you can go check it out, if anything untoward is going on, then that's when you can phone the ambulance.

The only other thing I can think of is that she might just take a bath. There's very little you can do about that if you don't know where she lives. But it takes a reasonably long time to drown, and I think the body has unconscious reactions to it that might save, it's noisy, and other people will want the bathroom eventually, so whoever she lives with will know she's there, so she may very well be found.

For your part, try to keep a logical head on this. It can all be sorted
999 is the number you call in the UK to reach the emergency services, a bit like 911, but I don't know if 911 allows you get fire engines or ambulances as well?
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So Is it 'Am Pentatonic' because you're playing the minor pentatonic shape starting on A or is it because there is a particular shape for Am Pentatonic and Bm Pentatonic etc?

Also if i play Am Pentatonic starting on a C for example, will it still be Am Pentatonic or is it now C Pentatonic?

A million cookies for anyone that gives me an understandable explanation thanks.

Shapes 1-5 of A minor pentatonic are all "A minor Pentatonic."

If you play shape 1 starting on the 7th fret of the E string, this will be "B minor Pentatonic".
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dude that's alot of chords... reidsan how do i play that on guitar the scale diagrams on chord house? like for c major scale which note do i start with first? When does the scale end? And for chords, lets say i wanna play the Dm chord but in the 4th string there's no dot on the fret, does that mean open string?

You start on note 1, and end on a higher note 1 - note 1 will be "C" in c major, or "D" in D major.

For chords, learn C, A, G, E and D major, then minor, then sevenths. Only then move on.
Scale diagrams: is my favourite for that, it tells you the notes as well.
Bearing in mind what the Gull just said, it sounds like you might want to try Warning by Green Day.
As for the first one, the numbers correspond to your fingers. The one shaded in red is the root note from that position. The diagram is like the neck viewed sideways, so you know where the frets are.

Those are the pentatonic scales, so start on any random note, eg 5th fret on the E (which is A) and follow the fingering pattern from there, to get the minor pentatonic. In tab, this would give you 5-8, 5-7, 5-7, 5-7, 5-8, 5-8.

The scales then fit together because you move your hand up for each one - in this example, if you started pattern 1 on the 5th fret, then you'd start pattern 2 on the 8th fret, and end up with 8-10, 7-10, 7-10, 7-9, 8-10, 8-10. These are the same notes but in a different position on the neck - if you were improvising based on this scale, you might want to play them in this position rather than position one.

I learnt that one first. The other diagrams are more complicated- the last shows the entire neck, but I've not seen one like the middle before, though it's just fingering patterns for the major scales. Start with the first one, that's used a lot in rock.
If you youtube "hopscotch method", I find that reasonably helpful a lot of the time.
I thought this sort of buzz was the difference between a rake and a sweep - if the notes are less clear, it's a rake, if you hear each one it's a sweep. Is that right?
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I_am_primus, are you familiar with the term "spam"?.....

It's what you put in between the bits of bread.
A full diminished would (I think) use a diminished 7th as well. It would give you: 1, b3, b5, bb7.
I'd be interested to see some women reply.
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The Dillinger Escape Plan- Mouth Of Ghosts.

Rage Against the Machine - Born as Ghosts
The Yamaha is pretty good, plus there's lots around the place in second-hand shops and things. I picked a steel-stringed one up for £70. Try local music shops and see what happens.
but I don't know what this is called, and therefore I have no idea what to do about it. I'm using an RG350DX, it started off being able to bend about a fifth either way but now I'm lucky if I can get it even a tone upwards. The bridge is hitting something in the base, I don't know what, but it's quite a concern.

By "up" I mean upwards in pitch in relation to the note I'm fretting. Downwards, I can still go a fifth, no trouble. Why? And what can I do about it?
There was one on Turkish TV the other day which was basically a knife. But when it cut through stuff, people were REALLY AMAZED that it worked. At least, I think they were, they might have been grinning but saying "That's a big load of wank" in Turkish. I wouldn't have known.
There's a guy on campus who has a t-shirt that says "I love men" on it. I wonder if he's...y'know...
Very very camp, loved it
Changing key won't have anything to do with the speed, or the perceived speed. It sounds to me like it wants to hit the B5 chord, & also develop some kind of strong melody, then just pack more notes into the bass and drum parts. You can probably change the rhythms to sound a bit faster too.
What is it precisely that you're having a problem with? Is it that you don't understand a particular direction in the lessons? Is it playing them that's the problem, or is it the application?
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ok, so this girl i really like and i have been going out for a month, but tonight i had a dance, and she broke up with me because "i dont believe in long term relationships"but she called me earlier and said that her "friend" made her break up with me. now she wants to get back together. what should I do?

Sounds like you're being messed around. If she was a plane, my advice would be to use the ejector seat.
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well marijuana has never killed anyone. so its not dangerous. but go to the right thread.

That's a strange definition of "not dangerous" you've got there.
"It has a tube in it so I think it'll be good."

The internet is made up primrarily of tubes and it's very good, so I think you're onto a winner
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that's not true you can have consentual intercourse when under the influence but it is when it is forceble that it becomes rape. my advice no rough sex while drunk and there will be no case against the male

Your advice - don't do stupid things while under the influence of a brain-altering drug.
Do you have nothing better to do than threaten to cut off people's faces?
I guess it's alright, but I can't imagine anyone taking you seriously if you start playing anything other than metal.
Would this be why my strings are at the correct height at fret 1, but are miles away at fret 12, or is that something else?
Hi all. I'm changing the strings on my RG350DX from 9-42 to something a bit thicker (the Ernie Ball "fat bottom, slim top" type, though I don't know the numbers). Will I need to make any other changes, eg to the action or to the trem angle, to compensate for thicker strings?

The thing is, I've been doing a bit of trial and error and whenever I get the lowest string up to the pitch of E, the tail moves miles from the bridge and the action goes up in the air. Is this just a result of tuning unevenly or will I need to change the string tension in the back, etc?
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Yeah, you should pretty much restring it asap.

Brb ¬_¬
Thanks guys, this has been really helpful. The thing is that for some reason I thought it was a good idea to take the nuts that "hold up" the bridge completely out before I read this thread. How bad is that? I've put them back in again, but if they were holding it up, presumably that won't be enough now?

Also, exactly how long is too long to leave it stringless? It's been about two days now...