me and a frend of mine made a website for guitar players and bass players who are gear addicts and love to talk about it and show it off! so if you liek the sound of the place heres the link and join on up people!!!
wow that looks nice... shame im broke or id snatch it up from ya...
thats cool i like teh fact that it uses no screws to mount on the guitar... the adhesive strips are a smart idea... and they dont leave a mess... cool
any pics?
okay so heres teh scoop im 18 and want to get a band going i might get my brother to play bass thats up to him really... but i deff need a drummer willing to play music along the likes of Gov't Mule Led Zep Allman brothers and maybe some heavyer stuff too think non raido Nickelback kinda stuff im located in the fairfield area and dont have transportation... ( parents wont let me get a licence untill i have a job woo hoo) so bass players or drummer slet me know if you are interested at all... peace!
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Well your right on there. An 18watter i sgreat. I've put a Power Scale and Post Phase Inverter Master Volume in my Lite and it's great. Basically the power scale controls the volume and then the master controls the preamp distortion (ussually I run it low) and then the volume controls the poweramp distortion. Great classic rock amp, just check the video in my sig!

i love my 18 watter.... killer sound man...
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First off Seymour Duncan doesn't make any pickup called the '57 they make the '59. Secondly, they sound nothing like the Gibson 57's.

my bad... got my explanation from an aumreliable source it would seem thanks for the correction!
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Hi guys... One reason... credit card bebt! I do have another strat.... a 1971 hardtail which no amount of money would cause me to part with (I know this sounds totally insane but I have had it 10 years and it's the best guitar I have ever played in my life) . So seeing the Relic go wont be too bad.

beauty of a guitar and a bump for ya because i know how you feel... ive got an allparts strat that im in love with.... its nothing to others but its my first love
my brother is looking for a verry cliff burton kinda drive... and im a guitar player so i know nothing about bass effects and how they are... he is useing a ds-1 right now witch sounds cool but its kinda i dunno... lacking i guess so whats some good ****?
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Mids, neck pup, and reverb baby!

that and a tube screamer for leads and your all set...
... to bad im not old enough to buy beer.... but if ur looking for good strap locks Dunlop are awsome...i have em on most of my guiitars they are liek 20 bucks a pair and come with everything you need...
theres a diffrence dependng on teh guitar... im a strat guy and 11's sound alot diffrent from 10's on a guitar with buckers it will sound about the same...
11s are a good middle ground.... give 11's a try
and BTW nice rig slinky...
i wish my camera was working... i have...

2 allparts strats one with a p-90 and 2 duncans its orange and another with 3 hand wound single coils witch is sunburst with all black accesorys a epi les paul a custom les paul wih hand wound PAF pickups and a tung oil finish a yamaha achostic and to top it all off an 18 watt marshall clone... that thing sounds killer... umm and my pedals are a TS-9 Tube screamer a crybaby wah a planit waves tuner a daphon delay pedal and an evh phase-90
duncans are alright... you can never go wrong with gibson 57's or the duncan 57's witch are pritty much teh same thing... but what i would do is look for a pair of PAF's my brother hand winds them they are perfict for that kinda thing...
angs is a marshall player... i have a guvnor those are alright... i use it for low lever playing becaus ei only have one amp at them moment but if u tweeked it enough it would have an alright angus tone
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i've never really understood the whole rack thingy but I've never needed to, but they seem like a good idea sometimes.

i agree i think it really depends on how many effects you want/use i know for me i use as little as i can and rely on teh amp for most of my tone... and have some other things in my loop like delay phase wah stuff like that and use a tube screamer for boosts... all i need is a pedalboard and im all set...
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I didn't ask stupid questions that could be answered with a simple google search, like what is a PA, or common sense, like the original topic of this thread...

cool yoru jets man some peopel start as noobs then work there way up... he will learn...
my buddy has the floor pod it sounds damn good for what it is
blues driver is more of a gain pedal... sounds alright... im not a fan but id try it see if u like it but as MT said tube screamers are for pushing the amp
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what else would entertain us UG'ers?

that infact is true...
for paractice amps tehy are fine but people dont liek them because guys at GC push you twards em and on top of that people think they are the best thing since sliced bread and think they sound better than tube amps so its really because of noobs that people hate em so much... but to answer your question... JTM 800?
is the dano chromatic ?
damn... nothing still?
you can downtune with it its chromatic... like the boss chromatic tuner pedal or a the Korg one... your new to guitar arent you?
ive been wondering as well...
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You were close on the description! But they didn't put Tx Specials in these Mexican Deluxe's, did they?

nope it was noseless but maybe they were swapped out by the previous owner... does it hum like crazy when its plugged into your amp? if not they are noseless if it does buzz youd have to take out the pups and look...
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Replacing a nut?...

If you are just going for cosmetics, it'll run you about 6 Gs from the plastic surgeon.

But if you want that baby up and running again you're going to have to pay out of the ass. I'm not even sure if they have the technology to do that yet.

ha ha ha!
what sound would you say it does well?
it is infact tube he said they need to be replaced and it is from ballpark 1965 or so
no one really? hmm...
okay so my dad knows this guy on a car forum and he has an old Harmony 420 and he is willing to trade for my crate powerblock what do ya think should i go for it? and ballpark how much do you think its worth?
yeah its a fake.... ive dealt with that before... sorry man
niceee hows it sound?