Needs a bongo solo
Well I know the song is in 6/8 time
I reckon you will be able to play it in time to the time sig by "feel", the riff probably matches up with the drums
You can think of it as 3/ you just count (1,2,3) in your head or you can count 6 16th notes to a bar, so "1and2and3and". Hope I've explained that clearly enough, not sure I have really.
Yeah I agree it can be depressing but I seem to usually have good times in winter.

Does anybody know if these guitars, the faded model in particular are neck heavy? IE, they dip towards the floor if you take your hand away from them when standing?

It maybe looks like they are striking more strings if they are strumming? Although if you play an E power chord at the 7th fret on the A string and play all three strings, you can then strike the others open for a full sound.
You won't snap any strings tuning down so just go for it, if you tune up just turn the pegs slowly. You don't need to "wait" either, you could have just tuned the strings straight to your alternate tuning when you put them on. Hope that helps
I think it will sound kind of awful and will feedback horribly if you play with any kind of distortion
Your playing is really good, hard to believe you had never playing standing before.
I don't think UG pays royalties, basically if a copyright holder asks for the tabs to be taken down they are. There's quite a few tabs that I haven't being able to access
Please can you describe how you do the upstrum with your index?

I really want to get an SG and just wondered if anybody has any experience with the SG Special Faded model as I don't think I can really hope to afford the full price standard ones. I only ask because my local music store has fairly limited choice so I will probably have to buy the guitar online.

"The first thing people should know about Cliff Burton is that he played bass without a pick. That may seem like a ridiculous thing to point out, but it's kind of like driving a truck without a steering wheel"

Whoever wrote that blog just has no idea :/
It's not that hard...just put some adverts out for other musicians or go to gigs and stuff and make friends.
Sounds pretty good.
Yeah, a song may be "written" in 8/8 if for some reason it makes notating it simpler
They will sound the same as they are the same thing, 4/4=8/8
Thanks man, I would have never figured that out. Sounds like he is strumming at least some full chords though.

Could anyone guess what chord shapes this guy is playing?

I've sat down and tried to figure it out myself, was playing it by just moving an E shape along the neck but it looks like he is doing something a bit different.

Hey here's an idea- assume everything you read on the internet is in a neutral tone like I do and you life will be much better.

Ok, agreed. Apologies for the misunderstanding.
Yeah, you can hear the "mood" of a scale changing over each chord.
Chill out dude, I wasn't attacking just seemed a bit snappy. Is it that time of the month again?
No, but if you want to change key with the chords and it sounds may as well go for it. Especially if the chord progression changes slowly.

You can do what you could play entirely out of key if you wanted a really dissonant sound.
Well you can do that, it's just not the best way.
Key looks to be Amajor with a major II chord, so Dorian would work. But remember that you're not truly playing "modally". Amajor Pentatonic is good as well.
Bandleading is the only one concerning these kinds of questions
It's the right forum though?
After spending a lot of time studying bands like iron maiden and metallica it seems that they don't really hit particular notes over certain chords, instead they just make sure they are in key and play anything.

They will do with their more melodic solos as hitting the right notes over each chord is what helps give melody and make a the solo "fit" the backing.
Mostly aim to center around the chord tones of each chord...for example over an Eminor chord you can emphasise E, B and G. Of course, you don't have to always play like this and over power chord progessions it doesn't matter as much as there is no 3rd to cause as much conflict, even though it can be suggested.

There is a lot to this topic and I couldn't hope to give you a full explanation, I would reccomend googling your thread title or looking around the lessons here on UG. Hope I shed some light on it for you though.
I wish I could play like that guy...he just has years and years of experience, try not to let it put you off.
You're being real generous with a number like 5.

Have you ever actually listened to the Peace Sells or Rust in Peace albums?
I think that I can be put off the music if the band members seem like dicks.

I was just having a discussion with my girlfriend and I would be interested to hear everybody's opinion.
Basically, she believes that you have to be born with the natural talent to learn music or any other skill and that the unlucky people who have not inherited this will struggle to learn, and never be able to perform to a high standard. Also, everybody has a natural 'limit' that they will reach and will not be able to rise above once they have reached it, despite any intense practice that they may continue to undertake.

Would you agree with this or would you take my side in saying that people may inherit traits that make them able to learn certain skills faster, but ultimately that anybody can learn anything they like with enough interest and hard work?

What kind of style do you like to play?
It sounds like you really aren't having a good time with your need to do what's best for you
Yeah, it's better for speed playing and 3 notes per string shapes seem to fit over the pentatonic boxes better.
A lot of people say the opposite as well...
Yeah I was thinking of getting the hammer head, at the price I suppose I can't really go wrong. Do you personally know the owners or do you work for them or something?
Thanks for those links, they look like crazy value for money!