Mighty Fucking ducks.

I dont even like Ice Hokey but those movies were great.
'Mon Gemany
Disappointing but expected.
Didnt really see us getting out of that group, but we couldave done much better.
Zaccheroni got a lot of things wrong- big one being playing that useless cunt Okubo.
Quote by raoooos
Okubo is ****ing terrible Japan have a lot of quality players but until they get some good centre backs and a good striker they won't do shit

Said it from the start.
I was surprised/pissed when I saw he had been called up, useless twat.
We do have better strikers but for some reason Zaccheroni likes Okubo and wont sub him off.
Yup. I blame Okubo.......mostly
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Are the Japanese hyped for the World Cup?

Yeah, but the ignorance and over reliance on Honda is ridiculous. Commentary and analysis is gash.
Fucks sake Okubo you useless donkey.
Japanese commentators:

"pepe must have said something untoward, so he had to go"

jimmies rustled
Ozil upfront?!

Edit: Nvm, clueless Japanese casters fucked up.

Sidenote, you guys think ITV commentary is bad- my god its so much worse over here on all channels.
Quote by megano28
So you expected to grab a 2-0 after countering? Or were you protecting the lead?

To me it looked like you were protecting the lead, or playing for the 1-0. You didn't have to go to the extreme, but a 2-0 would have killed the game. Japan seemed more interested in slowing down play and going back in numbers.

Not expected, but im guessing that was the game plan- to get the second on a counter. I wouldnt say we were trying to slow down play, but we can get indecisive at times. A few times we had chances to counter, but slowed down in midfield due to bad positioning/reactions.

I would say indecisiveness was more of a problem overall (common problem for Japanese footballers) rather than trying to protect a 1-0 lead. Japan arent that stupid to try and defend an early 1-0 lead, especially against a fast and strong team like CIV.
Apart from the crappy time wasting at the end, most of the game was decent. We should have subbed and changed formation earlier though.

Was expecting a worse scoreline, so not too bad.
Quote by megano28

Japan fully deserve this #merking. Playing for the 1-0 is boring and pathetic.

Hardly playing for the 1-0.
Despite leading the game, they cant just go all out attacking against a superior side. Should have subbed and changed formation earlier though.

I expected a cricket score so it wasnt that bad, time wasting at the end was wank to watch though.
directly into my veins
lol, teenagers.
Up to personal preference, but you cant really go wrong with Nike, Adidas, Puma and Mizuno.

Ive always prefered Nike Tiempo's though.
Love gin, however:
Good gin is great, but bad gin is foul.

Beefeater is a decent standard gin I go for.
Tanqueray, Hendrix's, Oxley (if you can find it, I cant recommend it highly enough- cold distilled, interesting change) are what I pick up if I feel like a treat.

Coincidentally, I got a new wallet for Christmas
Standard bi-fold, but real leather for once.
Japan getting bodied by Holland, as expected.
I assume noone has replied yet because they are all busy fapping.
I am totally behind this competition.


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should've built a void ray

Nah blink stalkers plus few immortals till you can get some collosus.
RCM- Royal College of Music in London

but it would be predominantly, if not strictly classical/orchestral music I think.
Because he hated sand.

That and he was a pussy.
I do, but technically all tax payers.

Edit: It is optional though.
Im Home with the Downies
Nope, but its the best we have.
If he works for a cosmetics company then, fine whatever.

If not, colossal pansy, not my friend.
System shock 2

Its the big boy version of bioshock.
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70- ~100% humidity

Same here.

Thats the worst part, humid, sticky heat.
Dry heat, even at 30+C is somewhat tolerable but humidity sucks balls.
Its fecking 37C here right now(all day all night) , im still soldiering on with the fan at home, but at the office we have the aircon at around 23-24C.

Fuck the infidel Fahrenheit.
way too long, lost interest.

This is still the best:
Damn, hope he pulls through.

I heard that hes been basically been kept alive with speedballs for the past decade or so.
You americans are fucking weird.
Yep, I want a boy and girl
I like them all, but my top two have to be:

Laputa: Castle in the sky

After those two, in order would be:
Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke
Kiki's Delivery service
Porco Rosso