yeah, so, has everyone forgotten about The Cranberries?. Try something by that band.
So, being this the recording software thread, I wondered if someone can help me with this, I'm such a beginner with this.

Is there any software, which allows me "to record" a song from different tracks?. I mean, for example, I have 5 recorded tracks: vocals, rhythmic guitar, main guitar, bass guitar and drums, and I want them all to be on one single track.

Can anyone tell me if there is any software which allows me to do that?. I would like some names too, and a link if it's possible.

Thanks, and sorry for my ignorance, and "bad" english.

Edit: My operating system is Microsoft Windows.
-What Guitar Company: Epiphone, Gretsch or Fender
-What Amp Company: Orange or Fender
-What Pickup Company: Gibson or Seymour Duncan
-What Effects, Pedal Company: Boss
-Favorite Guitar: Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet/Epiphone Dot/Fender Jaguar
-Which lead guitarist you play like: as simple as I don't know
-Favorite band: I better say 3: The Vines, Nirvana, Manic Street Preachers
-Band You hate: Jonas Brothers (if it can be denominated as a band), Panda, any 80's mindless glam band
-Favorite Strings: D'Addario
-Favorite Guitarists: I have no single preference, but I like both Sonic Youth guitarists and James Dean Bradfield
So, I was the other day cleaning up my squier strat (the last was about 5 months ago), and I noticed a couple of scrapes and then I wondered how can you make a paint-fixing for your guitar. Days later I decided I wanted to re-paint my guitar completely, but I don't know how, I would make the traditional DIY painting but I think that it would eventually get peeled again, even quickly because of the "bad quality" job.

So my point is, how can I make a good DIY re-painting job for my guitar?. Give me some good advices, or whether you know how to do it completely...

Please, and thanks for your attention.
what about "1 a.m" and "City Pavement"?, pretty good songs too. Though my fav Subways song is from All or Nothing ("Kalifornia" anyone?).
This happened when I was in guitar lessons (seconds class, more specifically):

Me: So, do you keep one of you guitars in an alternate tunning?, or you just change tunning if it's necessary?
Guitar teacher: What the hell is an alternate tunning?.
Me: You know, Open tunnings, Drop stuff, Scordatura?
Guitar teacher: No boy, that is ****, don't move your tunners 'cause you will only ruin your playing skills.
Me: Alright. Are you sure you are a guitar teacher?.
Guitar teacher: (No answer).

After the 5th class I dropped, and one month after I was playing any Nirvana's In Utero song. I know that it's not the harder thing you can play (I don't want to be a "Heavy Metal God", or a [insert awsome guitarist name] wannabe), but I consider it was a good progress by that time.
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yeah i hope so too

i wonder whats put him in such a state, maybe him and his girlfriend broke up or something and i think he liked her alot, hence the song kara jayne on melodia...

Nope, that was not the reason. We all know about his special mental condition, and I think they have to concern more of Craig's health than album sales or promotion. He is a musician, they are musicians, pretty good in the way, and they have to promote their work, but I think that Craig's health is more important than anything else. Craig's condition doesn't "fill" some situations that would be "normal" in the life of a semi-rock star, or a very active musician.
My order would go this:
4. This is My Truth, Tell Me Yours
3. Know Your Enemy
2. Lifeblood
1. The Holy Bible
I want to keep an "agnostic" perception about whatever happened to Richey. It is sad, I know, but I think that no one can really swear whether he's still living or he dead so long time ago. If he is dead, well, I got nothing to say, it's painful, but if he lives yet, he probably has a lot of valid reasons to not showing up. He is an enormous songwriter.
I'm impressed that this thread is practically dead. Why?. Manics are a "too much" awsome band. Why has no one commented about them since July?
If there's anyone who can tell me about.

Was the Epiphone G-400 Custom discontinued?. I do have been wondering to get one, I found this is the best one for that kind of guitar I've been wanting, but there are no Internet shop selling it. Was it discontinued?.

Thanks for your attention.
when i wrote "weak sound", it wasn't because of the Dirty Fingers, but because of the fact that the guitar has just the bridge pickup. However, I'm not wondering to take the trial, it was just an idea that I had. I'd like to hear the sound of a guitar with a P-94 and a Dirty Fingers.

Anyway, thanks for read my stupid thing .
Ok, this goes like this, please tell me what you think about:

Take a Tom DeLonge ES-333 Epiphone version, nice finish but weak sound. Then, get a P-94 and install it in the neck-pickup position. Would it work?.

Thanks for your attention.
finally i found the The Von Bondies thread.

Awsome lo-fi band, got really obsessed with their alternative/punk blues sound. I really like their 2 albums, but not really their last ep. I don't really think people will ever forget them, or at least indie rockers. If they were one of those "regular" bands, they weren't even lasted to a 2nd album.
This is the thing. About 5 months ago, I've been wondering to get my second electric guitar, because I need 2 ones with different tunning and because I need to walk one step forward the cheap Squier Strat that I already have. I use to play mostly Alternative/Indie stuff, variating to some Hard Rock sounds.

I got this Laney LX12 as my amp, and I don't really care about feedback on semihollow guitars because I really like that models. So, these are my wanted options (limit of the budget being the last one):

*Epiphone Dot (the ebony one)
*Epiphone Casino (the black one)
*Epiphone G-400 1966 (the cherry one)
*Fender Jaguar HH.

I'd like to get one of these semihollows, but which of this guitars would you suggest me, specially?. If these are not good options, yeh, you can suggest anything else but Ibanez. Please, avoid suggesting Ibanez.

Thanks, and have a nice day.
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Actually you're right. I'll ask a pro for a quote. A regular tele + the job itself might be cheaper than a deluxe.

My jaws dropped when I found this one

i know it's out of theme, but i have a question :

what's the complete name of this cute Tele model?
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melodia is awesome, everybody buy it

this thread should be more than one page....

well, it's actually 2 pages (so small).

Watch the newest The Vines' product: GET OUT!.

Enjoy it. .
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@Garage Kid - No, i dont think it is still in production unfortunatly. Moonage Daydream has one though, so you should ask him about them

oh well. however, thank you so much, i'll ask him .
sorry and excuse me if i'm offending anyone with the next question, but i really want/need to know it.

is this beautiful SG model still in production?. i'm interested in getting one, but i have to know this before.

thanks .
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I'm gonna suggest NOT a hollowbody... they aren't good with gain.

Don't you feel offended, but can I know why they aren't?
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What amp are you using?

I'm using this little Laney LX12. Not very "monstrous" since it's the one I've been using since I started.
I've been thinking of getting my second electric guitar because I really need it (I use to work with Scordaturas, but not always. But then I need, as minimum, 2 guitars tuned in 2 different ways). So, I've analized and I decided to try to get an Epiphone Dot or an Epiphone Sheraton II, and/or this kind of Eastwood Stormbird. My current electric is a Squier Strat, very cheap althoght it has been pretty usefull.

The thing is, I've been playing electric during about 1 and a half year. Am I ready for a second guitar?. I use to play basically Alternative Rock/Indie Rock (The Vines, Nirvana, Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Manic Street Preachers, BRMC, Box Car Racer, Jet, The Redwalls, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, The White Stripes, The Subways, Sonic Youth, etc) and a little of Vintage/Old stuff (mainly Black Sabbath, Metallica, Neil Young, Cream, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Deep Purple, etc).

Tell me if those guitar would work for my "style".

never saw them live (i'm colombian), despite that i have their "Box of Secrets" and their "I'll be Your Eyes". Totally awsome band, i have "Try Harder" on my profile's tracklist. Has Laura-Marie ever played her "Springtime" live?
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Woah dude that's ****ing beautiful. What did you use to make that? I'd love to try my hand at making a Jazzmaster.

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Not from those creators, but..

nice thrashy jaguar friend. where did u make it??, i want to make one.
i've lose 2 songs.

the first one i didn't care about 'cause i didn't really like it, but i got f*kin' pissed when i lose the second one 'cause it was a kick asses song, when i wrote it i though "this is the best **** i've ever written", and the next day the leaf was vanished. f*k, how angry i was that day!!.
wtf??, it's that kind of people's fault that the term "Indie" is misunderstood.

who the hell is Amy??

also, the guitar look is more important than the Guitar brand.
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He has a Flying V sig from gibson.

I don't know if that counts, I guess it's more of a commemorative one rather than a signature.

YES!!!!!, that's it.

Let me tell you. Gibson recreated this Flying V from the original Jimi's one, which he customized painting almost all the things you can see and that guitar body.
i know i came too late, but i'm really angry, but because of the NON-RESPECT TO THE KURT DONALD COBAIN PERSON, not because Courtney's feelings. I really want to know what really happened with Kurt's ashes. I don't know what you think about, but i feel very offended.
it doesn't matter if it's the tracks (files) or only the track list, the deal is how can i find it, and i tried on the wikipedia but it isn't there, but i'll try on Ares and Limewire...

if there's anyone who can tell me, where can I find the World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 Soundtrack?, i know it's stupid for some people, but that game has really good rock songs.

If you don't know, but you read this, please write "i don't know" or "don't piss off" or something like that, it's just for knowing if people do read this stuff.
i'd like to know, what is really an Indie??, i mean, indies follows and only one ideology?, or are they so different and independent that such ideology doesn't exists??.

i'm agree with the second sentence, but there's so many indies who are afraid because of the latest "latinamerican" and british waves and because it's gonna make "indie" a commercial term.

what you think about it??
What would you think about playing Blues Rock or Hard Rock with an ESP Viper??.

I though it last night, and i think it'd be totally awsome, i' like to see that.
it's an american Telecaster customized with a black pickguard, pretty beautiful guitar, but it got no mystery...
they both are good, i think every Gibson is great, but xplorers and LP studio (i hate 'em)
SG reissues, classics, and SG Select, and Vegas Highrollers.
they are a really alternative band, great dance-punk, but there's already another VHS or Beta thread...
There is "Outtathaway!" too, a great "F*ck You!" song. And yeh, the first The Vines' bassist, Patrick Matthews left the band and joined Youth Group, although he's still being friend of The Vines' current members. Stay slopes, 'cause the next The Vines' album is going to be released on July 12.
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Gibson LP's are overrated and overpriced, but they are still a quality build, its just they are not worth the money that some pay for them.


I mean, they aren't the greatest thing just because some of the Greatest guitarists play them, they are just another guitar model more.
Yeh, well, their fourth box will be full loaded of that Hard old-style Rock energy that The Vines has always had , it will be the Rock & Roll rebirth and it's gonna be totally awsome!!!!!.