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I have encountered a few of those tough solder joints on the pots before, my Iron is a MetCal 45 watt with a 675 degree medion chisel tip. Well some times this is not enough power to quickly reflow the solder, it depends on the amout of solder and the mass of the pot itself, large thick cans will absord a lot of heat before the solder reflows, I do a lot of pickup swaps, so to reflow the tough ones I purchased a 100 watt soldering gun, they were cheap at radio shack a few years ago I think i payed 20 bucks for it. I only used it when the MetCal will not reflow in 10 seconds, the gun has a very large tip and 2x the power, as long as the tip is cleaned and light tin on it it will reflow the unreflowable joint in 5 secs flat which reduces the damage to the pot. You can also get a solder sucker from radio shack or electronic supply store, if you are lucky to have one locally. Remove all the old solder, contrary to popular belief the bigger the glob the better the job does not hold true, solder your new wire using enough solder to provide minimal mechanical strenght but a good electrical contact, I preffer to use 2 % silver solder with a no clean flux as the remaining flux will not corrode the solder joint and thus eleiminating the need for solvent based cleaners. Of course the 2% silver maked a better conductor and add a little more strenght to the solder. Make sure the solder iron tipare shinny and puta little solder on them when done,a dark dull tip does not transfer heat well and makes soldering a bitch. I hope this helps, enjoy those new pickups.
Two questions for you. Is your reverb tube or spring? Is your amp new or did you buy used?
Spring reverbs make all kinds of popping and dungeon gate slamming sound under high vibration or when they get hit hard enough, another thing is the pot for the reverb level if not cycled they tend to get dead spots and these can cause some noise but not like the spring being struck or vibrating too much. If your amp uses a tube for the reverb the tube maybe on its last legs, no prob there as they are cheap and easy to replace. Try cycling to reverb pot a few times with the amp turned off. Then power up and checkthat it is working properly.
Hope this helps.
Also chech Seymour Duncan's SH-5 or SH-6, they also come F-space if your axe has a lic Floyd Rose.
I hate that crap, it accumulates on the strings and atracts dust, combines with the oil of your hands and ruins the strings fast. The you are forced to put more of the shit again and the crap adds another layer, works for 5 minutes. Try Guitar Honey fretboard treatment, it does not work the same as the fast fret shit, I use it every 3 months, remove all the strings, clean fret board with a light fine brass bristle brush, wipe it down, spray a good coat of Guitar Honey or Dr. Strinfellow's Lem-Oil and leave for 10 minutes. Wipe off the excess and put a good set of strings on. I wash my hands constantly when playing to minimize oil left on the strings, clean you guitar before and after you play it. Trust me with 15 guitars and basses I need strings to last.
Hope this helps.
The difference on Head, Cabinet and cambo is simple.
Head= Amplifier, no speakers.
Cabinet= Box of speakers, no amplifier.
Combo= Both, usually open back with one or two speakers.

You can get a Peavey Classic 30 for about 300 bucks, not a metal amp but nice cleans and rocking dirty sound, all tube so it has a nice punch and is plenty of loud. As for a pu on you LP bridge, try a Seymour Duncan SH-5b. I use them and found them agood all around pu. Not a lot of distortion but I use a 6505+ Head, so gain is no issue but the SH-5 have a nice fat tone and sound great for muddy bluesy/jazz sound and nice fat metal crunch, and you can find them for 75 bucks new.
I hope this helps.
The Doctor.
I have a classic 30, it does fine for cutting over drums and does have a very good tone. Used 300 to 400 bucks, if you need a little more bite out of it, replace the 3 pre-amp tubes with 12ax7wb from sovtek. It is a great all around amp, inexpensive if you get one used, the sovtel tubes are 10 bucks or so each.
Good luck.
You can find a Peavey 5150 with 2 12 inch speakers for around 600 bucks, they are plenty of loud. Best part they are made in U.S.A.