Seether - Immortality (pearl jam cover)
Don't you just hate it when you take too long to reshave your pubes so it takes FOREVER?
Could a strange substance found by an Ark-La-Tex man be part of secret government testing program? That's the question at the heart of a phenomenon called "Chemtrails." In a KSLA News 12 investigation, Reporter Jeff Ferrell shows us the results of testing we had done about what's in our skies.

"It seemed like some mornings it was just criss-crossing the whole sky. It was just like a giant checkerboard," described Bill Nichols. He snapped several photos of the strange clouds from his home in Stamps, in southwest Arkansas. Nichols said these unusual clouds begin as normal contrails from a jet engine. But unlike normal contrails, these do 'not' fade away.

Soon after a recent episode he saw particles in the air. "We'd see it drop to the ground in a haze," added Nichols. He then noticed the material collecting on the ground.

"This is water and stuff that I collected in bowls. I had it sitting out in my backyard in my dad's pick-up truck," said Nichols as he handed us a mason jar in the KSLA News 12 parking lot back in September after driving down from Arkansas.

KSLA News 12 had the sample tested at a lab. The results: A high level of barium, 6.8 parts per million, (ppm). That's more than three times the toxic level set by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA.

Armed with these lab results about the high levels of barium found in our sample, we decided to contact the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. They told us that, 'yes,' these levels are very unusual. But at the same time they added the caveat that proving the source is a whole 'nother matter.

We discovered during our investigation that Barium is a hallmark of other chemtrail testing. This phenomenon even attracted the attention of a Los Angeles network affiliate, which aired a report entitled, "Toxic Sky?"

There's already no shortage of unclassified weather modification programs by the government. But those who fear chemtrails could be secret biological and chemical testing on the public point to the 1977 U.S. Senate hearings which confirmed 239 populated areas had been contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969. Later, the 1994 Rockefeller Report concluded hundreds of thousands of military personnel were also subjected to secret biological experiments over the last 60-years.

But could secret testing be underway yet again? "I'd rather it be something inert and you know something that's not causing any damage but I'd like to know what it is," concluded Nichols.

KSLA News 12 discovered chemtrails are even mentioned by name in the initial draft of HR 2977 back in 2001, under the Space Preservation Act. But the military denies any such program exists.

It turns out, until just nine years ago the government had the right, under U.S. law, to conduct secret testing on the American public, under specific conditions. Only a public outcry repealed part of that law, with some "exceptions."

Mark Ryan, Director of the Poison Control Center, explained that short term exposure to barium can lead to anything from stomach to chest pains, with long-term exposure causing blood pressure problems.

Ryan addressed concerns by chemtrail researchers that barium could be meant to wear down a person's immune system. "Anything that causes ill effects on the body long-term, chronically, is going to affect your ability, it's just constantly working on the body. So from that aspect yeah it's a potential."

Ryan told us he's conducted research of his own about secret government testing on the public. But he's still a bit skeptical about chemtrails at the moment, especially considering that his Poison Control Center has seen no calls about barium exposure.
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tbh i wudnt worry

bands DON'T get discovered on myspace at all, its such a myth that they do

Myspace has its own record label with all the bands they discovered on their. Hollywood Undead, they even say in so many interviews that they got famous cause of myspace but didnt wanna be on their label cause Myspace wanted their lyrics to be more radio friendly. A&M / Octone found them on myspace. I set my friends on fire, pretty much the exact same story. Epitaph records found those guys on myspace. Sean KIngston, not a fan but he also got discovered on myspace.
Im not sure, I think they may have exaggerated with it and was like "if they're doing this then they could this other thing so heres what could happen" if that makes sense to u. Although at the end of the video you can hear some audio clips from that video I posted.

any awesome pics you have taken or made of your band logo or w/e you upload it to photobucket and get the HTML code and can use it as a background. And you can get another pic and put it in you contacts box.

with this one, you cant make layouts but you can make awesome banners for your profile and you could post the codes to your banners in a bulletin for your fans to put on their pages.
I have to say it was far from EPIC, all though I thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminded me of one of those cheap Beatles movies, which is cool cause I like The Beatles and their movies.
Thats somewhat creepy man. I'd get out quick. The capo gnomes have obviously gotten in her head!
I first heard about this when Metallica released the "All Nightmare Long" music video. I found it very interesting and did further research. Here's a little video I found about it.
banned for hating on Ethiopians!

btw "acoustic all the way" < agreed!
Make your country proud...soldier
I'd rather listen to the radio then "MOST" of the cds I bought back in the day.
I looked this up on the searchbar and nothing came up so...

Post a video of your favorite commercial. Make sure their actually funny and entertaining for your fellow UGers to enjoy. I completely understand if you hate commercials so if thats the case please just avoid this thread.

I love lamp...
couldnt watch the whole thing seeing as how it was the same thing for 3 minutes but I loved how is feet were in perfect synch with the drums!
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There was paedophile hanging around outside our school for a while. He got his head kicked in by a bunch of Year 11's. (I was in Year 10 at the time.)

that would be an epic site to see!

Nothing ever happened at my school...
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Double stuffed ftw!

EDIT: Because they fail at life.

What movie should I rent tomorrow?

damn it, I was hoping you would say " cuz ya touch yaself at night!"
Like off of Family Guy!

srry for the bump guys...
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Lil Wayne do other rap related artists. Come on now, most of them don't even have a clue about playing an instrument and it isn't like it takes years to learn how to rhyme (half of them use repetition instead anyway though and it is annoying).

you're entitled to your opinion, but unlike "rap related artists", Lil Wayne has completely dominated most popular genres. Hip-Hop, rap, pop, and soon to be rock with his new rock album rebirth which is soon to drop. And I dont mean he has featured himself in different tracks other artists realeased in those genres. He has full albums with those different types of music. He also plays guitar, and once mentioned he was heavily influenced by Kurt Cobain, musically mind you, growing up. Thus, showing his appreciation for music itself. He's not just trying to be "gangsta" and have the finest girls in his vids. He engages himself in other musical aspects while trying to have fun and give the music industry some variety.
double stuffed!

why did all the dinosaurs die out?
Quote by goest am I lookin' at here?

EDIT: This is funnier.

that was not that funny, typical adult swim nonsense.
That was hilarious, Thnx for posting!
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Canadian girls want to have sex with English men

thats kinda funny
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In all honesty...Lil Wayne.


Josh Freese is another one. He has played drums for NIN, Seether, Lil Wayne, Static-X, etc. Truly a talented drummer that can roll up his sleeves in any genre!
Who is someone in the music biz that you have much respect for? And it has to be someone who has seriously given it their all for several years trying to provide the world with decent music! Please don't just put your favorite vocalist, guitarist, etc. and please no flaming.

I would have to say Dave Grohl. He was Nirvana's drummer. He played drums for Tenacious D. He also played drums for Queens of the Stone Age once upon a time. He started Probot. And he is Vocalist / Songwriter / Guitarist for the Foo Fighters.
He definately deserves mad props for his hardwork and dedication to music.

NOTE: It could also be a music producer or anyone of that nature.
choke on it!
wOw, that really sux! Srry that happened to ya.
I have misplaced my capo a few times but found it shortly after, so no capo gnomes at my place. However, I have lost many a guitar picks in my days. Even more so when Im writing a song, I'll set my pick down to pick up my pen and write a lyric and then go to pick up my pick and dont know where its. So they come right up on me and pocket my picks virtually before my very eyes. But, I never see 'em...sneaky bastards!
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VAST- One More Day

I bet it will make you cry, too. Here, listen:

definately this song!
reggae, or however its spelt, somewhat anoys me. But other than that I can find something I like in almost every genre.
Pretty much any video by the Beastie Boys!
Srry if there's any fans...just stating my opinion.
I havent got to see them live yet.
Its good to know that when I do it'll sound good!
Something about morse code bores the fecal matter out of me...happy b-day bro!
California - Hollywood Undead

what do you smell like?
The Fray
I have the same problem, tis why I avoid public restrooms as much as possible!
Im mainly a vocalist but I also play guitar
Give him the ol' 1,2
and then give him a 5 knuckle shilaylee in the ol' bread basket!
These guys are Indie / Pop / Rock. I really like 'em. Any fans here????