steven looks kinda like my history teacher from last year...

chicken or turkey??
not cool.

table tennis or darts??
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YES! I am not alone.

Thank you, thunderbird.

your welcome
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How dare you bonk a younger woman!

Here comes my allusion of the day:

Puppet Pal Clem, there is a spider in your bed!


Who gets it? Anyone? Anyone?

i remember that
i can be an awesome bass. or i can be a bird... that makes... thunder... 10/07 is the month/day of my birth. wait thats today... hmmm.

McCain or Obama?
i guess.

cake or pie?
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But you've been here since '06..

the thread was made in '06
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get to da chopppa

The Predator

"If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!"
because you're a yankees fan
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Haha why do I foresee photoshopping?

and i foresee asianface
"It's part of a trilogy, a musical trilogy I'm working on in D minor which is the saddest of all keys, I find. People weep instantly when they hear it, and I don't know why."
0/10 because you don't have pics

EDIT: HONK!!! lol cake=yum
0/10 because you have no pics of yourself
your group made me want cookies
my bass and my birthday without the year
i didn't look through the whole thread so i don't know if this has been posted...

this^ lol
bass clarinet

favorite brass instrument??
you still get nothing... who ever said it needed to be a quarter?? i did insert a coin... it was an imaginary one tho

*inserts alpaca*
you get nothing because you didn't insert a coin

*inserts imaginary coin*

do u like bagels?

do you watch mythbusters??
can't see too well with that pic but i'll give u an 8/10

what song should i learn to play on guitar next??
you get the predator from the movie "the predator"

*inserts human-eating alien*