Neon Moonlight reminds me of Neon Knights by Black sabbath
Peter Steele and Dio...both were totally awesome
How about Eminem sounds like a whiny Urkel from Family Matter's except Urkel had talent.
Is that Monica's suit?
I delete people who like snow because I hate it.
Enslaved could do one. But not Mayhem.
Iron Maiden with 3 guitar players. The Cure also had 3 for a brief period of time.
Gianna Michaels
There's a club around hear that occasionally has a Metallica cover band. But never a Slayer or Gorgoroth cover band. Either one of those would be awesome.
I think if every guy could sing like the following then no man would have a problem getting laid.
Smoky Robinson
David Gilmour
Martin Gore
Dave Gahan
Roy Orbison
KISS, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, the Cure, and R.E.M. Depeche Mode has an acoustic version of Personal Jesus that I like.
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cuz she's trying to eat it but it doesn't hurt cuz she doesn't chew her food

Freakin' awesome
I liked it. Song and video.
At Night-The Cure
Nightclubbing-Iggy Pop
I love the night-Blue Oyster Cult
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Breast feed until you're 50.
I don't think I have ever commented on any of your threads before. The fact that you don't want any closed threads is a novel idea. As long as the person who posted thread keeps it interesting and shows that they are keeping tabs on it and leaving comments themselves.
KISS!!! And Ted Nugent opened for them. This is when Nugent wasn't so political and KISS didn't wear make-up.
Amanda Seyfried's eyes
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Me too. I am watching "Cat in the Brain" also.
All accents are annoying. Cause they come from people.
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You should eat some sand so you can have sand in your bass voice. It adds some grit to it.

Is that what Mark Lanegan did?
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Mitch Lucker and John Entwisle

Me too as far as John Entwistle goes. When he died, the cool half of the Who (Entwistle and the late Keith Moon) were gone. The other two (Townsend and Daltrey) get all the attention, but anyone who loves the Who know who really carried the band. Insanely talented. Another one for me is guitarist John McGeoch of Magazine/Siouxsie and the Banshees/PiL fame. The "Jimmy Page of New Wave". All three bands have reformed since his passing. (Though the Banshees have since broke up again.) Would have been great if he had been there.
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Maybe he expected you to say "you're welcome," it's only polite.

I don't think you get it. Here's the story. Out of 17 maintenance workers at the school I work at, I am the only one who knows how to change locker combinations. After each semester both boys and girls locker rooms need the combinations changed. There are together in both locker rooms 1,050 lockers. Instead of allowing me to change them each day after exams, I get to some how change them in one day over winter break. One day, one person, 1,050 lockers, 8 hours. He arranged it so I could come in and do that. Instead of doing about 300 over 3 days time, I get to do 1,050 in one day. I explained this to him to no avail.
Nope. He wasn't. It was "thank you Wade...thank you Wade" no joke and I heard that crap before.
How about when people say "thank you" in a way meaning you are supposed to thank them? One of my bosses did that one to me the other day. Funny thing is I was doing him a favor.
How about "a little help?" Hate that one. "See what I'm saying" still does it for me. I hate it so bad I put it in this forum twice. Another one, working at a school and some kid asks me for "fifty cent" I hate it. And if an adult does it, hate it worse. It's FIFTY CENTS!!!! If it is more than a penny it becomes plural.
"See what I'm sayin'" is retarded as is "same difference". "The point is this right here" or "here's the thing" I hate those as well.
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I'm a student, you think I can afford toilet paper?

Honestly, for the last month or so I've been scheduling shits around my showers. Sometimes it doesn't work out so I sacrifice a sock and then go have a rummage around later.

I don't see what's wrong with that

This made my day.
OJ Simpson and Tonya Harding
Ah the Clash. Got lucky once wearing my Clash t-shirt. RIP Strummer.
He's a lefty.
Buy the other guitar. Not a big deal unless you don't have the space.
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It hardly gets acknowledged? Maybe by the general rock fan community it doesn't come up much but a lot of faithful KISS fans really love it. It's usually ranked about 4th on most KISS "best albums" lists. I'm a more recent KISS fan who recently bought their first five and their last two albums with Love Gun and Creatures on order right now, and even though Ace Frehley is my idol I love the songs on Creatures. What really impresses me about KISS is that they've never had a lacking lineup with all the departures and the death of Eric Carr they've had to endure.

It hardly get acknowledged by KISS themselves though. I read once where Paul Stanley said it was a far better album than Lick it Up. Lick it Up only sold better than Creatures cause it was the first one without the make-up. It's like they forgot about it. Sure they may play I Love it Loud and rarely I Still Love You but that's it.