Here's some OC!

Nope, I lied all my files are too big....

I lurk too much here for the past forever.

I don't know how to attach files that are too big...
Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul, and Mary
Mr. Tanner - Harry Chapin
I Lost My Dingle on the Red Line - Band of Horses
Why Don't I Miss You - Bowling For Soup
Rosebud - Casey Fisher (A buddy of mines song)
Headstone - Defeater
It's a Motherf*ucker - Eels
The Best Has Yet To Come - Giants at Large
Beth - Kiss
Ti Amo - Laura Branigan
Rest of My Life - Less Than Jake
Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks
Head on Collision - New Found Glory
4 A.M. - Our Lady Peace
Drunk Again - Reel Big Fish
We Won't Bury You - The Wonder Years

A small taste of my sometimes forced depression. hahaha
My buddy is building a bass guitar for his senior project, and he's looking for ring mounts that go around his pick-ups which are EMG HZ35. He's looked and so have we can't find any. Do they exist? Any help is appreciated.
Let see... Two of my step-brothers are /were in bands. one of them was in a band called Fate Heroic which was signed on to Two Sheds Music Inc. They had a song on the Jawbox Compilation album Until The Shaking Stops. I don't know how many albums they have out...

The other is in a band called Irreversible. They aren't signed, but they're good They have as far as I know two albums out.

That's it. Nothing huge.
Nothin' - Reel Big Fish
I got a drumstick from the little River Band and had them sign it.

Um.... That's it.
The Blitz Cannon fully upraded from Ratchet and Clank 2. It shoots freaking lighting!
Or all GF's from FFVIII.

Possibly The Dragoon Ability from Legend of Dragoon.

There is lots of pondering to be done in this thread.
Eat The Rich - Motorhead

Let It Be - Beatles
Fly To The Angles - Slaughter
Tree - Hopewell
Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine

I'd be set.
Those nurses form the Silent Hill movie.


Harlequin - Thinking of You
Yeah, grammar, not my specialty. Its not that hard to figure out.

paradox = pair of docs. Come on now.

Dude, Dopple was kicking ass. like 5 rounds in a row.
Paradoxes eh.

Dr.House and Dr.Cuddy

they're a Paradox.
I'm in the picture!!!! huzzah

that was so funny!
It was amazing.
PRS Custom 24 or Telecaster

Which ever I yearn for most when the time comes, when the money comes.
I like the headstock quite a lot. Superb job dude!

makes me want to punch/choke a baby, or the person who said it/person who said it , their baby/firstborn.
Authentic Chinese "Lion" Cymbal
Swear to god if wake up and Morgan Freeman is gone...

Heads. Will. Roll.

R.I.P. Billy, Farrah, and Michael.
I am a current owner of an AD50TV I love it. I use it for band practice despite my recent buying of a Halfstack.
Trying remembering where **** to go when I didn't play FFVII for a long time.

Quote by Wrst_Plyr_Evr
****ing love Legend of Dragoon. My Fourth Disk doesn't work though :/

what battle are you talking about? I might know if I had more detail.

Legend of Dragoon was Awesome! I don't think I remember the battle your talking about, but I did beat the game.

The last attack they all had that was about 8 or 9 different moves I could never do them, I always had that item that did it for you.
and finding stardust is a pain in the ass too.
When your lonely in you dreams
The "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place Album"

Saved my life.
Myles Kennedy
James Hetfield - From Ride The Lightening to Black Album.
The Funeral - Band of Horses

For text. Its foamy "Dear serial killer in training, follow the sound of voice, and kill whoever is holding the phone."
Flowers are red - Harry Chapin
With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept - Explosions In The Sky
I Think I Love You - Less Than Jake (Cover)
Another Day In Paradise - Reel Big Fish
Shut Up A Ya Face - Joe Dolce
Anything thats,

Explosions In The sky
Squire - patchwork.
B.C. Rich Virgo - Virgil.
AXL Badwater - Crack.
Washburn Delta King - Len.
Jackson Dk2m DNKY - Blaze.
Explosions in the Sky
Band of Horses
Yea, but them rubbing together whilst tumbling acrossed the floor caused some doubt in me.

Thanks for the answer. I was fearing having to buy them over again.

Thanks again.
Mostly about Humbuckers though.

So I woke up and picked up two humbuckers I recently bought, and being half asleep Accidentally dropped them and they connected in mid air bounced and rolled together.

Point in case, have I ruined them?
1992 or 1993 Plymouth Duster.
Nov 3rd

same as the other two dudes as well.
Cities on Flames With Rockin' Roll - Blue Oyster Cult.

Thats a sick riff right there.
I got a drumstick from the Little River Band drummer, and they signed it.

thats the best thing I've ever gotten from any concert I've been too.

I don't know. Theres just something about those three names.

and some how I put them in alphabetical order according to first letter.