sorry, i change my vote to ivory
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any cool songs that are in standard, but you tune your guitar to drop d and play them like that...

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You didnt want the ENGL because it "looks funky"
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"Laid To Rest" Heaps of fun!

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do They charge taxes on kids paychecks in america? brutal, and besides, Im fat, i think i can last a little while with no food, (actually a couple months)
plus i don't they'd hand a kid a check, i don't know how the pay is going to be paid

I was a caddy when I was 13 and they DO take taxes and they DO give you a check. They are not gonna just give you cash!

This thread = epic fail
I used to use it until I realized it sounds really digital and harsh
the metal muff is a better option (its what I use now)
ISP Decimator

MXR Smart Gate

Which one works better?
I just figured it out, if you turn the signal going into the power amp down with the volume box then its just like turning the post-gain down?
i see. Then how does an attenuator work? I thought they just decreased the volume of the signal between the head output and the cab?
Will the amp sound any different with the power amp turned up and the this box controlling the overall volume?
I know Im not supposed to link to ebay but....

Do these work? Kind of the same idea as a power attenuator effect it goes in the effect loop instead of pre-speaker. Let you turn the power amp up and turn the preamp signal down before it goes into the power amp.
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the thing i hate more than anything is not being able to re-tune the guitar to a different tuning without spending 30 minutes+, also, tuning in general is a pain in the ass.

yeah thats probably the sole reason I don't like the trems. I switch between standard and dropped tuning alot and it would be impossible with a trem
Whenever I palm mute on a trem it end up pressing to hard and changing the pitch a little
yeah, the little spiders sound bad
Get the HSS, I got a Start and put a hotrail in the bridge. It sounds ok, but its not the same as a humbucker.
Does anyone else hate them? I feel the benefits do not out weight the costs and it just too much of a pain. They also feel weird, my right hand feels out of place.
Does it have any effect on sustain?
Get an ESP EC Series. It the Les Paul cut, but it is lighter and cooler looking imo. I got a Epiphone Les Paul Custom and I wish I had gotten the ESP, but I didnt know about them at the time.
Hellraiser C-7 is 26.5"
Spongebob signature accoustic guitar
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listen to the little breakdown near the beginning of "my fears have become phobias" by As Blood Runs Black

its aweesome!

The drumming is awesome! Sounds like a mchine gun
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Because I want a new guitar and my cousin is gonna buy it from me for $100. The tuning problem is just an excuse for me to buy a new guitar

Did you tell him it has a tuning problem?
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I like em, but i need something with a tremolo

I can't help you with that. I dont really like trems so I don't play guitars that have them. I know the fixed bridge Schecter Hellraiser is a nice guitar, and I know it offered with a Floyd Rose, but I think its more like $800 for the Floyd Rose model.
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The EC is well out of his price range I'm guessing. Also from what i can see, TS wants a guitar with a tremolo.

Sorry, I brought my EC bias with me
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Yeah they do, they come stock on the regular C-7 blackjack models, the JB sounds killer when its EQ right. The 59 is proving a bitch to a nice sound for unfortunately, its not getting that dimebag bluesy lead sound that it's renown for.

Wow I had no idea. I was surprised how nice the JB is. I made my strat into a fat strat and put the JB in the bridge and it sounds really nice. Perfect for classic rock or even some 80's thrash.
The one thing I like about Sam Ash is that they carry ESP Guitars
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quick question. do they check your ID if you pay with a credit card (not the GC card)?

Yes, they do for me
Yeah I was at Sam Ash today. What a **** hole. Its like the Walmart of music stores. The employees dont give a damn and half the stuff was broken. Everytime I go there I remeber why I hate it so much.
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The Manager at the Guitar Center by me told me the same thing a few months ago.....

Maybe its a Florida thing
oh cool. They told me that there is some new corporate policy that the venders are mad and the company is losing money and that the computer system will no longer let them lower the prices. I should have known they were lying....
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I'd say that EMG's/Blackouts are for metal and rock for sure, but jazz is a no for those. I'd say Seymour duncan JB and 59 would be the best for versatility in those genres, worked great on the 6 stringers I've tried them on.

Do they make 7-string versions of the JB or 59?
I know a lot of people on the forum hate Guitar Center (especially the employees who will tell you anything to get you to buy it). I am not a bid fan of the place, but its where I get most of my gear from because they sell stuff so cheap. I don't know how many of you knew this but you could talk them down on price and everything I got for between 74-78% of the sticker price. I was in there this weekend talking to the guy I usually get stuff from and he told me they can no longer sell for less than the retail price! Starting January 15 this year they stopped negotiating prices. I don't know what I am going to do. I am going to have to start buying my gear at retail . But whatever I do I am definitely not going to be buying from Guitar Center anymore!
ESP EC-1000. I want it, but its almost $900. The EC-500 is more reasonable.
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i got a schecter omen 6 off ebay for only $150
they are around $300 new i think.
i love mine, ive tried other more expensive guitars and i still prefer this one.
schecter is definitely a good way to go in my opinion.

The Omen 6 is pretty good, it was my first electric, but it sounds pretty dark with the stock pickups. My roomate put EMG 81/85 into his and now it sounds amazing. If i had to get a new guitar for under $350 i would go for the Omen 6. You can't really go wrong with Schecter.
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suicide silenece-bludgoned to death, just after the part when he says "the doctors wont even be able to recognize your ****ing face!!"

I love that part, but I think the breakdown in No Pity For a Coward is better.

"Seconds from the end, whats it gonna be?, pull the trigger bitch!"

Can't get any more brutal than that!