Why arent they coming to FL? I still havent seen ASP yet and they are one of my favorite bands. I have seen the Acacia Strain with Despised Icon, that was a good show! I just saw The Warriors like 2 weeks ago.
The breakdowns just make me want to go nuts
I can't say much because I never liked them in the first place
I like Misery Signals, but Of Malice and the Magnum Heart was significantly better than Mirrors. I was disapointed when I first heard Mirrors
I have the 30 watt Vox Valvetronics and it has some amazing clean sounds. The different amp types are good for classic rock, but they dont really have enough treble for modern metal. I use the EH Metal Muff in front of my clean channel and it sounds great for practicing in my apartment (I use it through headphones and it still sounds good). I also use EMGs llike Fuzzbox said. Just dont get Boss Metal Zone it sounds really digital and the knobs are kind of weird to figure out, not the standard bass, mid treble. I used to use it but the Metal Muff is way better. I don't know about the VOX XL. It came out after I got mine, but I do know its $100 more. If you really want to spend the extra money, you can get a used 5150 combo from ebay for about $400. I have a 5150 combo and its killer, but its only really good for metal or hard rock. The clean kinda blows.
What do you guys think about their new album "A Sense of Purpose"? I have not heard very much, but what I have heard is promising.
Emmure are awesome, but I havnt heard the new album yet. What is so ****ty about it?
Parkway Drive are awesome!

Their cd "Horizons" is a masterpiece
1. Emmure
2. For the Fallen Dreams
3. Parkway Drive
4. Bury Your Dead
5. With Blood Comes Cleansing