Well, as you can see on my profile, I'm an A7X fan. I believe these guys are very good.Not as good as Vai etc, but they have talent. I say- to each his own. People always try to talk me into not liking him, as your friend, I don't believe it'll work. More than that, the more people reject and dislike that music, the more he'll like it. It'll make him feel he likes something very unique.
Now, don't flame me guys, I'm just saying my opinion.
Well, I play A7X stuff but I don't play a lot of the stuff that were mentioned in the levels before so I going to choose 6, even though I didn't master them all.
As a girl, I can tell you that all the heavy stuff don't impress us, maybe if you want to show us how good you are,not more than that. If you really want something like getting laid, try very melodic songs, such as Seize The Day by A7X,with a lyrical content we can relate to or identify with. For me, any A7X song would work, but remember to keep it calm, something like Stairway to Heaven. I know this isn't new to anyone of you guys, but I thought I should sum it up for you
Well, heavy stuff DO impress us but it depends on the situation.
-What Guitar Company: Schecter
-What Amp Company: Mesa Boogie
-What Pickup Company: Seymour Duncan
-What Effects, Pedal Company: Boss
-What String You Use: Ernie ball/D'addrio
-Favorite Guitar: Schecter Synyster Custom/standard
-Favorite Guitarist: Synyster Gates
-Which lead guitarist you play like: I wish I could play like Syn Gates
-Favorite band: Avenged Sevenfold
-Band You hate: MCR
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Shape isn't the most important thing... :O

Of course it's not, but in general I don't like this model (as I've played one in a store once).
Well, I'm kind of confused- I want either the Stingray or the Sterling? which is better in your opinion?I'd appriciate any comment!
Actually I'm not too fond of this shape. As I've said before, check on some Schecters, I think they're really great for their price!
Well yeah, but he just keeps getting better and better, I always tell people to give him a chance and they end up loving don't know, maybe he'll do something very special someday (although to me what he has done so far is more than enough).
Hey guys, I never made a comment here before, but I'm a huge A7X fan!!!I love those guys, I just got the Synyster Stadard (The custom was wayyyyy to expensive for me),and since they're not coming to my country, I'll be flying to Europe in July to catch one of their shows with Iron Maiden. Does anybody know what songs will they be playing?Thanks!!!
A7X for life!!!
Personally, I'm a Schecter fan so I would recommend the Hellraiser Avenger. Good luck with picking a new guitar!
Hey, it's my first time in this forum and I wanted to ask- Should I buy the Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling bass?I play a lot of Avenged Sevenfold and stuff like that, and I really like the looks of it (plus, the bassist of A7X plays it too, so I like it because of that too, yeah I'm a big fan of their's).Has anyone ever played it and can tell me if it's worth buying it?Thanks!!!
People hate him because of the band he's in.

That, and he's severely overrated.

OK, and that's my point, I don't understand why so many people hate this band, but since we're on the 'electric guitar' forum, I'm asking about him...I never understood why do they have so many haters...I would appriciate any comment...
A quick question,I always wondered and wanted to ask about this?
Why do so many people hate Syn Gates?I personally love him (as you can see in my sig.. People tell me that one day I'll figure it out myself, or that because I'm a girl I love him for his looks (well that's true too:P) but other than that, I just think he can play great,and he's my favorite. So please, don't kill me or something, I just really want to know what is it about him that people don't like?
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yes but theres american dollars, aussie colldars, canadian dollars. heck even hong kong dollars

but type in vox valvetronix in google

Oh, I meant US dollars, and I'll check it out!
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That's an ugly mother ****er.

I respect that, but I actually love it!
Little as I understand in guitars, I would recommend to stick with Jackson or go on Ibanez, or even Schecter, I'm just not a Dean fan
I don't know if I understood your question- 350-500 dollars, and if it's not too much to ask, please put a picture of what you're recommending!
Hey guys,so this is my first post (and yes I'm a girl and I play electric guitar), and I want your help-
I got this new guitar that's going to arrive, which is the Synyster Standard:,85/brand,sameday/hr_synyster_standard-d630897a984ebe7e20828bb65994b7a3.jpg
I don't live in the USA, but I want a new amp to go with it, you know, a good amp for a great guitar!
Which one do you recommend? my budget is about 350-500$
Thanks in advance.