used tc electronic g major (original rather than mk2) and a behrinber foot controller will give you just about all the effects you want and will change the channel on your amp (well, the channel changing depends on your amp but it should work).
Parallel - both run next to each other from point A to point B
Series - they go one after the other.
I've only built a ruby so far - I wouldn't try a tube amp. Then again with 9months of study and practise on smaller amps I think I'd be comfortable trying a tube amp, though I would be living and breathing amps between now and then.
There are not enough rack mounted pre/power amps out there. I've been thinking of doing something similar but my electronic skills only just let me build a ruby so I'm not quite there yet

Looking forward to see how this turns out.
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As for blackstar I have no experience with them, I can't find any in Europe (I've been to guitar stores in France, Belgium, Germany, and England).

Blackstar are designed in Nottingham England - pretty easy to get hold of in the UK.

I'd go with orange over blackstar - but that's my personal taste. I'd definatly go with head/cab over a combo if you're going to be gigging much. If it's mostly non-gig playing then a combo would be better.

Where I am everybody shares cabs when gigging.
Used Rocker 30 combos go for about £430 on ebay and depending on the price of the TH30 when it comes out there might be a load being sold soon so the price will drop a bit.
I've just picked up a DS-1 with the intention of modding it so I'd be pretty interested to know peoples thoughts too.
I regret all three Digitech pedals I've bought (Grunge, Metal Master and RP250), also my Zoom 606.

Don't regret the Spider II - it taught me what differant effects do and how to use them.
Tackleberry sounds right - but if you can't find bigger screws the easyest fix would be to buy a new pickup.

If you can find a nut to fit the screw then that would work but you'd only be able to adjust it while the pickguard was removed so it wouldn't be the most practical solution.
I think you might get pointed at the axe fx, but if you're bothered about cost it's not the unit for you!

If you're running the pod in a rack have you thought about buying a rack preamp then just using the pod for effects? That might help you out a bit.

At the end of the day if you want balls then you might just have to give in a buy an amp with balls - or get yourself a wangcaster. You can still use the pod for your effects.
waste of a good pad - they should have used a Wii!
You'b be able to do it about as well you could cover an amp. I quite like the idea actually....
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you could always take a slab of cheap wood, and cut it into a traveler shaped guitar (some really small body) and put in a bridge to hold strings. that way it would be relatively in tune, and you could really practice playing guitar without building one for real.

^This. I can see cwhy you'd want to just practice your fingering but why not add another 6" and you'll be able to properly pratice.

You may as well thow a pickup in so you can plug into say an amplug or a smokey amp from time to time.
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I've heard Ernie Ball and D'Addario coated don't last as long as Elixirs. Can anyone confirm that or give more info on those brands?

I've tried D'Addario and Elixirs - Elixirs last longer but I cant remember how much longer (it was about 3 years ago I tried the D'Addarios).
Define 'play midi' a bit more. Do you mean changing effects via midi or setting off samples via midi or what? The more specific you are the more people can help.
Happy amp day! If I hadn't got a such a good deal on my rocker it's the amp I was going to buy, it just sounds so damn nice!
It'd take a lot of cash or for me to be in a real tight spot (like having sold almost everything I own and still needing money to eat). I love my first guitar and I worked my ass off to be able to afford it. Yeah there are many better guitars out there but I don't care.
I'd vote for the VOX AC4TV - not the mini, the 10" speaker sounded better when I played it.
The conditioner usually goes at the topof the rack with all the power supplies running from it. From there you wire them in the same order you would a normal pedal board.

Usually people will place the units in the rack in the order they are wired to make things easyer.
While the M9 and M13 have some very nice effects (not played with them but if the delay is the same as the DL4 then - oh yes, they're nice), the Boss can also change the channel on the amp and if Rob likes his amps tone that might be a decisive factor.
A seccond hand Boss GT-10? Will be the top end of your budget but you should be able to pick one up for about $400.
10,000 posts in a thread and nobody mentions it
Don't do it! I did it once and now I have another 4 sat around in varying stages of undress.
I found out about the places that sell hardwood in my area by going to any shop with wood in the window and asking if they sold hardwood (specificaly maple, ash and mahogany). Each place gave me a another shop to look at untill I found a place that actually did.

After a few weeks of asking I bumped into a carpinter at the pub who told me exactly where to go (in a usefull way ) so if you know a carpinter I'd ask them.
No - you still need to run it through a laptop - it's modeling software. The mobile is just A/D converter. The Kontrol unit doesn't store your sounds either, it stores midi information that then runs into your computer, through the software and back out to an amp/PA.

You do have a quite reasonable peace of recording hardware/sortware though.
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Thats the exact link I was about to post.
Used Morley Power Wah (street price is £65 new). A wah is about the only pedal a spider can handle.
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camping on the river!!!!
Pretty could where you live is it?

Been doing house parties for 6 of the last 7 years, so this year I'll be going out on the town for once.
Orange Rocker 30 combo
New: £750
Used: £430

£320 saving was enough to convert me to used gear
Sounds like reverb and delay, maybe some chorus? I'm not really a fan of chorus though.

If I were buying individual pedals I'd go for the Digitech hardwire reverb unit and the Boss DD7. I'm actually trying to find some more info on the TC Electronic G Sharp right now that does both reverb and delay (and is pretty cheap).
I've ordered from CH Guitars, the bits turned up quickly and were decent quality. I was ordering hardware though, not bodies.
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Wonder why nobody ever bitch about digitech's pedals when it is identical to behringer's way of changing batteries?

Digitech pedals open with a 1/4" jack, Behringer ones don't (you need something smaller) - digitech is better thought out in that respect.
Not played the vox but I bought the Morley Power Wah over the Origional Crybaby. Wasn't impressed with the crybaby and power wah works very well with gain and distortion.

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With the Morley its spring loaded so you just press and go. I would go Morley

Spring loaded? What part of it is spring loaded?
If you're happy with your tone you don't really need new pedals. To expand your tone Delay and or Reverb are good. Boss RV3, DD3/6/7 (differant people like differant ones) and the line 6 DL4 all have good reviews but I've not got any cash together to go pedal hunting yet so I've not really played with them.
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how many cans did it need to do the guitar?

I found that on both occasions 1 can would do a body. I did white primer (one can) then when it was finished my seccond colour (Black or Red depending on the guitar) took half a can.

Plastikote cans are smaller than Halfords though. Also lots of thin coats really is the way to go.
plastikote do both flo orange and glow in the dark spray, then put some clear coat on top and in theory you're away. I've not tried either paints though. I did a guitar in their paints a while back and I was pleased with the results - did another recently and the results were not so good even though I took more care and time on it.
My stepdad is an electronics engineer - Big amp companies only recruit when they have a new amp in R&D. So good luck getting a job with them, my stepdad is a contractor and is on the books of 3 differant agencies but has yet to be told about any jobs for marshall or another amp company so they may well only employ perminant staff (he did hear about some jobs at celestion a few years back but speakers aint is thing).

You will need a degree in electronics though a degree in physics will do, more importantly you need a decent CV (as you would to get a job with any good company). Trying to get some work with smaller amp companies might be a good idea, but they pay less and have less staff the up side is that there are more of them. You might be able to get a job doing repairs for an amp company that build there amps in England - that would be a good way to get your foot in the door. To get that becoming a decent local amp tech would be good - ***** yourself to clubs and venues to get your CV looking pretty.

For Fender/Messa living in America would be usefull, for Orange/Marshall/Hi Watt then living in England would be usefull.
65 Amps 13
Bogner 17
Budda 13
Cornford 15
Diamond 17
Diezel 19 HEAL
Divided by Thirteen 17
Dr Z 15
Framus 15
Fuchs 11
Hiwatt 17 HURT
Hughes & Kettner 11
Peters 15
Reeves 15
Rivera 15
Soldano 17
Splawn 15
THD 15
Titan 15
Traynor 11
Two-Rock 17
VHT/Fryette 15

Hmm.. There are only three amps on here I've tried/know bands that use them - kind of limmits my options on what I can accuratly vote for
CloseToTheEdge - If I can find Messas for £500-£700 in a few months when I have the cash to buy this then I'll have to actually plug into one and try them out (I've always written them off as well out of budget so I've never played one).

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have you looked into a Laney VC30?

Youtube makes it sound interesting if I can find one to play on I'll definatly consider it.