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I'm afraid that is an old see, we have already found Nessie and used it to genetically enhance an army of Scottish...I've said too much

My lord, the Scots have screwed us all. It's only a matter of time before these super soldiers become infected and we are all doomed.
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This could be a good idea!

Though finding Nessie could prove to be a problem.
We gotta super sonar that bitch

Call the Scots, it's an international emergency!

If we can't find her, then we may need to rely on the narwhals.
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This, though preposterous at first, seems to be a logical explanation. In a sense these are precursors to doomsday. I believe the only creatures safe from this are Nessie and the narwhals. I wear a piece of narwhal horn around my neck to help me stay safe from these diseases and hopefully eventually these abominations. I have learned recently that the avian flu causes a chemical imbalance in the brain before death. This could carry over into death, the solanum would activate it as a sort of measure of gaining control. Once in control the body would mutate or simply become a walking, tripping zombie. This trait is also found within many of the possible epidemics of our day. I fear that what you are saying may very well be the truth. As a precaution I have gathered all of the potent antiviruses for these and I am trying to genetically enhance them into a super vaccine.

Would it be possible to infuse these vaccines with narwhal horn and Nessie blood to help fight the infection?
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Also swine flu is a precursor to us all becoming zombies.
It will mutate until it can lethally surpass all vaccines and infect all humans.

This I believe to be true. The H1N1 virus, avian flu, mad cow disease and every other BS disease will genetically combine to form a super virus that will turn humans and beasts alike into stumbling, falling, brain craving abominations.
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i always thought that mayan stuff was crap because if they are able to decide when the world dies and be ahaed of their time, they wouldnt have been slaughtered

Well in the event of 2012 or no 2012, a zombie apocapalypse is HIGHLY possible. At least it looks that way.
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This. Thread. Is. Epic.

And if there was a zombie apocalypse, i'd try to befriend them.
I've always wanted zombie friends

maybe i can teach them to play instruments...

Zombie band? Interesting idea..
You're telling me through some sort of error they wouldn't inadvertently infect one of the numerous penguins he forsees attacking them, and thus provoking them into fighting back?
In the event of a zombocalypse I am coming with Lt. Shinysides and Val. These men know what they're talking about and I deserve to be saved for giving early warning.
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just go out to sea... theyd just be groping at the hull cause there's nothing to grip onto.

if they persist take them into freezing waters. let the penguins deal with them

That is what I'm afraid of. One of them bites a penguin, and we've got a zombie penguin. That little bugger bites all of his friends and soon enough you have a giant zombie penguin army ready to infect the worlds food supply. Don't you see the flaw!?
The cottage idea seems a lot more realistic than the cruize ship. Zombie marine life seems a lot more intimidating than a zombie beaver up in Ontario. I'm comin with you guys.
Ah, yes, but any structural differences between the 2? Is one faster? Is the other one bigger? Can either survive a zombie marine life onslaught?
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May I join you?

I will bring women.

With breasts.


And what exactly is the difference between a cruise ship and a cruiZe ship?
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but they cant climb on board my cruize ship.

Can you pilot a cruise ship??
Good luck getting in. I'm going to be in a truck on the way to a dock or something so I can get the hell out of there.
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well then how about the pub

Even worse. That's where they corner you in the cellar and you have no choice but to commit suicide to avoid zombification. Don't you know your horror flicks?
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Exactly.. Jesus is one of the zombies, hes died like what 2 times, came back to life once.

Exactly. What's to stop him from coming back to life again?
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shouldnt we be heading to the mall?

You want to go where the center of socialization is, in an apocalyptic society where fellow humans are turning into mindless, infectious beings?? I'm staying away from the malls in the event of a "zombocalypse".
Well pit, I've been thinking a lot about this 2012 nonsense, and I've come to the conclusion that if the world ends in that year. It wont be because of meteors, asteroids, or androids from the future. It will be because of Zombies. This article has intrigued me in that I had no idea it was that possible to create "zombies," as it were.


Andy says:
Stephen says:
Andy says:
So honestly, why haven't we had sex yet?
Stephen says:
You just ain't man enough for me.
Andy says:
What if I invited my friend rover?
Stephen says:
Hand puppet =/= Friend.
Andy says:
Silly boy. Not a hand puppet. A golden retriever.
Stephen says:
You need to go out more.
Andy says:
You need to go out less. Do you not know I've been prepositioned for animal sex before?
Stephen says:
*Elephant man*
I am not an animal!!!
I'll plus one cory's idea too. Just because I really like the idea and think it'd work out well. Be more unbiased.
That's right Ladies and gentlemen, it's Stepco's 19th birthday today.

May the gift giving commence.
Yes, of course purple is gay, because liking purple automatically means that you like penis.

Colors can't be gay.
No. I refuse to share my REAL chicken sexing escapades with you. I don't think I have the picture anymore anyways. =P
You're welcome Frizzy, you old woman you.

And @ Hartman: I'm sorry, but I had to do it. It was either that or a picture of me with a rotisserie chicken and a bottle of BBQ sauce.. xD
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how did i forget!?!?!?

Because you don't care about her like I do.

Just kidding. Please don't hurt me.
Happy Birthday Frizzy. I got you these trained chicken sexers. May they help you on your journey.
Yea, people, the deadline is upon us. Just an hour left and it's done. I don't know if Friz has the links in her inbox or not though. *shrugs*
Deadline is now strictly Saturday 3/14 11:59PM
Don't be afraid to get them in before that though..


Fellow judges, I have some good news. I will be able to judge the first round after all. Tomorrow night I'll PM Friz with my choices ranked from first to last.
Tried to listen and I kind of.. Can't hear it. xD Might I suggest turning down the volume on the template while recording? You've got a bit of time to fix it I think.
How about when I speak to Rich next I ask him about a prize? He may be able to work something out, but I don't think it'd be something that amazing. Maybe a spot on the Community page. But keep asking and maybe I won't talk to him about it. =P
I don't think there is a prize for winning this. Of course I could be wrong and Rich could have some elaborate deal worked out with divid3d, whom I believe is the mod stickying all these threads. But as of right now I don't believe a prize is being talked about.
Just a suggestion but Rich, maybe we could pair monkeysintheday with the one that doesn't have a partner since you signed slogankid up for 2 teams?
Ahem. I'M a judge too missy!

Just kidding
EDIT: And so is Reva now. She has agreed. We have our 5 judges now Rich.
Just FYI Rich, I've asked Steppy and Esther if they'll judge. Steppy said yes, and esther is a maybe I think. =S

EDIT: Esther has declined because her "sense of humor is broken".
Rich, just curious, how many judges have you enlisted? I know of three. Maybe 4. =S
smb - 15
Metaldud536 - 30
Gunpowder - 26
freedoms_stain - 32 hurt
RevaM1ssP1ss - 40 heal
noxiosimitator - 16
Xiaoxi - 9
Jackal58 - 21
Jack Off Jill - 13
Portuguese_boy - 9
Kiyiko - 25
Wiggyisgreat - 9
Good point..Thanks you both of you for all your help. I'll be talking to her about it tomorrow.
O.o Why the "MEH" at him saying a break?

EDIT: Oh.. I get it now. But like you said, assumptions are dangerous.. So what if I'm assuming that there is something wrong, but she really just doesn't like me like i thought but she can't figure out how to end the relationship?
I need some advice.. I've been with this girl for about a month now, and thinks have been great, up until about a week ago. She started acting a bit out of the ordinary and it's been bugging be a little. I keep asking her if anything is wrong but she keeps saying it's nothing. My friends have noticed that she is a bit off lately and suggested that she may be cheating on me, with one of them suggesting that a break up would be best.

Any ideas on what I should do? (I mean besides man up and deal with it)