instead of stick it to ya, stick it in ya
why do they make black history month on the shortest month of the year? even on leap years its still the sorry african americans, all my regrets go out to you .
the one...hmmm wats her name...the one that made out with science teacher is awesome...Mr Barney!
I am in the pit (lol yes i am posting in the pit) for the musical.
I play the electric bass in it.
Do any of you think that is stupid, or for losers.
Just wondering.
We had our opening night tonight.
i know...i was takin a test in geo...and i droped my pen about 50 times
i practiced like 2 hours last night and 2 hours today...changed the force used, and finaly got it...ima try the thumb around reverse ;P
haha im learning...i can do finger passes medium speed...and i can do a thumb around about 20% of the time
I just saw a youtube video of Japanese pen spinning, it is AMAZING.
So I tried to learn it.
No luck.
Any tutorials or hints for me.
Check it out if you don't know about it, those Japs are awesome!

EDIT: Sorry, here one is.
Quote by micstarz
Is there any way to do kind of like "Instant Messaging" get togethers? Like, if I live in HK, if me and my buddy in america were both online in this program, could we plug our instruments into the "instant messaging" software and hear what each other is playing?

not quite...but you can hook a mic up to ur comp start a talk session and play...BUT...a time difference could be a problem, you both have to be on at the same time...
first question, yes...i like the first set better...because the second G has an F in it which doesnt fit...but ya pretty much the same...(first would sound more like actual G then e)...time to read second question

EDIT: dont know the second one...sry dont make sense
okay dokay.
awww basssist 2 to 3 hours away...i hate one lives near me
In Musician Ads under Classified, there are no stickies.
I know if you were to sticky all of the "The New York Thread" and "The North Carolina Thread", there would be to many.
But if you stick "The Official Online Band Thread" that would be helpful, because you see threads for "Joining Online Band" or "Need Bassist for Online Band".
And here it is all in one thread at the top.
Quote by deibanez
ask people if you sound good together.
you never know, to your ears you might rock and to theirs... you might not rock as much. :p lol, and if you sound good, try to hook you up a band. sounds like you already got the guitars...

going with that...can you record...if so put a jam session type thing in recordings and tell ppl to rate it...and then try to sing if UG likes it
yea...i thought the echo thing would help...but it plays everything about a half a second turn it off
dude...there are like 5 bands in my school that dont need a bassist...and im in a private school....there is no one...and half of the people like rap...those idiots...
holy **** im the bassist and my bro is drums...well would we transport the drums set?
this guy likes reporting wrong forum users, sorry that they are noobs and make mistakes.
besides everyone makes a mistake.
its not like he should be punished...(who did it hurt???)
reported? i made a mistake sry...
If 3 of the band members live in one exact same town, and the last member lives an hour and a half away. How bad would that be to commute on his part, would it suck? Is it worth it to find band space in the middle?
you have to smash down your index finger on the e, b, and g strings fret 2 (make sure all of them can ring...and then place your middle finger on the b string, fret 3 (make sure its only hitting the b string)...then strum d, g, b, and e.
Quote by wyldeshredder
does ur bro smoke?

lol i think he might have once or twice...
i think it helps if you hear them play a song first...and if you hear them play something ska like...just do arpeggios and hammer ons something soothing...if they play metal...pick up a pick and hit the bass note of the guitarist really fast :P
I went to a local band concert last night.
And one of the bands said "This is a temporary bassist, and we are looking for a new one."
My older brother's friend is going to be a screamer in that band as of March.
And I am a good 13 year old bassist.
But I know that half of them smoke.
I don't want to smoke.
And the band wasn't the best.
But I don't think I would have any other luck, because I haven't had any luck yet.
Should I tell them that I want to join the band?


I'm going to make a poll, but if you could please tell why.
yea...there are already like three bands not needing a bassist in my school and the school i went to 2 years ago...
and there are no other musically inclined kids (well there are those ppl in band that play trumpet and flute...but i dont need them)...
i just went and watched luminaire divided play at club 19...they are really good...all 6 of them are from YC...

EDIT: speaking of which i saw this band also play there, they had a temporary basssist, and said they were looking for a new one...but i didnt like their music that much...and i know half of them i dont think so...but i might be able to get in that band........
Hey I'm Sam, I'm only 13, but everyone says I should have a band.
So I'm joining a band perferably with like 13-18 year olds.
I play the bass, and the piano (I would need to buy a keyboard if you want me to play keyboard).
I love rock, I'm into metal.
I love RHCP, System of a Down, The Offspring, MCR, August Burns Red, BTBAM, BFMV, and stuff like that.
I live in York County PA (York, PA to be exact).

PM me
E-Mail me at
MSN me at the
or AIM me at thekooliestman

Thank you,
OK, I have an online band with a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals, bass, and drums.
We are playing metal or rock whatever fits.
But the guitarist just made a really metal riff, so I think it would sound better with a screamer.


email me at,
MSN me at,
AIM me at thekooliestman!
i wont this same thread except for york, pa...omg im 13 and im dieing for a band ;(
hate to leech, but that sounds like a great idea, so if someone emails pigmaggots, email it to me too (please).
I sent you an email + MSN message...
Name-Sam Sullivan
Age-13 (experienced)
Area-Pennsylvania, US (Eastern Time Zone)
Instrument-Bass (Keyboard if needed)
How to reach me-Email = AIM = thekooliestman MSN =
Influences-RHCP, System of a Down, MCR, BTBAM, BFMV, The Offspring, and more.
Genre-Rock and Metal