i have one of my own songs i wrote on my profile (note i recored it at 3am one morning so i couldnt really sing to the best of my ability lol)
and i have a cover i did with my band of muse- feeling good

if you like my singing, i'd love to collab with you ^_^
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Band - Clearly Faded
Album - Shocking Revelations
Genre - Indie, alt rock
Colors - Any! Whatever you think will look good

Thanks in advance!

i hope you like it but if you want any changes or whatnot i'll be glad to do so
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i dont know if this is what you where looking for but i thought id give it a shot
hello there
i desgin CD covers, my website is :
and some of the covers i have designed are

id really like to help some of you guys out if you'd like a CD cover made for you just send me an email
....emm....hi?....emmm....i'll call you like...whenever....*runs away*
eeeewww you just ate your own poop"!!!....get the hell out of my bed *shivers*
well...isnt the first time i ended up next to some random dude hahah
awww when you said it was your "little guy" i didnt think you where seirous
wow that was increable you wheren't half bad either
i would love to get married twould be really good
i'm lucky because my folks have let me drink since i was like 10 so i've never had to steal drink but i nicked vodka of my bro once haha it was a house party and id ran out, he was to drunk to notice LOLZ
5th december 1991
i was at oxygen (irish music festival) in 2007 and i didnt eat anything for around 4 days
didnt sleep either so i just drank red bull so i was uber hyper, hungry and sleep deprived, 4 days of my life haha!!!
queen are the best, its such a shame poor freddies gone
but yes, they are the ultmate classic band XD
no thats funny haha XD altho slightly terrible at the same time XD
die mf die - dope
right now - korn
Resurrection -Chimaira
and oddly enough
voodoo people - the prodigy
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I think this page needs a change of scenery, all pics made by me.

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fantabulous my friend....perfection in a cup :3
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captain smiley
i gots loads of names lol
what type of song/instamental is it?
it would help in naming it ^^
1. in my bed at like best stuff has be wrote really late at night/early morning

2. all in one go, if i dont write it in one, i lose the feelinging and i cant pick up where i left off,

3. kinda a mix of both, it depends whats handy at the time
i adore the ground muse walks upon XD
seen them live 3 times.. absalously amasing!!!

truely some of the best musicians ever to grace the world
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for being really confusing. and spelling stuff wrong

for only posting randomly and not really being part of the thingy!
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for liying and sayin i spelt it right
(theres no way i spelt that right)

cause its spelt

check google!!
since the last thread was closed cause i didnt read the rules properly i desided to repost this and i really want to hear more of what you people think ^^


From angels we are born,
by devils we are taken,
this morbid fascination,
My Sleep I have forsaken
I’ve spend too long in silence,
depriving myself of dreams
I’m insomnia’s greatest friend
and it’s darker than it seams
Laid inside a bed of rock
stuffed to full of feathers
My Eyelids ever open ,
hitched upon there tethers
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For not spelling it right it's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Plus I'm not checking spelling it's just that I like Tenacious D and the way she wrote it made me go sad

for making me sad cause i got you sad :'(
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is it just me or are you checking everyones spelling
spell this supercallifragilisticexpiallidoicious

for actually spelling it right haha
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for going to a fallout boy concert

for acutally thinking id go by my own free will
i was dragged by my friend....

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for having a boring sig

(because mine is so exciting)

for only being a "Registered User" lolz
cause you have an odd sig
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Because Your* avatar has no sense with this forum
cause some how your in my amp
id kill the lot of you because i dont know who i'm supossed to be killing
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Did I hurt you? lol

For having SuperAIDS

edit: for above... Because YOU'RE A GIRL?!?!?

yes indeed i am

lol for not realising that i am
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as for killin morphine lover
hes a wuss

i'd kill you for calling me a ****ing guy!