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o lawd replace that if you have money.

The whole amp that is.

If you feel the need to keep it for whatever reason, just match the impedance and make sure the speaker has a higher wattage than the amp.

id love to, i just dont have the money and its okay for a cheap practice amp.

looking at the picture on the back of the amp the interal speaker is 50W 8ohms, so something like this would be fine:
ebay: 140598492955

and if I wanted to use the full 75W, id need a 4ohm speaker.

Cheers btw
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what amp?

Its a:

Park by Marshall GB 50 -15

Its an 80s/90s budget Bass amp.
Cut a long story short:

Realise I know nothing about amps and have turned to trusty old UG.

Bass amp speaker is blown (sounds all distorted, this is a sign of being blown i suppose).

Guessing someone has plugged the speaker into the 75W jack and blown it (as the internal speaker delivers 50 W).

The amp isnt fantastic but its worth fixing.

Im guessing the cheapest option would be to get a 75W (or more) Bass speaker and is anything over 4 ohm okay?

example: is a 150W 8 ohm speaker okay?

Any recommendations, considering the amp is only worth about 60 quid.
thanks guys, ive given it a try just improvising and it does help
I would have posted in the riffs and recording thread but there was hardly anything on writing bass and Id rather have another fellow bassist answer my question.

Im trying to write bass over guitar and really stuggle and usually end up just mimicing the guitar and maybe adding in a few notes that are an octave higher.

Song in drop D.

this is an example of a part of one of our songs


Q-quater note
S-sixteenth note

Could someone point in in the right direction for something I could play over this.

Through the rest of the song we play the notes: D F G Gsharp

thanks in advance
buzz above the finger, put a hair scrunchie around the top of the neck.
buzz below, raise the action abd get it set up
pm a mod to delete it?
I thought it was MCR when I read the first line, sounds more like a poem to me than a song.
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This is probably the best thing I have seen on this forum in a while. Usually I don't bother to comment but this is great. Not much crit to give, just one question, what kind of song are you gonna turn this into?

Let hope its an instrumental.

joking, its actually good, the last few lines become a bit chilche tho
you should use a fuse of same amps
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you could get a plain one and sew a patch over it
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Chromatic scale.
I think thats all they use/know.

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ever tired one?

and amps usually go for way less than their retal value secondhand
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i was playing a bit of bass, nothing special, just like classical kinda slow stuff-improv and some girl goes- "Oh are you tuning?" and she was 100% serious
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