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Snowday for me too. I'm pretty pissed tbh.
I got ready and everything and I have nothing else to do today.

Edit: I live in western PA, and the roads honestly don't look that bad.

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I need to solve the indefinite integral for: ( x^2 ) / ( 9 + x^6 ) dx

I know the first step is using 'u substitution where u=x^3 and du=3x^2 so that the x^2 on top will cancel out, but I'm lost from there.

Also, I believe the answer is: ( 1 / 9 ) * arctan( x^3/3) + C where arctan is the same as tan inverse.

Can somebody provide a step by step solution while explaining each step?

Step one, close your open internet browser.
Brian Elwin Haner, Jr
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the arrow keys on the keyboard of my laptop keep giving me small shocks. The warranty is out but is there anything i can do about this? its a Dell by the way.

Pour Ribena on it and then press the arrow key.
id like to change all my accounts, email etc, theyre all like this.

Its cool spelling your name backwards and putting shorthand number 6 as your username when youre 10

Not so cool when youre 18 and people read NEB NOB
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I've been playing guitar for about 3 years now, but I've never really taken it seriously due to my lack of inspiration, I find it hard to stick with a single genre so I can never really look into the genre and study it.

I've always liked neo-classical metal, but I have trouble finding artists to listen to.

Could anybody help me out?

Thanks :].

check matt mills on youtube
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just get a lion, nobody will **** with your sheep if a lion is there.

apart from the actual lion
say how rappers dont kill people then they will love you and talk about hip hoop
AHA Jingle Bells Of Death

This is a tounge in cheek kinda thing, like a joke? AHA
the GP opening song
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no we get enough from US.. they aren't dropping guitars yet

Charity, where the poor get rich and the rich get poor.
Shouldn't you be more worried about food and shelter?
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^ What?

Pictures would be helpful...

The other type of nut
7/8s up your thigh.

take to a guitar shop and get tyhe guy to look at it
be friends, just never arrange to meet up and stop giving a **** about her asmuch
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I dip my penis in vegetable oil to make it easier so there's less friction.

stop it, its bad for technique
Bob Marley Man!
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i cum blood jk

but seriously

addicted to vaginal skin jk

but seriously

hammer smashed face jk

but seriously

Dismembered And Molested jk

but seriously

Stabbed In The Throat jk

but seriously

No, but the truss rod can usally adjust this, the thing at the headstock, google how to use it because im not sure which way to turn it
welcome jack, the pit is the best bet for random stuff
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sorry, excuse my stupidity, but im not sure i fully understand what you mean when you say the back of the neck.

thanks for your honesty

the bit at the top :P put a ruler vertical along it

if thats wonkey in the slightest it could be your problem, it should be pretty much perfectly flat
look at the bacxk of the neck of the guitar, is it PERFECTLY straight?
use a ruler
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I dick with the action but to no avail

yeah, sounds great, buy about 1000 of these and that should cover your storage needs.
A flat rate? If you know the album will or could make money
A % of slaes? If you know you aint gonna make a single penny from selling

Just do the cheapest one for you

In proper music business the first one is the norm i think.
draw it
The only place this flying V is flying, is out the window when you realise what a piece of **** it is.
Save up man.
on the bright side, at least it's not your wrists.

send him some tabs to start off with
gumtree is a better bet
tried ebay completed listings?
Personlly I recommend a desktop, providing you will never need to take it out of your room.

Check out misco - google it, i thionk they have some decent offers.
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Standard tuning is E and then you adjust the length of the string so that you get accurate notes both on an open string and while pressing down on the 12th fret. To adjust this is called intonation. If you play C on an E intoned guitar it will not sound as clear as if it would be intoned in C. I don't think there is a problem with changing the intonation on a regular basis but ass drool mouse says, tuning back and forth between C and E will lower the lifetime of the strings dramatically.

To intone is not very hard if you know what you're doing. All you need is an accurate tuner and a flat-headed screwdriver. You should not intone while you have new strings, they intend to drop very fast after tuning so the intonation will become inaccurate. Check any internet guide on intonation for more information.

has nothing to do with intonation, sorry
Tuning? To different tuning? :O

Most people seem to have a guitar without a floyd rose to use for certain tunings, like anything over use with produce wear and tear?
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Maybe in Canada...

Or scotland
I think embaressment is worse than prosicution?
They appeal to my Meat-eating side, as a Lamb of God is surely a term for divine meat.
Was it a wet one?
put it in a case with a hot-water bottle