Wow, I read the first like and thought ITS TOM DELONGE!
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I am doing a project for art and i was wondering if anyone had a web site that had some plans for building an acoustic bass... Post some sites plz!

next time google
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google wont get me pics of HIS guitar with whatever wear it has on it.

but if you found out what the guitar looked like new you might be able to decide if you are interested.
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Your mum loves to moan every night when I come in her.

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ebay completed vistings
wrong topic
use a tuner to work out the notes on the guitar
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I'm actually more worried about my washing machine than the gig bag.

Like I said, I just hate throwing something like that out.

If a washing machine can survive stuart little it was survive a gig bag.
it will be fine, but the foam if there is any might ruin.
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mods i dont know if this is in the right section of the forums so please feel free to move it if need be.

this year for my honors chemistry class i have to participate in my schools science fair. generally i hate science fairs but this year i decided i'd actually try. firstly i would like to say that i want my project to be based on something that has to do with electric guitar. so some things i thought about are different questions that my project could be about. so here they are ( please answer them if you can and if you have a relevent question that could add to my topic please tell post it. )

1. how are the vibrations in guitar strings converted to sound coming out of the amp

2. does electricity flow through the pickups ( i have passive pickups )

3. can i measure the output coming from the guitar without it being plugged into the amp ( or before that output reaches the amp ), and without taking out my pickups.

4. what do i use to measure this, and what unit will it be in? ( watts, amperes, hertz, etc...)

5. how do different componants of the guitar affect the electrical output of the guitar ( things like: tension of strings, and _____________________________ please add to this list if you can. )

im not new to guitar but i dont understand the electrical aspects of guitar. i know how to play, but i don't know how the pickups and stuff work.

please help i am not in urgent need but i would like to get a little head start on this since i am not doing well in this class. for the record i dont even have to know my topic until feb. 13, but if i can have most of my project figured out before then it could end up being much easier.

thanks in advance.

2.yes, this is generated by the movement of the metasl strings which either moves magnets or something something about electromagnets.
this is how you can plug into an amp and you can hear the sound, it is amplified a tiny bit in the guitar.

Surely this doesnt come up in uni/college chemistry?
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I collect Canadian Quarters

got about 6 of them

Not that exciting since you live in Canada.
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Herman Li played a note in his solo correctly, thus shattering the worlds perception as to what is possible, thus someone was able to divide by zero.

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it's a shame really, i went for the 'exterminate' pun, and ended up getting one noticed that wasn't even intentional. i guess that's just how life works. you win some, you lose some.

lol, he said exterminate.
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doctor who. pfft. i can't think of anything i'd more like to 'exterminate' than that pitiful attempt at re-making a classic tv show of days gone by.

lol, he said PITiful
"The extremist" by Joesph Satriani
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OMG that's gonna kill me, lol.

Probably more tbh, howe much did you expect to get it for, bloody hell.
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Okay, so how much would a decent quality band saw cost me?

Couple of hundred. Upright.
pounds that is
Omg, he's worse than the whammy bar boy without his whammy bar.
Soothsayer - buckethead

the solo in black rose immortal by opeth when listening to the whole album

both send a chill down my spine.
i kissed a girl - kate perry

Do you want to turn his wife to be into a lesbian?
How long have you had the guitar/stings, is it new?
Search on megadownload dot net
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You: Woman
Rival: Kitchen

You: Woman
Enemy: Nicole Kidman
text hello to 82595
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Basicly its paid for by advertising (**** i realised thats what im doing now!) so you would get a text by some sort of lifestyle thing ( you choose music or sport watever) and that pays for it, they say you should get 6 a day, but i havent recieved any for weeks so i haven't been bothered by them and im still getting the credit

Cheers for all the help, ive gone for it.
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If you want, give me your number and ill send you an invite code?

Oh I just checked the video and worked it out, does this work then?

you get the calls and texts for nothing?
Ive checked it out and it seems really cool, where do i get an invite code, and you could unlock your phone and use a tmobile sim for the net.
Thats a rip off.

T-mobile is £1 a day or £2.50 for 5 days.
You could technically do it, but its not good for the guitar.

Buy a classical guitar, even when your fingers get used to steel its nice to play a classical occasionly.
effects pedal
but why the hell would you want to, it would sound worse than a squire!
The darkness, everyone loves that song?
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Im open for pretty much everything as long as the book isn't like some magic child type stuff.


its a kids book, but the edge chronicles? it has amazing line drawings in aswell.
you need a **** graphics card