So true.

Lots of their songs do.
If a cactus falls over in a desert and no-one hears it, does it make a noise?
let him play a simplified version of his part?
The X-Factor pwns every game show.
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Is that Hermione?

i wish
why did you get a squire if you already had a fender?
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I'm getting an Roland Cube 60 in about 3 months. I have a Jackson Dk2S axe and I play Progressive/Power and Thrash metal. I'm wondering if there's a pedal which will combined with the amp give an timeless tone. Recommendations anyone?

Ask this guy.
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IM NOT THAT GOOD!!! i feel lucky i can even play eruption ive only been playing for a year and a half.

Whats that?

A song about Wet Dreams?
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so cliche!!

try six degrees of inner turbulence by DT

now that would be challenging

Yes it would seeing as he would need to play 5 instruments all at once.
In an opeth interview the bassist used a squire.
How much do you know about guitar?

Get a piece of **** and then when youve outgrown it get something good.
good for noobs:

get guitar pro

click on the guitar bit

then scales

theres 1000s there
1 check settings are right
2 Try a different sim
3 try a different phone
4 check these arent made up friends
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okay, so i was on encyclopedia dramatica (bored as hell, doin it for teh lulz) and i hade like 5 tabs open in my Firefox (keep it simple with Firefox 2, f upgrading) and randomly, Windows Defender told me i have a trojan virus (i have AVG, so why it didn't pick it up i have no idea) and now every time i log on to my computer it says something about a problem with the Wutiporu.DLL file. wtf is that? help?

AVG doesnt scan unless you do a full system scan.

System restore i suggest.
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Ya think if I got a friend of mine to email them and explain what happened they will un-ban us? or will they just ban my friend to?

they might, do it like i said, better safe than sorry
Manually change your IP, or use a different PC.
Then make a new account using a new email you have just created.
Then email the mod.
Take some headphones that will fit in the amp, you dont wanna piss everyone off
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I read lingerie instead of lingering




I read lingering as fingering.
Pah, you don't need a whammy, none of the good guitarists like Buckethead use it.
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Trying to start an online guitar business...hoping you could give me some ideas...!

Do not ask the pit for ideas.

You could do unusual guitar mods such as LEDs as fret markers, EQ , and killswitch?
I post like a guitar god?
i use guitar pro, and start on half speed and work up
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i dont talk to my brother anymore i have aspergers

Try giving The Samaritansa call?
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n e 1 else have crazy concert stories???

I once went to a Metallica concert, got stupidly drunk and woke up the next day with a St. Anger album in my pocket.
Bribe the judge.

And it really isnt this easy to get caught FOUR times?
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It's that or just tell her he's into farmyard animals/other men

Do not trust this man.
use guitar pro, or maybe a tuner which tells you the note
Squire. Make sure you buy the black one.
I ordered mr bean best of about 2 years ago and it keeps getting delayed.
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Why did I read the title as "Children in Breadcrumbs recipe"?

Sanat's going deaf, he gave me a ****ing 12-inch pianist last year.