Rape all the dead bodies.
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Well, you're certainly on the ball. There's plenty of girls here. They're in the minority, but there's still a lot of them. Also, many of them post less in the Pit.

By the way, stop typing in purple, it's fucking annoying.

We finally get a female on these forums and you scare her off
Is the moon made of cheese?
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"He does not work he either plays watches television or sleeps and he literally sleeps under a rock."

Does this sentence make sense? If so, how would you properly punctuate this sentence?

Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants?

If he makes that face in bed, Oh Baby!
I saw an ad for Guitar Hero?
Im a bit of out of date with phone games, i have a 3510i =\
Kitchen Utensils
*nothing happens*
*Kicks vending machine*
*Punches vending machine*
*YELLS at vending machine*
Heyy, a can of grog

anyone get the reference? :P

*inserts coin*
You need to find out what make your graphics card is. then go on the website of the graphics card manufactuer and download the latest drivers for your model.
If you right click the taskbar and uncheck the LOCK THE TASKBAR button you can then drag it to the bottom of your screen.
Please explain the flashing thing.
Can you do it the other way around, play guitar on a bass amp?
My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade
I saw a squirrel stuck in a church pipe so i went home, got a saw, cycled back and cut the pipe off xD, it was well cute like, and definatly worth it.
I would get you all a life, but you wouldn't know how to use it