Dark Passion Play - Nightwish
Can someone tab this song for me? Because I can´t! ;-)
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Coke Zero - Zero Suger - Zero Taste

Yeah thats it! Rly nice.... Girl power! xD
..... 4 and now I´ve got girlfriend number 5! xDD
So I found this pretty cool band .. Benedictum! And I need some tabs! Has anyone Benedictum tabs or can tab some songs out?
Does anyone know how to get the sound of Warrant´s Cherry Pie? I´m using a Line 6 POD 2.0 and need every setting e.g Mid etc.!Pls help me!
Can anyone tab Lord of Hate by Death Angel? Please use PowerTab!
So let´s start: Angels don´t kill
Death Angel - Lord of Hate
Never heard of them but they´re f***ing good! *Headbanging*
Then take a SG! That would have been the second guitar I would have said! xD
... no I think there´s no cheaper brand of Ibanez! Maybe you look at Jack & Danny guitars .. they´ve got a good quality and are cheap...
Yes it would be the best if you buy your guitar from Epiphone!
Well, if you play mostly Rock I would take a Les Pauls! The standard in Rock!
Which AMP-Settings would you use for Metal Lead Guitar?
... pls I still need this tabs!
... Guitar Hero 3 ftw! 2nd frets on fire!
... I know there´s a thread ´bout it.. ^^ .. but I´m so bored... ^^
.... I´m sitting in this boring school... and don´t know what to do... please talk to me.. ^^
... has anyone got the tabs of the new Death Angel album... Killing Season especially the tab for Lord of Hate! pls
... haha funny... I´ve got a deep voice but don´t know how to use it right!
... not sure if I´m right in here... oke.... I listen to a lot of Death Metal bands... and now I want to know how to growl... maybe somebody can give me some tips! pls help me ^^
.... what the f***! Why FBI?? ... musician or homeless would be better!
1.Children of Bodom
2.Quiet Riot
3.Black Sabbath
.... who can tab Hammerfall´s "The Abyss?? Please don´t use GuitarPro.... PowerTab or normal tabs!
.... Children of Bodom - Red Light in my Eyes! ^^
.... I love this guitar! ^^ I play Jackson RR 30... they are great!
Children of Bodom: Blooddrunk! ... and almost every CoB song! ^^
.... I play with everything I can get! ^^ ... plastic picks , 5 pence...
... thats good! Can you tell me how to write your own songs because I don´t have good ideas for songs... maybe you can tell me! ^^
Picks are usually gripped with two fingers—thumb and index—and are played with pointed end facing the strings. However, it's a matter of personal preference and many notable musicians use different grips. For example, Eddie Van Halen holds the pick between his thumb and middle finger; James Hetfield and Steve Morse hold a pick using 3 fingers—thumb, middle and index!