this thread makes me hungry...

i'd say grilled cheese
that pretty lame to complain about. and prolly makes even MORE guys see us as pathetic.

if the dudes here don't take you seriously, then don't talk to them.

there are plenty of guys here that respect women guitarists...even the ones like me who can't really play yet, but they at least still admire my effort.
I've pretty much become obsessed with FFVII as of lately.
Loved the AC movie!

Started Crisis
What's with the "Activating Combat Mode/Conflict Resolved" junk?
It drives me CRAZY!!!
lol i like how they judge him just based on his looks

"He seems arrogant, cocky and completely phony."

who cares even if he really is?
he's an amazing guitarist, that's all that matters.
The Chi brand is amazing!! If you can afford a guitar, I'm sure this would be good for you its like $90? I use Pantene ProV as a hair protector, also, you can get shampoo/conditioner to protect it as well, but the spray is pretty effective. The pantene spray is like $15? Maybe less.
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13. If you're winning a Pokemon battle, quickly pull the link cable out and say it was an "accident."
That way you both win.

Aw! Oddly enough, that has to be the sweetest thing a guy could do lol
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30STM cover of Kanye West - Stronger.

Wow, I really like that!!

Dunno.. I think 30STM is amazing. I mean.. they ARE overrated, but that still doesn't mean they're sucky. They were amazing when I first heard them. I've never heard them live, thank God, but the CD isn't so bad.. =/ Kind of repetative, but the lyrics are pretty nifty.
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Rogues is were it's at

Seriously, I think I'm the only Incubus fan on here that likes LG (the album).

Haha, LG was the first Incubus CD I got. It was a Christmas gift from my brother and it actually got me really into the band. They mix it up with each song, which I LOVE!

Pendulous Threads would have to be my favorite
never ever... kind of want to save it for someone special.

lammme.. i know.
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Seriously. Every time I say ANYTHING without the enthusiasm of a small child about to go pet an elephant, my mom always takes it as a personal strike against her. Just now for example, she came in my room and said that she had washed the bedding in my ferret's cage. I said "okay." I didn't say "okay mom, I f*cking hate you." I didn't say "okay mom, get the f*ck out, I never want to see you again." I didn't even say it with any kind of attitude or anything. I just said "okay." And she starts raising hell, saying I don't appreciate her or listen to her or want to be anywhere near her.

Seriously, what the hell. She does this to me all the time. Anyone else have this problem with their parents where everything you say is taken as some kind of insult?

aw, maybe there's more to it than the ferret cage. stop and think about it... do you really appreciate her? think about all the things she does, little things too.

if there is nothing, she's still your mom.... maybe get her something like a little stuffed animal or a flower.. something!! lol

ps. if they are your ferrets.. your mom shouldn't be the one cleaning the bedding.

I'm part butch?!?!!?!?!??!!?!
lol 17 for me!

Uhm... I don't think there is genuine kind of good in people.. only people who work to achieve it.

I can't really explain it, maybe someone else can do a better job, but it's kind of like the Buddist idea.
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this might sound hard but dont worry bout it too much. to be honest guys minds are probably very similar to girls, idk i'm not a girl but it seems after talking to girls and guys they both worry about the same stuff. its kind of you for not wanting to screw anything up for him, but i dont see how that will ever work for you, and i dont really believe in "thats a sign we dont belong together", everything just happened at the wrong time. if calling doesnt work just "run" into him somewhere and ask how things are with him and his new girl, for all you know he would rather be with you than her. this happened to me actually, me and this girl kinda liked each other for 3 years but we were way to young to start dating serious so it would've been a waste. then she got a boyfriend when we could've started and i was crushed but i just said the same thing about not wanting to mess things up. well i still talk to her now and that boyfriend was a few years back and she said "why didnt you tell me, cause i would've much rather been with you than him" so maybe there is hope for you

Yeah I DO live in a small town... lol it's pretty much guaranteed for me to run into him again at some point. That's what I've been secretly hoping..

But thank you so much! You really made my day there by saying that!
if you are planning on graduating from college, there's only so much doing what you want is going to keep you happy. i'm pretty sure you'll miss not having to pay for food... or rent for that matter. lol.

it's kind of an eye opener... in a weird way.
Hm, she's either a hottie or she's beautiful..?

..that's not usually the case..

BUT ANNNYWAYYYS! I'd say it takes a stronger, better person to wait, rather than one who jumps his gun. But that's my opinion.

There's always the concept of masturbation
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that wasnt too bad, it reminded me of the classic romance movies ha. i will try to give you some advice though! i can understand not wanting to jump into a relationship after getting out of one, but if he was so great why didnt you see that when you guys kissed? maybe the feelings came back so much cause he now has a girlfriend and you know you cant be with him, maybe i'm wrong though. as far as him being serious, if i would've said something like that to a girl i like to keep my word as good as i can, thats just me. if he's worth the risk and is as great as you say, and you sincerely think you "love" him then a girlfriend wont stop you from trying to get him. any other questions and i'd be more than happy to help you

aww thanks for the help. I didn't really think anyone was gonna take the time to read this. lol.

I've been trying to think like that, but everytime I try to call, it's usually screened. I don't think he's trying to be mean, I think he knows what I'm trying to do, and maybe he just likes this new girl so much.. who knows.. I don't know what goes on through boys' heads... But I don't want to screw anything up for him. Maybe that's just a sign that we weren't meant to be together. I dunno. But I did realize I was ready to be with him before I knew he had a g/f... so I don't think it's that whole, "He's gone! I HAVE TO HAVE HIM BACK!" type of thing.

Then again, maybe I'm just blinded so much from me "loving" him (i dunno if i am in love or not) that he SEEMS to be a great guy, when really he's a jerk. lol.
I figure since most of you are guys, I'm going to get the best help

Brace yourself! I'm a girl, and this is probably gonna be long and boring for you guys to read through, but what can I say.. I like to vent a little

But, there's this guy, I have so many feelings for him, it's hard to explain. In a nutshell, we met in high school and sort of dated back then. I had a lot of feelings for him then, but I wasn't ready to date at that time... soooo.. things kind of ended in a way. We still stayed friends, but we weren't as close. After graduation we lost contact, I ended up getting in a relationship with a new guy. New guy ended up hurting me (emotionally) pretty badly.. and then this guy ended up coming to my rescue when I needed someone the most. For three months he drove an extra 30 min once a week to make sure I was okay. At that point, I didn't really see him as a guy to date, just a really good guyFRIEND and I was pretty sure he saw me the same way; He hated seeing how messed up I was and did his best to fix it. Over time, the feelings I once had for my guyfriend came back... the feelings for him were probably stronger than before. We ended up kissing one night, and I assumed it was his way of asking me out.. because.. that's just him. But I just felt that it wasn't the right time to be in a relationship after just getting out of one not too long ago. It just felt wrong to me. I told him I wasn't ready and that I was still scared of getting hurt. He ended up saying it was okay and that whenever I was ready, he'd be there.

So pretty much.. I just listened to the voice inside my head.

After another month passed, I was finally over my exboyfriend and I was ready to be in a relationship with him. But by the time I realized this, he already found a new girlfriend. They've been together for the past 5-6 months now (he's never had a long term relationship) and I really don't know what to do...

I'm so happy for him. But at the same time.. I'm angry. That girl could have been me.. it WOULD have been me. This guy is so amazing and sweet. I know that it was my choice, and that losing him was indeed MY FAULT.


I just want to know.. did he really mean what he said? That he would be there when I was ready? Or was that seriously just a line guys use?

Did I hurt him by saying no?

I really want to know. I say a lot of stupid things that end up hurting people unintentionally... and I REALLY don't know how the male mind works!! lol.

Help would be appreciated
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I feel like this post is proof of my loneliness.
I feel like ****, i have had some rough days these past two weeks and what kept me up was a girl who i ended up hanging out with and really liking. We have a cool time and we have chemistry betwen each other. Something happened in her life and she doesnt want to see me again, she thinks it might not go anywhere and shes also a little confused as she broek up with her bf 2 weeks ago.
I'm usually not that affected by girls but this time it has sort of like the last blow to bring me totally down
I dont have friends who i can talk to
i feel extremely alone and depressed.

Well.. it's only been 2 weeks since her last breakup. Maybe she just needs some time to heal a bit more? I don't really know the whole back story between you two or anything, but just throwing out an idea from her perspective. I've realized that dudes giving other dudes advice on girls isn't always the BEST idea lol.
This was probably already posted before, but I'm gonna say it anyway!!!

What really grinds my gears... is how bread is square and bologna is round.
I've only been in one "real" relationship. That was when I was 17 and about to turn 18. Didn't last too long though. He ended up going on vacation for a month and cheated on me.

Great way to start out in the dating world, right?
Yeah, I'm doing the same thing you are; learning guitar this summer while I can. So far I think the best places to get help is HERE and YOUTUBE. There are a lot of instructors. Just type in "guitar beginner" or something like that in the search engine and you'll be good to go. And finding some simple songs on here helps you practice your chords and finger placement and whatnot.

Good luck!