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Thanks a lot man, I'll try it.

EDIT: SHIT. So i just ran the "ping" command and each of the four pings comes back as "timed out" resulting in 4 packets sent and 0 packets received (100% loss). What now? F*ck, I hope this doesn't mean it's hardware related.

Also, if it helps I don't have issues on other wireless networks like university.

If you're on Windows, run "ipconfig" first which should display your default gateway. Then ping that address. might be the default on pc but completely (however unlikely) different on another.
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I loved the new Tomb Raider it was such a fun experience. It was the first game I've played in a long time that actually made me want to go back and find all the collectibles.

I'm not too far through it I don't think. I've currently

just met back up with Grim and about to go to the fire ritual

Such a good game though.
Just played a few hours of the new Tomb Raider. The story is pretty good and the graphics look amazing even if you have them on low/medium
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600-700 watts.

Cheers. Think i'm gonna get 700-750w just in case I decide to overclock in the future
8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance Jet Black 1866MHz CL9 DDR3
AMD (Piledriver) FX-8320 3.50GHz (4.00GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 8-Core Processor
ARIAnet Radeon HD 7850 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card
Cooler Master Seidon 120M Water-Cooling CPU Cooler
GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 AMD 970A (Socket AM3+) ATX Motherboard

Does anyone know how big of a PSU i'd need to power these parts in a custom build?
Giving em a listen now, they seem pretty good
I was already a huge Frank Turner fan so that's a good suggestion I guess haha Any more hardcore stuff like Refused?
Can anyone recommend some punk sorta stuff? Similar to early Against Me or Refused
She walks out alone in the empty streets
It takes some time to get where, they agreed to meet
Feeling so fearless and so ****ing cold
She's wondering how it's all, gonna go down

He quietly turns and shuts the door
The cold outside freezing him to his core
He hasn't seen her for a while
Wondering if he's wasting his time

How could you just leave without saying goodbye?
Now you're just a regret in my life

It all started when you walked away
Turned your back and went astray
Your calm composition was just a front
I never knew you'd be so blunt

She arrives at the agreed time and place
Wiping smeared makeup from her face
It takes a short while for him to arrive
It's time for them to play their games

He begins with an apology of sorts
It takes some time before she reponds
Anger taking over in her voice
"You've given me no choice"

How could you just leave without saying goodbye?
Now you're just a regret in my life

It all started when you walked away
Turned your back and went astray
Your calm composition was just a front
I never knew you'd be so blunt

She walks off into the distance
He hangs his head in shame for what he's done
It looks like there's no going back now
Two people split for good
How about a pair of Macbeth Elliots? Around your budget, comfy and pretty damn cool
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So new year, new grooming habits, I reckon. I was flicking through the Argos catalogue and looking at the "male grooming" part. UK-ers, at the risk of sound overly intrusive, what devices do you use to shave down there? Is it a face one or a hair clipper one? How much was it, etc? Cheers.

I've got one of them electric wet/dry shavers. You pretty much can't cut yourself with them so they're pretty damn safe.
Frank Turner - "Glory Hallelujah" off England Keep My Bones and "The Ballad Of Me And My Friends" off Sleep Is For The Week
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Damn I was scared of that answer.. I put my old 10's in, maybe the slight shrinkage will make it heal a little bit.. Who knows. I'm going to leave my old 10's in for another month to see whats up, but if it's still effed up, I'll just take them out and start from scratch in 6 months or so..

And my piercer is me lol. I ordered a 18g sterile piercing needle from the net. Cork too. Sterilized everything and I mean EVERYTHING with 99% alcohol when I pierced, and sterilize EVERYTHING when I even clean them. I'm really anal with sterilization.

So that being said, there's no way I'm piercing an 8 myself, I'd rather just start from 18, or maybe 16, and restretch everything.

Firstly, think of it this way. You have one set of lobes that last your entire life, why mess them up stretching badly now? Secondly, you think you've sterilised everything but is all your jewellery autoclaved along with your needles? Go to a proper piercer, mine cost me £10 pierced in a sterile environment with a single use needle and trained piercer. For such a small cost is it worth messing your ears up?
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So I stretched my ears from a 10 to an 8 a few minutes ago.. I originally stretched from 18 (healed normal piercing) to a 10. It hurt like hell and I was really stupid to do that (I did think it was a 12, store sold me wrong gauge.. Still dumb though). It's been 8 months since that 18-10 stretch. My one ear stretched beautifully, no pain at all, went in like a glove. My other ear hurt like hell and felt like it was ripping a cut open.. I don't understand. One ear is all swollen and ****ed up, and hurts. The other feels perfect.

Is 8 months really not long enough to heal? And why did one ear heal up fine while the other is still not healed after 8 months?

As much as it sucks to hear it, you should have taken your plugs out completely and let them heal up before even thinking about piercing them again, nevermind carrying on stretching. I recommend you take your plugs out for 6 months doing daily massages using oil to break up any scar tissue you will have from such a big stretch. You could also let your piercing heal up or as far as it would go and get repierced at an 8g straight away depending on your piercer.

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^I'm not really qualified to answer that since I'm new to stretching, but it sounds like an infection.

Also, general question: How long did you guys wait to stretch from an 8g to a 6g? I've been at an 8 for a few weeks now and they feel nice and healed, and I'm getting impatient. Most sources say to wait a month but I know everybody's different, and I feel like I know my body pretty well.

Anyway, just wondering how long some of you waited before making that stretch. Thanks in advance.

Between an 8g and a 6g, 3 months is the general waiting time, one month is only for smaller sizes like 12g. Do some massages in the meantime using something like jojoba oil which helps your skin's elasticity.
Here's one that's a bit different, can anyone recommend where to start with Eminem? I know it's not rock or similar but I figured someone might know.
I reckon it was staged for publicity
Times go up tomorrow also ^ you can't take any glass into campsites, put it in a plastic bottle
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I'm already aching to get more. I also have my ears currently stretched to 1.6mm, and plan on getting them up to 5.2mm. I plan on buying this stretching kit and these tunnels to have for whenever I get my ears up to 5.2mm. I really like the wood look. I'm really excited about it!

I wouldn't use pinchers to stretch as they don't have a definitive part where it is the correct gauge. I suggest using using either acrylic or steel tapers followed through with a glass or titanium tunnel to allow them to heal. You shouldn't wear tapers in a fresh stretch.
Has anyone ordered from ? I ordered some tapers from there and when I got them, each one was 1mm smaller than the size I ordered which was too late as I'd inserted the "2mm taper" and tried to follow a 2mm tunnel which was the correct size through after it. My ear bled so I downsized and sent them an email with pictures which they're claiming i've lied and they're actually the correct size. Anyone have any advice?
Is your name honestly Shitrit? Jokes aside, it's pretty decent guitar work especially the double guitar thing you've got going on. The vocals sound as if you're talking really, try and put something into them, don't be afraid to push some volume behind them.
Against me anyone? Though i'd give em a listen
There's already a company that offer this called SplitGigs
Have the album release date then the release date of it as a single if applicable. Have the song name then "appears on the album..."
anyone got any suggestions for Lamb Of God?
Can anyone recommend where to start with Nirvana? I've heard the hits like heart shaoed box and such but what albums should I get?
Does anyone know how to get round the problem of "No IMG76 file" when booting holding down the volume down key? My phone is a HTC Wildfire S and it is rooted.
Anyone recommend stuff similar to Every Time I Die or Rise Against?
Try download Asio4All, I had latency when recording on my laptop and after downloading it I have minimal latency and i'm not even using an audio interface.
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that varies wildly depending on your system and what kind of quality you're aiming for.

I'm running a Samsung RF511 - 8GB RAM, i5 processor 2.4GHZ and just standard quality, no need for high definition or anything, as long as it's watchable.
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How long approx would it take to rip one DVD?
Does anyone know the best way to rip DVD's to your computer? I want to back everything up before I go to uni so it saves carrying loads with me
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My suggestion to you is to acquire Visual Studio 2008 or VB 9 and start learning that...

Why do I say this.. For 1.. VB6 is like 10 years outdated and more importantly.. VB9 uses ALOT of prebuilt functions since it uses a .net framework which makes programming much more smooth IMO

I learned on VS6/VB6 back in 2002 then i moved to VS 2003 which I hated.... VS 2005 was a bit better.. VS 2008 is by far the best version... I cant comment on VS 2010 as i havent had the pleasure/displeasure of using it

just a suggestion

I would do but it's required for the computing course we're doing as they teach no other languages.
I have just installed Visual Basic 6 on Windows 7 x64 laptop but am having display issues. When I full screen a form, about the bottom third is completely cut off and can't be seen even when in window mode and trying to expand by dragging the borders. Can anyone help?
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Might wanna be quick mate, prices go up on the 30th jan.

Has been changed to the 2nd Feb with another announcement on the 1st Feb
My uncle does this a lot, however if you are getting a bolt on neck, take the neck off the body, wrap them both in towels and put them in your suitcase. You won't get stopped and there will be no extra charges. Although, I brought my Fender back in a hardcase, walked right past the duty desk not realising and they didn't bat an eyelid.
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Luckily I have no disabilities so this hopefully shouldn't affect me.