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I was going to suggest Justin Bieber, but then I saw the word "music" in the thread title.

Same, but I stopped sooner: at "man", more specifically.
Samba Pa-Ti.
Hi, I'm doing an A-level in music, and will probably do Samba Pa Ti, along with Good Times Bad Times. The piece itself is relatively easy for a grade 8 piece, though the dynamics and phrasing will take awhile to perfect, but that's ok. I am however struggling with the legato lick at 3:35-3:39. Does anyone have any advice for exercises or techniques that will help me pull it off well? It's hammer ons and pull offs on the B string, on frets 3, 5 and open.

Also, another small problem is keeping the open strings quiet when I take my fingers off of those strings. I think I saw a guide on preventing that before, but I can't find it. If anyone can help me there, it would be much appreciated .
AVG sends all viruses to system32 when you finish scanning, then you find and delete system32 manually to get rid of the virus(es).

ONLY JOKING, Don't delete system32 :-p. AVG gets rid of viruses, but, since it is free, it's not all that and it won't work against the deadlier ones.
Zune. iPods are rip offs. Half the price you pay if for the ****ing name.
PD says somebody call 999 ..
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Hamda Ben J Songz likes this.

RSIf that is a reference to that awful song, you have a terrible taste in music.
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PDLOOOL..and dat comes from sumwun wit the worst taste in music..
16 September at 19:22

HSlol randeep u can talk
16 September at 19:22


See the similarities in those 2 songs? That's right, sean kingston rips off "METAL N ROCK N ****" because he can't come up with his own ****.
... Read more
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POBecause music about knife, guns and "bitches" is better than Rock and Metal
16 September at 19:26

PDso smashin ur guitar and rippin ur clothes off and men wearin make up is betta? ayt thenn..
16 September at 19:34


Tell me where you can see any smashing guitars, ripping clothes off or men wearing make up please, because I can't find any in this METAL video.
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POJust goes to show, you really dont know much about music around you.
16 September at 19:39

16 September at 19:47

Pruthvi OdedraI dont know how to reply to that? ><!
16 September at 19:50


Sometimes, albeit rarely, i come across statements that are just so ignorant, so mind bogglingly retarded that that completely blow my mind and leave me in a state of awe. This is one of those statements.
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PDLOOOOOOOL RANDEEP SNM ahaha ur just 2 funni ..
16 September at 19:56

JGRandeep Pruthiviji Shut Up Ur Music Is ****e, No Wonder Girls Dont Like You, Heavy Metal **** Is Not music Its Just Some Emo Guy Standing Der Shouting Into a Mic Lool
16 September at 20:30

POErm jake, i have a girlfriend. Heh they may sometimes shout but, atleast their not spouting bull**** all the time. And as far as i know all you listen to is dance and club anthems. which may be good from time to time but, then its just sad because their for parties. and your not in the party jake, your at home.
16 September at 20:55

JGOk not Mainly aimed at you, I Fought i better put both of your names so randeep aint taking al the ****, Hey Liste to nethin Except for heavy metal and classical obviously you dnt know me dat well do ya
16 September at 20:57

RSYes - because girls like guys not for their intelligence, not their personality or even their "realness" - just what sound waves they enjoy hearing. And I'd like to see you play a Megadeth or Metallica, heck, even a Nirvana song on guitar. You couldn't.
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RSAnd what is wrong with classical?
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POEverything except Heavy metal and classical? So you like Death metal too? Wow jake i didn`t know you was that extream. And well i did say "As far as i know"
16 September at 21:01

RSMetal is not emo - they have NOTHING to do with each other. If you think differently, you are a ****ing retarded stereotypical idiot.
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16 September at 21:11

RSYeah but surely you wouldnt mind playing 1 metal song to me on my guitar to prove that playing metal takes no talent and all it is is a "Emo Guy Standing Der Shouting Into a Mic Lool"?
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RSOh, and listen to sean kingstons song me love, then Led Zeppelin's D'er Mak'er - Yes, sean kigston ripped of Led Zeppelin - a band often called HEAVY METAL. So sean kingston has to rip off "Emo Guy Standing Der Shouting Into a Mic Lool" in his songs?
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JGI Cant Play Guitar So I Cant Show You, To Me He Is An Emo Guy Standing Der Shouting Into The Mic
16 September at 21:14

RSOh you listen to anything except classical and heavy metal? Oh you like weird ambient experimental music too I take it? Nice.
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JG1. I Dont Like Sean kingston 2. I Dont Care If He Ripped Him Off 3. A Song Is A ****ing Song Who Really Gives A **** Apart From You?
16 September at 21:16

JGMay I Ask WTF Is ambient experimental music
16 September at 21:17

RSOh i assumed you would listen to that because you "listened to everything except heavy metal and classical"

And if you don't understand metal, don't insult it like that - it just makes you look retarded.
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JGIt Just Sounds Really Really Really ****, Mate I Can Do What ILike So I Can Insult It If I Want No 1 Can Stop Me
16 September at 21:23

RSYou're right, I can't stop you from expressing your opinion (however, your opinion is still wrong and you still look like a moron, I'm just pointing that out). But you can't stop me from expressing MY opinion that most mainstream music is a STEAMING PIPE OF **** **** however you look at it.

I don't mind if people genuinely don't like metal, but I DO mind when you do stupid stereotypes that aren't even ****ing true and don't give it a chance.
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RSOh and you told me to shut up when i was expressing My opinion - This makes you a hypocrite.
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JGYep I Mayb A Moron But This Moron Thinks Its A Load Of Bollocks There's My Opinion
16 September at 21:30

JGYep Ima a Hypocrite Aswell
16 September at 21:30

Well at least we've established something...
TheLeteProject: Oh God, yes >.<

Quote by Randaman

No dude, I think we all live among cunts

Anyways, I see a bit of paradox in your post.
I really doubt that your friends are really that stupid, that anyone with a distorted tone is an emo.
And even if they did, what's wrong with that?
We here in the Pit always criticize rap and hip hop music, but almost all of those criticisms are no different from "metal and rock takes no talent!", seriously.
The fact that a lot of us think we're "superior" over pop and rap fans because of our tastes is just disgraceful.

And on the X-factor business, I personally love rock and blues a lot.
I love artful music from all decades, but I also enjoy insanely mainstream manufactured pop music.
I grew up listening to the Spice Girls, and I listen to a lot of Girls Aloud right now, and yeah I think they're pretty artistic in a way because it makes me a musicologist at time.
And yes, there are modern mainstream music that makes people think. Not all of them definitely, but there are ones here and there.

Nothing about X factor rots our brains and your claim is exactly the same as the typical American Conservative saying that video games makes all children murderers.
I'm sorry, but it's asinine and unprovable.

Sorry about the latish response, I had quite a bit of homework to do, and a reply would eat up too much of my time : O.

Anyway, yes - there ARE actually people so stupid that they think anyone with distorted tone is an emo (well I mean anyone in heavy rock/metal; they wouldn't call the jonas brothers emo). They're not my friends, but people in my area. I'll pasta a Fabebook convo I had in the next post - its pretty funny. Plus, you should go back a few pages, I think it was 5 a FB convo I had about 5 days ago, the girl I was talking to there gave stupid a new definition. And what's wrong with it is that it's a stereotype - the enemy of individuality. When some guy in my class found out I liked Megadeth he asked me intelligent questions like: "Do you watch emo porn? Is your room black? Do you smash guitars?"

I hate it when anyone insults entire genres myself as well. I love me some rap as well (I mean Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim, Aesop Rock, y'know, the good stuff, none of this "soulja boi yung jeezy sean kingston" crap), and even that's not necessarily my taste and though I listen do them a fair bit, not nearly as much as my favourite rock bands, because I have a taste for heavier music. I don't think anyone has "superior" "taste" per se, but I think people who choose to listen to music with depth have chosen superior material to people who will listens to whatever the mainstream feeds them.

If you like manufactured music, well, I guess it's fair enough if you genuinely enjoy it, especially if you respect other muisc. It's just what really gets my goat is that these people listen to that and then call muisc that actually has some artistic merit "emo ****", even though it's nothing of the sort. It makes me so angry.

By rotting your brains, I meant if some half naked bitches singing **** OTHER PEOPLE wrote qualifies as art these days, and people are not really being inspired to do anything creative. I think it's actually proven by music coming out nowadays. Although there is a lot of great music coming out form the underground, and some (albeit few) in the mainstream, we have nothing anywhere near as good as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. And unlike the claims against video games, this is saying people are STOPPED from being able to be inspired creatively, as opposed to ENCOURAGED to go and kill people.

Ok, well, after all that, I doubt I can change your mind anyway, but at least you have a better idea of where I'm coming from I hope. SO I guess this is just where we agree to disagree, if you like :-p.
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Jimi Hendrix's purple haze is out of tune. My ear is probably more trained than yours for I have perfect pitch and am classically trained.

Yeah I'm sure the idiot who doesn't like Hendrix is also classically trained with perfect pitch.
Quote by carmen barlow
"yeah I play the guitar and a bit of drums and bass"

"so you do like music then?"


That's not stupid at all. Guitars and bass are used in funk, rock, metal, rap and countless other genres.

EDIT: My bad, i skimmed, and somehow read:

"so you do like rock music then?"

Quote by Randaman

Most people don't know Dimebag Darrel anyways so there's really nothing wrong with not knowing that he died.

I think a real asshole can't understand light jokes like that.
He (or she?) didn't really mean it and you have to take it lightly because we say these things unintentionally.

For example, something similar happened on the Beatles.
We were talking about them, and one of my pals mentioned that "two of them are dead anyways".
It's true, and I laughed, even if I love the band and I may have took it a bit of an offense.
But the phrase "I am offended" means NOTHING.
It's like "well, so what?"

Well fair enough on your part, but I think I'm making a safe assumption when I say the idiot who said that in the first place was being serious. And stupid. They think anyone who plays distorted guitars are actually emo. People say things like that to me from time to time and I KNOW they're not joking. If you live in an area where there are no cunts like this, then I envy you, lots of chavs where I live >.<.

And about the x factor, I see where your're coming from, music doesn't ALWAYS have to be art (I love blink-182, and I would call their music art, but I admit it IS debatable), but x factor is just another piece of **** that rots the brains of the general public, mindless fun is ok in moderation, but is there ANYTHING artful in the media right now, that is being promoted? Music that makes you really think? I think they're trying to disable our creativity, and things like the x factor is what they use to do it.
Quote by radomu
Some of them have a lot of soul in them? lol

Ok, just put it this way: We like it when they have true artistic integrity, which around 0.01% of the x factor contestants have (this is one of the few cases where the percentage of 0.01 is not an exaggeration in the slightest).
That's just funny, not offensive

WHAT!? I'm not really the biggest Pantera fan, but when something says something SO ****ING IGNORANT about a good band, if you're not offended, then your're really an asshole.
One word: Arsis.
Ok, so I have an Ashdown Electric Blue 15/180, and it doesn't seem do work most of the time. I plug it into my bass and NOTHING happens, I can't get any sound out of it. Same goes for my guitar, I use my bass amp for both my bass and my guitar, as I can only afford 1 amp, and my guitar sounds just fine with a bass amp, and I've been told it's perfectly ok to do that. I've been treating the amp very respectfully, turning the volume down to 0 whenever I was turned it off, and only increased the volume AFTER i turned it on again, and left it totally unplugged when I wasn't using it. Sometimes it works, but thats usually after a couple of days of inactivity, and even then, it only lasts a maximum of half an hour... .

This pretty much also happened with my old cheap 10 watt guitar amp that I used to have, I played bass on that too, but was told that was ok, because a bass wouldn't damage an amp as weak as that, but with that, if I played around with the lead in the guitar's socket type thing, it would eventually decide to work again.

Any ideas on what's wrong with it, and any suggestions on how to fix it? Any idea would be GREATLY appreciated .
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Well most a lot of people consider it a subgenre of metal, plus they are saying that metalcore is hardcore, not a subgenre of.

It's a crossover of Metalcore and Hardcore (which is a sub genre of punk), so it fits into both the metal and punk categories.
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When people are like "X sucks because they are old!".

What does age has to do in this equation?

You are one lucky guy...
Quote by ScottPAL
"your guitar is missing two strings"

I kid you not, i tried to jam a tuning peg in his eye.

What's even worse than that is when they ask why your guitar is so big.
7/10... though as an overall musician an easy 10

Layne Staley.
On Facebook. Long, but beautifully retarded.


I'd Like To Go To A Concert Of... by Sumaya

1. day 26
2. Native deen
3. Trey Songz
4. TIP
5. Jeremih

23 August at 21:12 · Comment · Like · Pick your five!

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Randeep Samra lulwut? they all suck
23 August at 21:13 · Delete

NSlol randeep
23 August at 21:16

SM wateva randeep...i bet its betta dan wateva YU listen to :/
24 August at 17:20

Randeep Samra Lets put it like this...

day 26 vs. Metallica
native deen vs. Megadeth
trey songz vs. Ani DiFranco...
tip vs. Dream Theater
jerimih vs. Alice in Chains

There is really no competition, the latter artist is so much better in each case :-p
24 August at 17:23 · Delete

SMwell i dnt listen to ur rock or wateva dey are...nd ive NEVA even heard of dem...DAT jus shows hw much dey suck
24 August at 17:25

Randeep SamraThey are not rock, they are all metal apart from Ani DiFranco who is acoustic. And if you haven't heard of them, it does not mean they suck. If they made bad music (which they don't), then they would suck. the 5 on your list however, make bad music and therefore suck
24 August at 17:30 · Delete

SMsorry randeep buh dat lil speech of urs AINT gonna change my mind on the choice ive made, buh i fink u REALLY shud condcider...jus change ur style of music!! =)
newaiiz im owt cnt b asked wid dis long convo ova music :P
24 August at 17:32

Randeep SamraAnyone with a passion for music loves to discuss it.
I dont change my style of music; i expand it. Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Stevie Wonder, among others make R&B, and i love those guys. And why dont YOU consider changing your music? You would probably love good music if you at least gave it a go.
24 August at 17:35 · Delete

SMi love gud music buh da stuff listen are WORSE dan CRAP!!
sorry to burst ur lil bubble randeep
24 August at 21:21

Randeep SamraMy bubble? No seriously, thats just pathetic, you havn't heard ANY of these bands and you thunk they're worse than crap?????? I'm really at a loss for word here, that statement was so idiotic...
24 August at 21:34 · Delete

POWoa woa woaaa slow down here..."Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Stevie Wonder" Sumaya you just said these people are "Worse than crap". Are you serious? If so, i believe your taste in music has no good standards atall. Also all the people you said (Yes people i dont recognise them as musicians) all suck.
24 August at 21:41

SMaight maybe nt micheal jackson nd stevie wonder...buh i styll fink da rest is **** no matter wah u two sey
24 August at 23:31

Randeep Samraerm... you have to try it before you bash it, i beg of you LISTEN to the artists, and if you STILL dont like them, you are wrong, but fair dos.

Did you know Marvin Gaye's album "What's Going On" is rankes by Rolling Stone as the 6th best album of all time?
24 August at 23:35 · Delete

SMisiit dats soo kool (!)
try wah...dere isnt anything to try dude!!
24 August at 23:41

POWha- seriousl- O wow
24 August at 23:43

I think mine takes the cake here...
Think of it this way: stupid young blond chicks will love you. Get in there son.
1. Nirvana
2. Metallica
3. Led Zeppelin
4. Black Sabbath
5. Pink Floyd
lo, idk what happened there^

Would you consider a 10/10 album with 1 weak track a "super album"? Paranoid for example :-p (The title track is criminally overrated, every other song on it is leagues better).
Nirvana - In Utero
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Turin Brakes - The Optimist LP
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Eric B. and Rakim - Paid in Full

These are just ones that come to mind within 3 seconds of reading the first post. there are MANY other albums that I love all of the tracks on.

brake_p: wow, another Ani fan on UG! Though I dislike compilations, her best album has got to be Not a Pretty Girl.
Quote by thsrayas
Metallica - Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, Black Album, Death Magnetic

*flameshield up*

Black album & DM but not Load? I'm serious, Load is better than both of those albums.
Nirvana - In Utero
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Turin Brakes - The Optimist LP
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Eric B. and Rakim - Paid in Full

These are just ones that come to mind within 3 seconds of reading the first post. there are MANY other albums that I love all of the tracks on.

brake_p: wow, another Ani fan on UG! Though I dislike compilations, her best album has got to be Not a Pretty Girl.
Eric B. and Rakim
Public Enemy
Cypres Hill
Aesop Rock
Beastie Boys
De La Soul
Above the Law
A Tribe Called Quest
Afrika Bambaataa
Boogie Down Productions
Cannibal Ox
Fort Minor
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
3rd Bass

Search ALL of these, and you're sorted .
Quote by Audioslave95

Most Fav:- Hetfield. Most Talented there.
Least Fav:- Lars. Scared of Double Bass these days ...or Mustaine, i hate Megadeth

Lol, good point there, double bass on DM (forget about half decent mixing, lmao) would have been sick.
Good idea for a thread! And don't be sorry for the long post, lol ;-).

-Obviously Kurt, for obvious reasons.
-Krist. he is such an annoyingly underrated bassist, his work in Lounge Act and You Know You're Right is brilliant, but next to Kurt and Dave, i would call him a big fish in a huge pond.

-Cliff Burton. My personal favourite bassist of all time, I've recently learned all of Pulling Teeth on bass and it's just the best thing ever =D
-Lars Ulrich, again very underrated, I would call him a big fish in a huge pond, like Krist.

Led Zeppelin
- Jimmy Page. 'nuff said
-John Paul Jones. people say he's underrated, but I don't think so. next to Jimmy, one of the greatest guitarists ever, Bonham, one of the greatest drummers ever, and Robert, one of the greatest singers ever, this is quite an easy decision. I respect his multi-instrumentalist talents, and it has in a way inspired me to pick up more instruments, (especially mandolin, I should be playing one within a year, lol). When it comes to bass, he's got some cool lines, and is an impressive improviser, but I don't really see him as revolutionary.
9.5, if its perfect o.0

Pulling Teeth on bass.
Another Brick in the Vagina