I like good taste in value pedals.
He keeps buying things that I own.
I like it.
Hyperion, into a 33 if you're crazy.
The Raptor's a'comin'!
I'm gunna be ride'n that raptor straight into those pearly white gates!

In comparatively boring news the soundcloud group is going well and I'm recording tonight.
I started playing post rock again, and will be writing songs with my friend Kyle.
The project has a title.

Ceiling Fans In Winter
No, one is pre-delay, the other is post delay.

He either uses the first one for swelling into massive delays, and the other one as an actually gain/volume control for overall sound.

Either that or they want control of overall volume because of the looper as well as volume of the guitar when the loop is going.

It's wired VP > DL4 > Wah thingy >VP >SD2n'1
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Check the soundcloud group.

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I got an Ernie Ball VP jr yesterday... How did I survive without a VP before?

Charvel if you ask me.
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Nevermind us! What about you? What have you been up to?
It has been ages since you have posted here!

FYI, I read the whole thread from beggining to end not too long ago. just if you hadn't read any other recent posts. That's why I know of people like you who didnt post here anymore. Its not creepy, I swear!

Okay well...
I've recently been involved in several projects and bands including...

-Bass in a hardcore punk band, kicked out for taking the piss out of the egotistical **** of a guitarist we had.
-Guitar in 3 or 4 math bands.
- Small live EP of me and a drummer playing 2 songs, and then 2 improvs.
-Lots of acoustic work and folk / folkpunk antics
-Lots of friends and family shit happening, gotta love it though.
-Show tomorrow in my garage with a bunch of other acoustic acts
-Show sunday playing acoustic music at the local hot dog joint which might turn into a weekly gig. Next door to a church so we'll be singing to them post-church

My rig is currently ever changing, always taking pedals on/off and switching when i feel appropriate.

Got rid of my television finally, just taking up space.
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i still need to try a ps3, though i really want a pitchfactor...

Pitchfactor! What the **** are you thinking?

Come on man, crew that head back on straight.
I was told to return.
I migrated to I love Fuzz.

I need a superfuzz or a muff of some sort.
Pretty boring at the moment.

Ernie Ball VP JR -> Ring thing -> Holy Stain -> DOD DFX9 delay/sampler -> MXR classic distortion -> Boss DSD2 Delay/sampler -> Boss DD6 Delay/looper -> DOD DFX9 Delay/sampler - OhNoHo ChkChkBoom feedback looper with a Riddle Q balls in the loop -> Boss RC20xl -> amp.

Never heard of NCIS.
Moving on, how is everyones gear / music situation?
Bands? Pics of rigs? DIY builds?
I can't begin to state my gratitude for you not doing that.

Wiki'd the name.
I've never even heard of, let alone seen anything he's acted in.
He can't possibly be famous for his acting alone can he?

EDIT: In 1996, Harmon saved two teenage boys who were involved in a car accident outside of his home. Harmon used a sledge hammer from his garage to break the window out of their burning car, then pulled them free from the flames.

That's pretty cool though.
Big ups to anyone with the balls to swing a sledge into a big ball of flames and things that are combustible in flames.
I don't know who Mark Harmon is.

And I'm damn prepared to be shot down for it.
So what's been going on since I last tickled the keys of this beloved little keyboard in hopes of sending words your way?

Blame Rasik for telling me a shoot a message.
Interested at all in a Line 6 Vetta HD?
Definitely get the UX2, that way you can record the mix in stereo.
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We need more Vox.
To be honest the guitar I got all of my experience from is my Ibanez so i guess maybe my view of large is distorted.
I like flat radius fretboards and long scale lengths but thickness always didn't matter much to me. I play my guitar necks classical style and I have a thumb join that makes a 90 degree angle and the joint rests dead center on the middle of the back of the neck.
It gets some really interesting looks at shows and the first jam session with a new friend.
But yeah, the point of all of that was that I think that the thickness isn't what turned me off as much as just the general feel of the fretboard and scale length.
I hate how just about every gibson play too, I think it really depends on what type of necks you have grown up with.
Quote by Raijouta
Schecter C-1+ are great guitars.

In my personal opinion, bad necks.
I like big necks on some guitars just as much as, if not more than, the next guy but the gloss on those necks and the general feel of the fretboards just make me go bleh.
I just never likes the feel of those guitars in general.

Possibly look into an Ibanez Jetking?
Rasik, you should know that I'm being sarcastic.
Your songs are always amazing you don't need praise, you need to make more and get a drummer.
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New track up on the profile...

Have a look.
It's recorded using a sony mic straight into the PC.

It's absolute shit.
Just like anything else you've ever made.

I'll go check it out now!
I fund my gear by telling bad jokes and pretending I'm serious.
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I would like to clear the air here and get to know some of the knowledgable players here, that was my intention. I did not come here to just dump on anyone and I haven't. They have been busy dumping on me.

I have been on other sites and my threads were highy read and the new players were picking up a lot from my info. Over 2000 readers dig the info and not once was I attacked, if someone has a problem with a topic we go into it deeper. I did not start with the names here, they did.

I am just trying to share, apparently some just wait for someone to say anything to jump up and and claim them wrong like they are an idiot. Granted the vast majority of "guitar players" seem to be really dense and lost, not an insult just an observation, been on youtube lately??? I thought hey why not toss out some real info, must be some out there like me who would have loved to have an experienced person say what they learned.
Are all teachers arrogant, are all writers arrogant, what if we are? Humans are a moronic species, stone the heretic.

Several were actually teaming up on me, for what, ...their points were a matter of not comprehending the points I made, changing them and calling the sources I mentioned just yada sources are if you do not wish to believe me. In the debate background I came from one had to support claims as a burden of proof.

I'll I have stated are factual issues about cables, power supplies and the human ear verses frequency limitations.

I think the secret is say nothing of any substance lest one offend someone who does not know. So what is this board for, anytime the "moderators" don't like what you have to say they kill your threads or call you names, as I have offended the grand high pooba (my God man you cannot know more than anyone else how arrogant, so what, I did not claim to be a kiss up patronizing phony knownothing). I ran a lot of debate boards in my days debating, not once did I delete or kill someone because of their attempts to explain or defend themselves. That is arrogant and pretentious not to mention unfair and really childish.

Right from the start here, I was attacked, called names and claimed wrong about issues that are simply electrical theory. I offered sources of reliable info on the subject other than myself to prove points. How is that wrong? One moderator attacked me because he got upset I asked what high gain dist pedal is everyone using or likes. After a lot of cool comments and pedal mentions he comes out of nowhere not understanding what I mean by high gain and complaining that gain is not distortion. Really, I offered any google search of amps, tube or pedals using gain as distortion, or perhaps look at my guitar pedals does the gain knob on the Satchurator make it cleaner?

Here I was wrong or arrogant but not the guy who was wrong and was arrogant with every sense of pretentious egoism that was ungrounded. Come on fellow tone freaks, allow me to post something of substance on issues. I have taught a lot of young players a lot of tips that took me years and years to learn. If you want to comment fine or have a conflict fine but what is with insulting me as I am not what I seem to be.

I was a writer and a many decade debater of heated arguments, if you openly state I am wrpng when it is a matter of circuit electronics, I mean really I am supposed to just accept such opinions and no one ever learns a thing??? I got pissed at the gain guy insulting me when the entire guitar realm uses the word gain as distortion. I mean really, everyone on the thread knew what it was about, it was going along fine. Chuckles killed the thread, now that is arrogant by definition. A real WFT moment.

I stated true by pass pedals do not daisy chain well on power supplies (ref Mike Fuller of Fulltone) they get ground loops, hum and noise and that one can use more mA current on a pedal than it needs BUT not less, I was called wrong. That is simply a false opinion over facts.

I offered anyone to email Mike Fuller of Fulltone whose techs have talked to me back and forth about problems with power supplies and ground loop noise, hum and popping. Being arrogant again, how dare I mention a noted source. I was taught and for many decades to support claims with facts not opinions. There is a truth about things beyond opinion.

I love guitar, I love tone and I am a pedal addicted freak. I am passionate about it. I have learned a lot for long time and I have spoken in depth to many pedal manufacturers, if that is arrogant than maybe it is a sustainable attitude.

Don't hate me because I am pretty. I simply know things, I speak of them because I know what I am talking about, I was insulting no one, just stating issues about cables and power supplies. I was a published writer, I write what can I say, I never claimed I was a perfect God, maybe I am arrogant in the eyes of those who cannot stand someone talking about an issue. The gain guy killed my thread so far like three of them, for what, actually saying something and defending myself with outside sources of proof.

Apparently the ones who have been here a long time or have control over this board are extremely egotistical and presumptiously arrogant themselves. Hence the Freudian reversal insults. I am many thing, but I know what I know, I am sorry I have decades of playing, jamming and teaching. Does one rant in school their teachers are arrogant and you should keep it low and toned down and not really make a point. I would not want to go to that school.

I enjoy a good argument and do not expect me to become stupid to passify the status quo. No one knows who I am yet to attack me as if I am wrong or do not know what I am talking about. I assure you false pretention is not what I am about. How would any of you know I cannot play circles around you or have been using all manner of effect boards for decades, You just assume no one can speak but you or dare offend your egos. The information was directed at no one it was simply factual info being tossed out there and all I get is I am arrogant for knowing something.

So that is that. As Zappa used to say "shut up and play your guitar" which I did today and I came up with questions I want to ask about where and why players place their pedals.

Quote by Sguit
I don't remember who talked about (I think it was Forsak)
Anyway I found this:
The concerned person will understand

SON OF A ****.

Forsakn always trys to take the good odd pedals from me
I can no longer say that I don't understand why Nick used to set his pedals on a table.
Because I've started doing it a bit lately.
It really helps you get a feel for pedals when you just buy them and are getting used to them.
I've been getting crazy effects combos.
I should probably write some of these settings down, it gets pretty nuts.

Messy too, just like Nick

Plus it keeps space on the floor for walking.


You glorious twat!
I never said you were.
But you are obviously in favor of the USA but against all things that make up America.
You are a hypocrite and I applaud you on your ignorance.

Good Day Sir
Everything that is America came from somewhere else.
Democracy, war, cultures, and religious freedom.

You are a hypocritical and mindless troll and I applaud you on your ignorance.

Good Day Sir.
Opinions on a band name.

Nurse, Come Quick!
Genre: mathjazzrockmetalnoisepostambientexperimentalistprogpunk

This is my Bass pedal board.

And that is my Guitar pedalboard.
My laney is the 100 watter
Clean this thing rocks the ****ing house down.
Plus one of my favorite bass tones is Les Claypool so I'll be adding a bit of edge to the bass.

Here is my new bass pedal rig.

The laney has a nice enough reverb tank for my bass playing and there is this nice Traynor 810 for about $100 at MGR.

By turning the laney into a head I will now have stereo cabinets in my guitar setup, a tube bass setup that is loud as shit, and I can move on getting a Fender Rhodes.

I might sell 2 guitars to get that cabinet....

Google you Foolgle.

EDIT: My vetta and a bass cabinet.
EDIT2: Until I can afford to get a separate head for the bass.
I might use the laney into a Bass Cab once I replace the tubes.
It has really really nice low end.