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@ darthteet:

Those are my exact thoughts towards creationists. To deny the evidence and criticize these scientists who are FAR more deserving of credit than any and all creationists, is simply insulting. You are basically calling them liars, and calling their life's work a complete nonsensical waste.

Creationists are in a nut shell saying "**** you and your life's work, even though I didn't look at it."

If there is one thing in this world I cannot stand, it's ignorance. These creationists are the greatest example of ignorance that I can think of. They are too afraid to question their own beliefs, they are simply too scared to imagine a world different than the little fairy tale wonderland they have created in their heads.

I believe it was Voltaire who said, "God is a comedian performing to an audience to afraid to laugh."

THANK YOU. i should copypasta that and print it and stick it in the bibiles next time im at a church (especially a mormon church)
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Spleen is definitely NOT a vestigal organ


but people can live without it so.. what is it O_o
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Just one argument- vestigal organs.

I'm not saying the creationist argument is right but what is the evolutionary argument for these?

if by vestigial organs you mean organs we can live with out, tonsils are used when you're a kid. when u got sick, they'd take the bullet and get sick so u dont and ur immune system can learn how to fight the sickness.

your appendix was once used when humans ate very little meat and it would filter out some weaker poisons or things that got past your liver or weren't destroyed by your bile

and the spleen does... something lol
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Maybe what I should have said is that there are holes in the WAY it's TAUGHT, not the theory.

I mean, I was taught the theory of evolution in school and my teacher didn't even talk about the genetics.

Peut etre je pourrais dire que il y a des problemes avec le façon d'enseignement, pas l'idee de l'évolution.

Par exemple, quand j'ai été enseigné l'évolution, mon prof de biologie ne mentionnait jamais les génétiques.

Probablement ma confusion sur l'évolution a des origines avec mon prof!

quit it with the french please
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Garr, the French is getting on my nerves. I end up reading everything Fassa says twice.
Plus it's relly pretentious looking.

Also, it reminds me of the time I spent an entire hour chatting up a french chick, in french, only to have her boyfriend come over and sit beside her. Girls with boyfriends should be forced to have forehead tattoos saying so.

yeah.. or a big bright red sticker... on their ass so u know before you touch.
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So Fassa, you mentioned earlier that you examined the evidence for evolution and discovered that there were to many holes in the currently accepted theory and so turned back to creationism. What were those holes?

Also, I'm still drunk and looking for some 90's dance/ibiza/clubland classics. Any got any recommendations?

read over your posts. and eat a lemon.

it wont help, it will be fun though
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Things could start getting long to read if I can understand both the languages you're posting...

im canadian, so, sadly, i can understand what she says... so i spend too much time reading fassa's posts
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Yeah man - "It is a gift of paradise to be saved from a mistake"

Which only happens sometimes when you commit the mistake in the first place and learn so that you don't repeat it

making said mistake multiple times?
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You believe wrong.

A - lack of
Theism-belief in god(s)
gnosticism- knowledge

atheism- lack of belief in god(s)
agnosticism- lack of knowledge (in this case, pertaining to a god)

Agnosticism is not a belief, rather it qualifies a belief.

Agnostic Atheist- does not believe in a god, but he doesn't know for sure
Agnostic Theist- believes in god(s), but doesn't know for sure

Ah. i am corrected. Thank you and sorry for the confusion.
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What about ancient Greece? One of the most cultured, democratic and advanced civilisations in the world, yet among the most faithful to religion.

Et la Grèce ancienne? Un des civilisations les plus advancees du monde, mais la plus fidele a la religion.

they were polytheists. therefore, the greeks could believe in/worship any of their gods they wanted, so while the may have been the most religous, they were probably the most divided
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Not necessarily. It is only the lack of belief in such gods.

If one goes so far as to deny the possibility they are

1. Morons
2. Strong atheists, aka morons.

i believe when you say "lack of belief" you are describing agnosticism.
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Like I said before, I don't believe there is a difference between secularism and atheism.

Comme j'ai dit deja, je crois pas que il y a un difference entre le secularisme et l'athéisme.

Secularism is the beleif that church and state should be seperate.
Atheism is the total denial/rejection of the possiblility of a god or gods
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Well, it looks like Herman Li has won another thread.

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ok guys... how do i "print a screen" to a "file?
mmkay i made one but how do i get it to paint?

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first, before entering, bring provisions, i.e pot noodles

Also bring a washburn or b.c. rich bass, venom sg, and a gibson/epiphone or whatever makes the flying v, yeah, flying v, apropriate amps, picks, patchcords etc.

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Sorry, no trades.

is it still for sale?

i might be interested...

By US only do u mean only for sale in the states or in US dollars?
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I keep telling myself its over,
I keep telling myself shes moved on now i have to.

why can't i get her out of my head?

I could be going out to the bar tonight but instead i have decided to stay home and be depressed. What the f.uck is wrong with me? Why can't i move on?

Don't give up an oppourtunity to have a drink.

Second: When you go there talk to people!

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^^ most michelle is in french...
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You need to find someone new, leave them to their relationship. Finding that new person will get her off your mind. If their relationship does start to go wrong, you need to leave them to solve their problems, don't get involved. If he does anything bad to her, they have to sort it out, and vice versa.

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