Anyone hear the preview of all the songs? They all sound equally strong imo. This is gonna be a great record
I didn't think it was too calm, but I think the production sort of prevented it from being the best STS record possibly made. Songs are well written, and they're very dynamic, but something about the watered down and dryish sound from the mix made it less energetic and enjoyable. Jamie King makes hella tight mixes and it just really fits the vibe for what they're going for. If this record turns out amazing then I wouldn't be surprised if the guys stuck with him for a couple more records.
I downloaded the full song an hour ago. It's a HUGE step up for them. I enjoyed the Collective, but this has so much more energy and power to it compared to everything they've released.
Scale the Summit instrumentally, sound similar to DT, but have no vocals. Enjoy
I'd say so. Act 2 isn't a bad place to start either. Although Migrant, imo, sounds more like the Acts than the Color Spectrum
I actually feel like live his voice has changed quite a bit recently. When I saw them do stuff like Ants of the Sky and Prequel to the Sequel he was doing all these different accents with his voice and such during certain sections, such as during the "Pleasant cry for help" part he changed his timbre just a tiny bit. It was cool to hear him change it up a bit. It sort of varies in subtle ways
Oh, I sort of stood on the side with my friend. I thought a couple songs from Russian Circles were slightly repetitive after the 1st song. But when they did Death Rides A Horse (Only song I know by them) as their last song, I thought that was great.
Russian Circles were sweet. BTBAM was phenomenal. Coheed rocked it and the light show was epic
Yup, be there half an hour before doors and I believe 15 minutes before doors they start letting you in
I hope its better than the Hunter. Wasn't all too happy with it. The songs were meh. They haven't done anything that's really blown my mind since Crack the Skye. I hope they experiment again.
Ever thought they might need the money to help promote the record aka travel money for touring, creating merchandise for tour and then trying to earn a living off of the record/tour?
Can't find a good site for the leak :/ unless someone could kindly pm me, that'd be wonderful. (Don't worry I made the whole pre order in August so the definitely have my money lol)

Edit: Heard Gravity's Union. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk. We have a new 2113 gentlemen
I'm gonna guess the $25-$40 range
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Hello everyone. Brand new BtBaM fan here. I listened to Alaska years ago and hated it. Decided to give them another chance just because I knew I would have to hear them support Coheed in their tour coming up. Listened to Parallax II, and it flipped my opinion 100%.

I still don't like their older work, but everything from Colors on I just simply cannot get enough of. I think that The Great Misdirect is by far their best album as a whole, followed close by or tied with Parallax II. Both are absolutely incredible. Colors is amazing as well, but some of it doesn't stand out to me much. Hypersleep Dialogues is okay, only Lunar Wilderness stands out to me.

I'm really, really stoked to see them live now though. I'm going to be very disappointed if they don't play Fossil Genera, but they probably will. It seems like it's a live staple.

I would absolutely love to see Silent Flight Parliament live, but I realize that's not very likely. I also hope to see Lay Your Ghosts to Rest and Bloom (assuming that Astral Body is pretty much guaranteed to be played).

EDIT: Would love to see Disease, Injury, Madness as well. Kind of sucks that their songs are so long, and they only have a limited time to play. I definitely want to see them headline something where I know they'll have more time.

I like your avatar, I'm pretty stoked myself to finally see Coheed and BTBAM tour it up together. As far as playing songs live, there's a good chance you'll see DIM. They play it all the time. However I recently asked Dustie on his fan page about their set for this upcoming tour. He said they won't do the whole record, but a good chunk of it. But at some point the whole thing will happen. Crossing fingers for Silent Flight Parliament too man
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The thing about Traced is that it's not really particularly progressive. There are some odd time signatures here and there, besides that, it's not doing anything new so much as they are doing old things exceptionally well.

Also, I don't follow the BTBAM comparison at all. Cynic and BTBAM are definitely trying to achieve very different things with their sound (our own respective opinions regarding their success in that endeavor aside) and besides both artists listening to jazz, there aren't a lot of parallels to be drawn.

You think they aren't progressive because they don't change time signatures too often?
Guys I talked to Dustie on his fan page today. They won't play all of Future Sequence on the Coheed tour but they will play "a good bit of it"
E'erybody love and shit.
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'Croakies And Boatshoes' sounds like Technical Deathcore. I never could stand that song, just seemed like technical br00tz for the sake of it.

I feel like that was just them ****ing around
It has? Hell, I'm not complaining but is there a source anywhere that says that? I'm psyched if that's the case
Really hoping these guys get at least just enough time to do all of the new album on the Coheed tour. Think they will?
Aaaand as soon as this gets moved to the metal forum we have arguments already lol
'Bout time Haxprocess got put in there
Froggin' all day, eery day
If Coheed can get Between the Buried and Me to tour with them then THA could be possible
I wouldn't be surprised if the states got a late summer tour afterwards. Who knows. This lineup is perfect though so no complaints
Lol back in middle school I saw Coheed open for Slipknot and well...they didn't get the best response. I wonder if that will be the same way for Coheed+ BTBAM fans. As much as I love both of them, I just see BTBAM stealing the show
Boston date. There.
I hope they have a long enough set to play all of Future Sequence. But It's ok I love both bands with a burning passion
Who else is gonna chill and listen to Coheed's discography while we get the giant ass storm up here in the northeast? Meeeeeeeeee
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It was the Berklee Cafe in Raleigh, North Carolina lol. Escher and his band, Wings Denied, played a show there. You dudes should check out Wings Denied if you're into stuff like Tesseract. Their vocalist is awesome and they were really good live.

That's pretty funny, dude But yeah, that show was definitely a lot of fun. I'd like to play more there.

Like what I'm hearing, thanks for the recommendation!
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edit: oh wait, you're Zach? Yeah, we met (briefly) when we played that show with Aether Realm at the Berklee. I just put all of this together. SUP DUDE

Y'all go to Berklee?
Shit, this looks so much cooler with both albums at once rather than just Ascension. They should have just released both at once. MAJOR cocktease
I think he's been far more consistent over the past couple years compared to those Neverender shows where it seemed like his voice cracked quite a bit or he had to scream a lyric rather than actually sing it at the correct pitch
I'd pay mucho dinero for that tour to happen
I checked out Junius. Someone on the last page posted something about a tour with them sounds more realistic than a Coheed tour. Junius are great! It's like the Smiths and Neurosis combined into one awesome group. I could also see the Contortionist on the bill too
Voices From the Fuselage is badass. Kind of starting to like them over TesseracT, but that will probably change once Tess put out album 2
Getting a little frustrated with the deluxe preorders
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I like most of that as a theory. I also believe that "The Black Mask" in Melting City is either a third character (maybe a bounter hunter sent by the Owls?) OR the name of both prospects when they're fused together. I have no real clue, but I am slowly getting a theory in place. Slowly.

I think it's Prospect 2 disguised since he's the one trying to do the work of the night owls and destroy everything, so he's placing the box in the room
A little early for this, but maybe this will be the last of the many lengthy epic BTBAM compositions? They already stated this is what they have been trying to do for a while, so when it's time for the next album, they'll clearly do something different since they've stated they don't like repeating themselves. Anyone else see them taking the really awesome proggyness and condensing them into shorter songs (even if its between 5-7 minutes)?
Someone for the love of god, tab Melting City