Yeah, sorry about not being too specific.
Yeah, windows 7 64-bit.

I have tried that, but it didn't do anything, i did try to install a previous version (4.2 -> 4.0.2) wich worked brilliantly though.
Asked the people at IK Multimedia about the issue and they said that it's on their end, pretty much.

Thanks for the reply, sir!
Whenever i try to go into Amplitube and setup my Audiobox iOne, the program freezes/crashes.
I know that both Amplitube and my iOne works just fine, iOne direct gives a signal.

Amplitube 4 -> Settings -> Audio MIDI setup -> Clicking anything here freezes/crashes Amplitube.

I can't really give you much else due to the fact that i have no fucking idea what's going on.

No i do not have the Asio4All drivers installed, only the ones for the Audiobox ione.
Quote by diabolical
^ Mixcraft doesn't have the same feel as Logic or S1 by long stretch. It is budget software but you can use it.
Also - there's free Tracktion T5 as well:

Wait for S1 upgrades - sign up to their newsletter, they run specials all the time. I have the full S1 and so far it has been the best DAW I've used. I am still on v. 2 as I haven't needed to upgrade but got my S1 v.3 upgrade for under $100 around Christmas last year.

Good points on the sales and such.
Quote by CorrosionMedia
Mr.Muppio I'd highly suggest either just using Reaper, or giving Mixcraft a try. 
Mixcraft's fairly cheap at $89 (with the top version with loads of bundled VSTs $179), has a 14 day trial, and has a similar kind of feel to Studio One and Logic IMO. Oh, and EZDrummer (and any other third party VST) works pretty flawlessly even in the trial.

I kinda like it.

I appreciate the tips, thank you.
I'm new to this so i'll be fumbling in the dark for a bit :-)
Quote by the chemist
Well, first you need the full version of Studio One as it's the only version that supports 3rd party VSTs (or you can buy the option in SO3 Artist).

From there it's as simple as telling SO3 where to find your VSTs. There's a section in your preferences/options to set folder locations for VSTs.

Thought it might be something like that.
Yeah, i'm on SO3 Artist, got the software with the Presonus Audiocard.
Guess i'll have to wait even longer to make horrible music then :-)
Thanks for the reply.
I've been allover the internet and not found a single answer for this one:
How in the hell do i make it so that i can use sofware like EZDrummer 2 and Amplitube together with Studio One 3?

Thanks in advance!

Oh i'm on windows 7 64-bit, if that helps any?
I'll have to give those a look, appreciate the tip!
Since i haven't been able to play these pedals myself and the fact that there's not videos showing some of the pedals in great detail, i'm now taking to the UG forums for assistance.
Any of you have any experience with any of the pedals?
I'm looking for that sort of Stoner/Doom, Electric Wizzard/Type O Negative style.
Even though the 'Sludge Hammer' is ~$200, i'm trying to stick to $150 as a mazimum.
Tips are very much welcome.
I appreciate all the replies.
Yeah, that site is real strange.
Appreciate the answer, thank you!
A "RARE" Rickenbacker 4001 from 1974 for roughly $1000, am i right in thinking something not quite as it should?
Ibanez may have what you are looking for: Ibanez SRC6
It's amazingly fun to play, for those who like that low tone but still want to pull of chords.
Was about the mention Eastwood aswell, i've never tried one though.
Hallmark is also a option.
A good instrument is easily repaired.
My reasons for changing the pickguard on a regular fender p bass is cause i want to know how it's done, that's it really. I'd like to learn how to replace parts on it.
So i'm better of buying a regular fender and switching the pickguard around?
Has anyone actually gotten their hands on one of these?
It's tempting to buy one, but i don't know the quality of it yet.
Ideas and thoughts?
Thanks for all the response.
Hello there forum folks!
Quick question here:
Are the Lemmy Kilmister Dunlop Strings good?
Thinking about putting them on my Eagle RKB.
Quote by Offworld92
Let's get down to the basics for a minute. Do you want a Floyd Rose, or a fixed bridge?

Are you willing to go used?

Where are you located? (Markets and prices fluctuate quite a bit throughout the world.)

#1. Floyds ain't too important, doesn't matter if it has it or not really.
#2. Depends on the quality of the used item ofcourse. Other than that, sure.
#3. I'm located in sweden.
Quote by Vittu0666
What's your price range?

Around $700-$800.
Thanks for the responces!
So i'm making the leap to a 7-string finally and i really like flying-v guitars.
I found 2 that looks sweet

#1. BC Rich JRV 7

#2. ESP LTD V-307

I've never had any experience with these 2 brands (i know of them though obviously) so i thought of asking you all here for any wise & sage like advice you may have.
Butterscotch blonde with a black pickguard or Purple with a white pickgurd and gold hardware.
Yeah, that's what i figured aswell.
Thanks for the info.
I have found a dude who sells his white ESP explorer for about $350.
To me that seems to be WAY to low for a ESP, even if it's used.

That's the one.
I wanted to ask if anyone thinks that it really is real or fake, because $350 for a ESP seems strange to me.

Thanks in advance!
I've always wanted a explorer shaped guitar, and now i can finally afford a Gibson explorer.
I'm thinking of either a Black & White Gibson explorer or the Vampire blood moon (cheesy name i know).
I've never had the chance to play either one of these so i'm asking if you guys/girls have any experience with these guitars?
Commando followed by some Rambo 4....yea i like mindless shooters :-)
Hello people of UG!
I'm thinking of trying to build myself a bass stack, but i don't really know how. Anything specific i need to keep in mind?
Any tips you guys and/or girls can provide are appreciated
I dunno, i always liked 'Alone again'.
My character in Fallout 3 is maxed out in all the firearms to 100...but i still only get about 25-40% chance to hit the target in V.A.T.S with any point blank range!
Why does this happen and how can i fix it? I have installed patches and drivers and whatever else i can install.
I was just wondering if any of you could please recomend a internet place that sells ALOT of patches like Kiss, maiden, pantera and so on.
I'm specificly looking for a kiss backpatch.

PS. Don't just say "google it ffs"
Sweet, thanks alot!
I've started buying stuff from Thomann, and i really like it.
I did however get a small dent on my guitar when i got it, but everything was intact.
Considering it's shipped from germany i was kinda expecting it
How do i make it so i can record xbox360 footage on my PC?
I have never ever attempted this before.

PS. I already know i need a cable to connect em....that's about all i know.
What's the difference between a Precision bass & Jazz bass?