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I like the Pod its great for practicing and recording stuff like this, definitely wouldn't take it over my Lonestar and Pedalboard but it has its place.

Edit: I just listened to your stuff man, I'm really digging it some cool creative stuff. Great quality too man did you do it in a studio or just at home?

Thanks for checking it out bro! i have a "home studio"
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Thanks alot man. I'm at work now but I'll take a look at your page when I'm home!
Really appreciate the comments

cool bro thanks!
i have done all my songs with pod farm and i love it! specially the big bottom amp sim. i got some of my tunes linked in my signature check them out and "like" the page while youre there!
hey dude! this is sick as f***!!! i agree with the drums being a little weak but still! check out my signature for the link to my page and check out the song called Mr.Perro Aguayo you might dig it!
everything sounds great!!...except the snare..imho of course..i think its alittle too boomy and a bit less verb would be nice..but everything sound amazing dude! check out my solo music project, i would love to work on something with ya!
sounds great! good playing too..i wish it had drums it would sound sick! Q! how do you like the hd500? check out my tunes(link on signature)
dude!! this is truly great! i got lost for a moment..thanks for sharing this!! if you have a facebook link me up dude..and if you hava time check me out on fb and "like" my page link on my sig.
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if you've got a email address you can pm me or whatever then Ill send some high res versions
if your sending them to a printers i'm assuming they will need to be .pdf's
also if you want any specific colours or any other changes just let me know,
hope you like them.

This is sick! hey hemos if you have a chance can you try something out for my music project? plz Analog Woman
Omg dude your song is sick!!!! im following you on fb now, get in touch with me i would love to work on something with ya dude! and thanks! im glad you dig my tune. and thanks for downloading it and tell your friends im sure gonna let mine know about you!
if you need any tips on tone let me know!
Thanks alot bro! im glad you dig it. im using line 6 pod farm and im using the big bottom amp sim.
Check out my new track for my new music project
"like" it on FB and Download the track for free!

Analog Woman

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thanks dude! im checking out yalls stuff right now and its pretty sick!
you can download the track for free here >>
thanks alot dude!
cool! give me a shout if you need any help...and you can contact me at
its really alot of things..mixing helps the dynamics of the song also effects and mastering...dont use audacity..use reaper reaper has vst's that come with the program which imo are excellent tools. if you need mixing or mastering i can help you out send me the wav files and ill mix them and master for free.(win-win..i practice you get a nice sounding song)
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If you really know how to set up and tweak a signal chain you can get incredible tones out of Pod Farm. I recently downloaded an ENGL style patch and it sounded incredible. It is worth getting the Metal add on pack and taking the time to find good tones. Most people "myself included" slam pod farm as soon as they try out a few of the presets that come with it, but once you learn to use the overdrive and EQ pedals you'll soon get closer to a realistic tone. What kind of pick ups are in the Ibanez???

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DAW: Reaper (Free)
Interface: Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 ($122-149)
Assuming you don't have quality mics for your amps, I'd suggest the POD so you have their amp sims with Pod Farm and the XLR for vocals or amp micing in the future.

This!!!! dude if your serious about recording your work you need to spend money on it....why is there always pple that want to get "decent" sound for no costs? if you want a good tone you need a good interface,guitar,amp. i started with the toneport and reaper and they are great tools to get you started.
all i can say is experiment, and try as many times as you can and take notes..youll find the positions that sounds best.and dont be discourage because of what you have make the best of it. use reaper as a daw its really good and extremely cheap for what it does. good luck! my friends band. they recorded in my home studio check them out and add them!FB And Myspace!
keep at it dude. nobody starts of playing fusion licks!
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SWEET! I love the stars and ink stains are excellent!

Just one thing to make it perfect is if you could make the n's in "an" and "audience" to a different font, the first time I looked at it I didn't even notice it was there on the "an". It looks like it fits into the background. I like the "d" though, it's different and I knew it was there

Anyway it looks amazing, let me know if you can make these changes and thank you!

Edit: Something like the "Killer Ants" font on this site would probably look good:

It's a kind of bold font that was etched out a little or maybe had some different colored paint splattered over it, haha yeah, so if you could find a font similar to that it would be great

Also one more thing that I noticed is if you could, can you make the A in "Audience" a capital letter?

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Wow this is a perfect thread

I have been having a lot of trouble finding an artist for my band logo, and when I found a great one I realized he couldn't make the style I was looking for. If anybody can help me here I would really appreciate it!

Our band name is Request an Audience, and we are a punk rock band, I would love the logo to show our punk style

The colors we would like are silver and black, and maybe some white. I am not quite sure if I want something complex or simple... whatever you think would be better

The band Rise Against is a big influence on us, I don't know if that would help you get an idea, but we like their symbol of the fist in the heart with the arrows. It is hard to think of something like that though... If you could I would be really impressed

Anyway thank you, I'm sure any examples you guys can give would be a great help!

let me know if you like it..i have the large version.
wow u guys are actually really cool sounding! i really dig the downtempo/doom stuff! i added yall on myspace!
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We all love it!!
Thank you sir!
we really appreciate it.

We actually might contact you about that layout.
We are about to do a photo shoot so we can get pictures for the layout.

But, Thanks again

Cool dudes! Pm your email address so i can email yall the large version of it.
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It's a little busy, but I love space, so I got carried away. I can make it simpler or change the band name size/position if you want. Message me for changes or for full size.

that looks really cool dude!
Ok, I'll make this short n sweet, cause I'm sure this will be easy for anyone here

Band Name: Flaming Youth
Genre: Stoner Rock

hope you dig! PM for the full version
this is really good! very nice melodies but the mixing could be better..the guitars sound low on the mix they need to be more in your face i think..but other then that its great!
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OVERLOOKED X 1,305,424,668,361,009

"Name: Hospital Farm
Genre: Techno/(soon with singing)
Influences: 3Oh!3(Not my favorite band, but this is what we're/I'm aiming for), Daft Punk
What I'm looking for: Right now, I run Hospital Farm by myself. But soon(very soon), I'll have a crew of 4(2 programers, 2 singers and helpers). What is included on my band page( )Surgery, is just a preview and I would quite like to keep the album art I have on there for now. But as we develope, I would like to invest in a deeper image. Can you help Forum Page?
Gear : Computer"

hope you like it....i make backgrounds cheap too
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Band Name: Our Friends Fall Silent
Genre: Metalcore
Influences: Confide, Whitechapel, The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, Attack Attack, Attila, Emmure, For Today, We Came As Romans
Colors: Any Colors will do really.

We are very open minded to any logo type honestly. It is up to the creator, If you think a jagged grindcore logo would be good for us, that is fine. If you think a softer looking one will be better, that is fine also. This is complete freedom to the designer. Feel free to use any images you wish. We are Very open minded with everything, we just want something that will express us, and show who we are. This logo will most likely end up on some merch (stickers, decals, ect.)

Link to our page:

thank you


let me know if you like it! i also got some pretty cool backgrounds for $10! message me for the full size version!
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Thank you for listening, you have given me some useful and encouraging feedback, and i am all too aware of the base drum problem. I am using the Nashville kit from ezdrummer, and im finding it very difficult to get the kick through the mix. Do you have any ideas on how to get it heard? I tried increasing the EQ at 300-400Hz (not that i know what im doing there). But its a little too much on the ears. Thank you for your time, if you liked the black metal melody i have a song you would drool over, unfortunately i cant record it until i find a good lead guitarist. But one day it will be ready.

PS i also listened to your band and i really dug it, id love to download the album/ep/demo to add to my archive if you have it on the web for free. I'm a big fan of progressive music and i believe even at first listen you make the kinda music that makes me tick, may i ask what equipment you used to record?

im writing as im listening to it
rhythm guitars sound too wet..maybe a little less reverb, bass drums can be a little bit up they almost get lost in the mix, nice ambiance change, the black metal theme you got going its nice but it sounds like it needs some more of dist guitars up front..very nice melody..again i wish the double bass was more present..overall nice song dude..thats what i heard on the first listen, no weird noises great job!
get a mxl 990..great mic fro the price! and youll def hear the diff in how your voice sounds.
very nice! im really diggin it , very nice melodies and solid rhythms.