inb4 i cum blood....stairway...?
Okay so in Palm Bay, Florida (a few miles away from my town) there is a crazy guy going around starting fires, and it's dry as **** down here and we haven't had rain in months. Hundreds of houses are being destroyed, including those of some of my good friends. There have been reports that it's a man who drives a black sedan, and anyone who finds out who he is gets a $10,000 reward, so I am keeping my eyes peeled for a black sedan.
i read this thread.
yea my man from florida! i love margaritaville come monday cheeseburger in paradise and all the other good ones.
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Really now?

yes i found out the hard way
Fire is dangerous. I know from experience.

One time (about a year ago) me and my friend decided to fill up a wine bottle with gasoline and light it and throw it and make our own little molotov cocktail behind my house. I lit it, threw it, then it didn't blow up, so my friend went to go pick it up, then fire started spraying out like crazy all over my legs and arms. I was on fire for a good 45 seconds, until he put the fire out and saved my life. I spent a three weeks in the hospital and five weeks out of school. (And no, I didn't get burned "down there" thank God)

Anyways, thats my worst experience with fire. What's yours?
i have never eaten in my life. i think food tastes disgusting. i'm all about kool aid and welch's grape juice.
i live right by naples. its gay. anywhere else in florida besides naples and the keys is good.
dont rat him out let him do what he wants weed isnt harmful
if it has a good tune, its rock
someone who got caught on fire. -im burning for you
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oh your funny.....asswhole i wont play your lyric games anymore then

...reminds me of myself when i was a noob. YOU PHAIL
A thread about Neg's urban sports!

If you've never seen or heard of Neg's Urban sports here's one called "Urban Bowling"

and here's "Urban Rodeo"

They are all over youtube
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...dead bunny
idk frenchy. i say neither
dude u cant dance to rock. as sh*tty as rap music is, its all girls with dance to if u wanna grind with them (increasing your chances to score). i love rock, but if you bring the cd, youll ruin the party.
i warned for a posting in a reported thread after like 30 people already did
wat a slut. kick his ass
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I'm pretty sure the Farfetched card (original 150 ftw) said they had become rare because people liked to eat them. With onions.

he always looked delicious
can you cook charmander? i mean hes always on fire anyways and lives like that. and do pokemon even die? i thought they just faint and if i was eating pokemon meat i would want it be dead so my grilled pickachu wont electricute me when i try to eat it
a good guitarist would be like steve vai. a bad guitarist would be like billie joe armstrong.
i wanna **** you in the ass
Carol won't jack off without goatse
dr cox gets annoying with his rants but i dont really watch house so cox
the flaming homos!!! or the bunnies
ill tell u my chill playlist:

one love
three little birds
come monday
have you ever seen the rain
bad fish
red red wine
change the world
what i got
baby i love your way (ub40 version but frampton works too)
two tickets to paradise
under the bridge
fake id
change the world-eric clapton
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a competition for whose video on youtube posted by them has the most views. ill start

it has 21,000 views
its not the fact of whether or not people can play his songs. the actual skill it takes to play his songs is not difficult. the reason jimi is known as the best guitarist is because he started a new style of rock that has influenced many famous guitarists we listen to today.
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Someone on Jemsite told me wht they were for.

They are a Convenient storage unit for Kiwis seriously, try it. youll never need to use plastic boxes to store small green balls again.

its one of those things like on steve vai's guitar that is like a handle cut into the guitar
What's the point of them? Or is there no point and they just look cool?
learn the language of the bees, earn their trust, and breed with their women, and over time, your differences will be forgotten