That is one sexy guitar.
Go to the article about swine flu and read the comments. It's hilarious that people are that stupid.
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People say i look like Axl Rose.....

Anyway, when you sing, it's you singing. No unique voices, or other peoples voices. Just you.

And if you're going to be playing with other people, then you'll want to get the drum kit and mic.

No you don't, you're Jessica Alba.
Before you take my opinion into account, please note that, for me, the best part of Oblivion was doing the side-quests, the guilds and doing my own thing, which was usually wiping out each person in the game, town by town. I also really liked thievery. I never even completed the main quest, it was far too boring.

Fallout 3 is, for me, not as good as Oblivion. Oblivion had much more re-playability, a better (and far prettier) game world, more diverse and exciting weapons and armour and a happy feel about it. You could spend the entire game making a legitimate living, if you wanted to. It also had horses that meant you had a bit more speed.
Also, magic was really ****ing awesome.
Fallout was just a bit boring and serious. You could get a side-quest from every other character in Oblivion.
I'm off to download it again...
Lower than Tom Morello, higher than Matt Bellamy.
EDIT: Only slightly higher, mind.
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It follows along the Anime.

And this version has a lot more pokemon. You can even evolve the into the 4th gen (D/P) Although at this point wild 2/3rd(G/S/R/Sap) gen pokemon are rare or not in the game yet.

You do not have to trade for trade evolutions, they happen by level.

Shiney pokemon ar quite common as well.

3 new types have been added.

New moves, type changes, leveling ,and more have changed.

Read the OP and check out our group for a FAQ>

I read the op, but not the group.
Sorry to be stupid and whatnot, but I just started my adventure (!) and was wondering what the general plot outline is, and what are the differences to R/B?

EDIT: I'm also pretty sure I just came across a shiny before you can get any pokeballs. Is this any more common in these games?
Harry Potter and the Deus ex Machina.
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There you go.
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1. Set all controls to 10
2. Wait for the cat to scratch it
3. D5
Problem solved

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*audacity pic*

Cheap shoop is cheap.

What, he stole five seconds of silence?
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It looks suspiciously like something from Newgrounds.

The entire site looks suspiciously like something from Newgrounds.
Calendar sounds good, useful and rather easy to implement.
Make it smexy plz kthxbai.
Quote by slickerthnsleek you mean shoop?


Sure, if you want to get technical.
From this thread and the front page.

Photoshop away!

Here's one from PETERFKNPARKER:
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Flowy albums and the like.
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Like this?

Yes, but with a better theme and OS .
It would, of course, be optional.
Isn't the point of StumbleUpon to find cool stuff? That's like having a conversation with somebody about what conversation you should have.
They should put him as a fixed background on the forums as well.
City of Delusion - Muse!
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Why is that kid smiling? He is about to get a broken nose.
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No because movies are a whole.

Songs are usually seperated on an album unless your listening to some Dream Theater 40 minuite extravaganza.

And I don't like movies that have bad scenes.

Or a decent band.
On my computer I have about 1000 that I actually listen to. I can't physically download any more because both my iPod and computer have ran out of space but I have about 40 more albums that aren't ripped.

EDIT: I also believe that I have deleted around 750 songs from my library.
Why so many ambiguous penis threads?
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Is it just me or are they using the Rock Band font?

Or are Rock Band using the Zimbabwe font?

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I've been there.
I voted for both.
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That's not funny, it's sad that people can be so close-minded.
No Surprises is the best lullaby about suicide I have ever smiled to.
No Surprises is the only lullaby about suicide I have ever smiled to.
Oh, I see what they did there... any New Yorkers in this thread?


You are all gentlemen and scholars.

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Here guys, I posted this in the other thread. After much deliberate thinking I have to say that we shouldn't recognise. Please read this guys, I figured it all out finally. The point of The Grand Chessboard was that USoE should NOT have recognised to begin with. This is like a story guys! Matt's first twitter post was a clue! "To Recognise or to not recognise? That is the question, turn to the grand chessboard for advice". The Grand Chessboard tells us to not do it. When we worked with Ununited States, it was only Eurasia that worked on it, thats because Eurasia is the only part that works and supports the thing. As for America, in the US, they're opposed to the idea. The first part of United States of Eurasia is a Queen-Esque ballad which speaks of uniting, the beginning of the idea, and if America recognises it, thats all that we'll get. A song about how we united the thing, and everyone's happy. This will be a hard choice because America desperately wanted a part in this. But if we don't, The Resistance will move in. America opposes to it, there will be no United States of Eurasia, and that's where the Collateral Damage part will kick in, the anti-Eurasia movement, and which ends with a sound of a rocket launch. USoE is Part 1. Collateral Damage is USoE Part 2. Ofcourse! My final vote is, US should NOT recognise Eurasia.
The entire page is loaded in two tabs with both trying to play the song and I still can't hear anything. *refresh*. Grr.

I wonder if they might do a Prisoner's Dilemma for Eurasia and the rest of the world? With modern technology, unlikely, but still more fun than just popping 'CD' on the end.



TRIPLEEDIT: I recorded it. I'll upload in a minute.
One day I am going to write a Cannibal Corpse cover as a ballad.
I'll also make Smoke on The Water into a Death Metal song.
Your computer has AIDS. Get a virus scanner.
Why are you ONLY going to get an Ibanez if you evidently haven't tried as many as possibly in your price range? That sounds very counter-productive and like you are just after the image.
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Well, what can you do?

Can I? Ive got a quick sample a few posts up, and was a part of this when it first started.
I expect you meant to post a picture?
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Godwin's Law.