C'MON GUIZ lets be srs!

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               │    ▓▓  
  ╔══╗  ╔══╗ ▓▓▓
  ║▒▒║  ║▒▓█▓▓
  ║▒▒║  ║▓█▓▓
✈ ║▒▒║  ║▒▒║
  ║▒▒║  ║▒▒║
  ║▒▒║  ║▒▒║
  ║▒▒║  ║▒▒║
  ║▒▒║  ║▒▒║
  ║▒▒║  ║▒▒║
If this is against the rules I'll take it down.

Wht bt n vwls t ll?
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Whilst this is a plan I support I'm sorry bud but it shall fail to work. (I'm trying to continue not using Es in any of my posts)

You lose two points.
You mean the thread that already exists?
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Is it just me or does the guy in the bottom left caption look like our friend 'perfect pitch'?

EDIT: Id rather have him in my bathroom than porn. That way Id be pitch perfect and still have 20/20 vision.

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I like you.

His name is tit_grab. He knows about how hands work.
Because the world needs more lawsuits solved with standard form.
Mandy Moore is boner approved?
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I noticed that no one has said they can do some music...

We're on a music forum...

If no one else, I can certainly whip up a few tracks if need be.

I did. Multiple times. I got no response.
Awesome. Would parachuting work?

EDIT: self-
Unfortunately, no.
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Matt curses after being told to not curse in a live broadcast in a Mexican radio station. I find it insulting that they even had to ask him to not curse, I haven't heard a song by muse that they curse in. They obviously didn't do their research.
I'm the same height and age as OP. I weigh 3 stones less.

I suggest (with my limited knowledge) that you start eating only slightly less than you would need to stay at the same weight but make sure that what you do eat is healthy - it's no good being thin but terrible on the inside.
ALWAYS have breakfast.
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But you have to start somewhere. If you don't train with the weak teachers, you won't be experienced enough to train with the stronger ones.

But they'll have terrible natures!
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So Octomum has done porn now?
Matt's drumstick pose is incredible.
I require testing apparatus.
Et l'eau, c'est l'heure!
He is very thin and short and has a weird chin.
No, just look at Matt Bellamy.
I'd suffocate it with my penis.
The Man would win.
Rent her out.
It will be just fine.
The mixing on the album isn't that great, I suspect that means that the live shows will, once again, be much better.
Widespread ongoing starvation.
It's fine but I'm afraid that can't see it working.
What the hell, go for it.
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I love warning/banning people even more.

Some days I don't even eat. I live off of the misery of those I crush.

I think I love you.

Gee Whiz?
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You've ruined Twilight!

BRB, poaching elephants which, in recent history, have evolved shorter tusks because man killed them for ivory.

EDIT: Lawl, poll looks like penis.
Lady GaGa want's to ride UG's collective disco stick.
The Resistance.

Oh wait, that's awesome. Nevermind then.