Maybe TS just worded it badly. This would be an entirely legitimate thread with a different title.
Plug in Baby. Supermassive Black Hole. Hells Bells.
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What should I smoke?


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My birthday's January 2nd. yours is half a month after christmas. Mine's a week.

Mines December 28th. I win.
Catherine Zeta Jones.

Emmy Rossum or Anna Friel?
Tell them HG/SS leaked.

Or start new games & overwrite, lawl.
I'm not into gay porn.
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Both go to the same URL, dude. I'm willing to give up if you are



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Both links go to the same page, by the way.



Can't say I know anything else, but I though The Pit should know. Spooky.

That is all I will say.
You can watch porn!
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Hoorah.. more jobs for me when i graduate.

Seriously though... I am very pleased.

Same here.

Gotta love the Daily Mail.
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I know how the owners are in some serious problems but does that effect the torrents?

I have been trying to get the new Dream Theater album as i heard from a reliable source that it's amazing and i have tried many of the torrents but none of them seem to work and i'm a little lost on finding it because i've used all for like all my torrents for a while now.

I don't think it's my internet because all other downloads seem to work fine. If TPB is really is done for can anyone link me to a torrent/rapidshare/megaupload for the new album, preferably the 3 disc version. Thanks in advance.

As long as you can still download the torrents there is nothing wrong.
A geologist. A ****ing geologist.

Damn I was boring.
Definitely something very bittersweet by Radiohead.
Probably Motion Picture Soundtrack or No Surprises.
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*puts banana in fridge*

We shall see tomorrow!

Same here.
Oh the fun!
Get a scooter or something similar instead, the insurance will be far more than you could ever afford.
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as I said before. I have great tone. But what I'm asking is what will an equalizer REALLY do for my sound. More distortion or overdrive/gain but still tone?

U gonna be flamed.
Brits DO use the metric system.
EDIT: Apart from length, of course.
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For guitars just find their serial numbers and write them down. For amp ugh, well, they're not that precious so write your name somewhere I guess.

Wait, what?
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I impressed some non guitarists by showing them my penis.

I think you mean 'amused'.
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I play mostly Alternative rock. Favorite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Silversun Pickups, Say Anything, and Queens of the Stone Age amongst others.

I personally want a guitar that sounds great with some distortion, especially fuzz, but also sound good clean. I really want to experiment with Shoegazy sounds too.

I hope that helps.

In case anyone wants to know my current guitar is:

I do like my guitar, it plays well, sounds good, and all, but I want a better quality one.

Tele .
I thought it was 9? My MIM is.
Batman Vs. Nickleback fight for the gravelly voice award.
I swear you people just copy this all of wikipedia. The internet shouldn't have smart people.
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im trying to become a metal guitarist and im learning how to sweep
i own a les paul
does this answer your question?

You can shred on an acoustic guitar, I'm thinking that you just want the image.
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haha. for real?? that doesn't really make you gay, necessarily... does it?

Let it all come out...
Edward Norton plays a very good insomniac madman.
Kind of like half of the pit.

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Evan Stone in Squirtgirl Vs Captain Cum.

You could call it a tow-truck?

I shot a man in his pee-pee.
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yeah that stuff they rub on your balls shrinks them to their smallest size. i had a benign lump probably too much fapping.

your name, this thread
I applaud your efforts. Your children will be gods amongst men.
They're useful when they aren't an inter-school competition to see who can design the most ****tarded thing imaginable. A school rather close to my own (which, ignoring all it's other blinding faults has a pretty nice uniform) makes the students look like bumble-bees. And they have to wear hats.

Not cool.
What, yet another ridiculous organisation touting claims that all non-vegan objects will be the result of dead, wonderfully manipulatively cute chicks?


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well plus side is that right now they're trying to synthesize synthetic meat which will be the same as any other meat. some of you will think 'NO NOT SAME.' well those of you who think that are retards...

it can be synthesized and i bet it'll be ****in good. meat will be one day made under controlled conditions. no madcow, or other diseases getting into the food supply (fpr the most part), same nutritional value (probably better) and they can control the fat etc and control how flavourful it will be.

if you wish to look it up i will refer you to this:

if you do not use google for moral or ethical reasons then go **** yourself

That will never catch on, people are far too ignorant.
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to answer what is fire:

its plasma.

if u could suk your own dik, would you?and would it be masterbation?

on a PS3 PSN is free and you can do updates off flash drives.


I'm sorry. I'm afraid I don't know.
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Do grins count?