What's that I see on the horizon? I do believe it's the most badass pick in THE WORLD.
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I think mabey becuase it s a degradeble product, and possibley over time the color will breakdown and prolly look like ****, since food coloring is ediable and all. I'ma just a sayen.

Perpetually spinning.
My penis is only 9.5 inches long.
No, I've spent all my life collecting the things and now have about a hundred quid, for emergencies only.
Amnesiac-era Radiohead.
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He only has one leg?

It's not his leg.
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If i were to start listening to classical music, where should i start?

You stole the words out of my mouth. Where, aficionados, should we begin our path to enlightenment?
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Dat funky dance.
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Shut the fuck up and get off the bandwagon.


Attack Attack! Still. I hope.

Defensive much?
That's an injoke at my school.
I am responsible.
**** yeah.
Dammit, you people have no sense of humour.
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Bedda remove that from you post or you'll be in as much trouble as the person you reported...

Sugar, I forgot about that one.

I just heard 'Kashmir' for the first time. I thought it was RATM. following this, I listened to 'Immigrant Song' after and was amazed: I thought Led Zep were more 'Stairway-ish' and less heavy.

Why did I not know of this prior?
A stagg strat-copy.

My new(er) one is my real baby though.
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*sigh* reported and whatnot.
That's not a problem, it's a feature.
Matthew Bellamy and a horse's arse.

Tell me, wise Americans of The Pit, how would you describe this man's ethinicity?
My anus is small.
But yours is so very large.
What the **** is that?
I once had a bitch bite my dick, relevant?
lol lol lol lol lol
I suggest you stop posting.
"I've fought Mudcrabs more fearsome than you!"

^Futurama, the neutral planet's leader.
He should OD on bullets and cyanide.
Eat less, run more, attract pussy.
In recent news, Thom Yorke was awarded the spoonerism award for 'shining wit'.

Oh how I adore Radiohead. Paranoid Android, There There and Just are my favourites this week.
I think a large portion of our perception of history is bias and untrue already. History, written by victors etcetera.
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I'm sure the mods are breathing easy knowing they have your permission.

Oh you!
I frequent: UG, Cracked, GamesRadar, The Escapist, TESnexus and the Muse website.
What blue_strat said.
This will not be a productive thread.
I can run that fast.
*player.setav speed 255*

A lighter, because I am 14 and fire is awesome.
See Bellamy, Matthew.
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No, but do it and we might well ban you. It's annoying and confusing.

Oh go on.

This thread brought attention to my crappy user title.