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I've always been wondering WHICH special characters, though... I tried the "blank" character people use on /b/ to bypass wordfilters (I forgot the altcode), but that didn't work =/

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your post made me stupider

Damn you to hell.
If you feel 'stupider' after watching something then that something must be pretty ****ing stupid.
And so the UK's plan unfolds...
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what happens when yu jizz while playing?

He creates a new trend in which 13 year olds cum to Herman Ri.
So same old stuff really.
I can play Smoke on the Water.
I think it's sad that a person in a 'free country' can't do what they want to their own bodies.
On legalisation, however, I'm somewhat indifferent.
When I was younger, I poured my heart and soul into Pokemon Crystal.
Last month I was raped by a wave of nostalgia so decided to play it again.

The battery ran out. My save was forever destroyed.
I cried that night.
I know someone who is 14 and acts like a raptor.
12 inches baby.
Oh, height, 5 foot 2 .
Oh wow.
I'd rather not.
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The porn industry was complaining the other day about how the average man/woman doesn't want long storylines and masses of foreplay. I have a solution to this: "Block-Pr0n". All the kids would be watching!

Answer the door wearing dark glasses. When they talk to you, wait a second, then say you are deaf. When they ask you how you heard the doorbell, say that you are deaf.

Ad infinitum.
You aren't allowed porn threads in this forum.
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The Spirals! They're in my head!

Damn right.
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My, that IS a stupid question, anybody who listens to FOB is quite obviously emo.

No they aren't.
You're very stupid and annoying, do you realise this?
Because **** you originality, I'll just copy 4chan.
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I was having a miserable day until I stumbled across this thread.
Thank you, Pit.

Not to be off-topic at all (lawl), but do you want to marry me?
We could have kids and call them 'OvenMinority' and 'Musicalman'.
Picture yourself in a board on a website,
With facepalming trolls and no girls at all.
DayTripper bans you, you BAAAW quite loudly,
'Cos all you did was post porn...
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It's color, you British half-wits.

It's colour, you talking, crab doctor.
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Because I was drunk last night and they were calling me soft.

You're hard, rock hard.
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Is that a smiley yet? Because it should be.

It should also be viewable on UG black.
It's colour, you American half-wits.
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there's a massive community behind it to help out.

also, the only thing i've ever done in terminal was copy and pasted commands from a website into it to install compiz XD
and that was only once, never touched the terminal since.

I would install Linux were it not for the fact that I have a penis and want to get it wet.
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The **** did you do to do that? Deleted essential folders/files?

It's a Mac.
Cocaine is a wonderful drug.
I'm gonna cancel my Amazon LP pre-order and get the box-set instead.


Who needs a GAS fund anyway? >.<
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I used to be someone on this website.

Another year, another disappointment.
You need another category, Ovenman's Seal of Approval.
I'm on a pole!
I'm on a pole!
Take a good, hard look at THE MOTHER****ING POLE!


I think that to myself every time I see this thread.
Attach a cheap, unlimited-text planned phone to the back with carpet tape ?
Is your brother a metaphor for men and 'playing guitar outside' a metaphor for anal sex?
OP wants gay incest. You dirty bar steward.
All (both) of my favourite bands are 14 plus. I'm 14.
*punches air*.
Unfortunately, they are either recording (not touring) or so unfairly popular they sell out all tickets as soon as they are put on sale.

The MEN arena doesn't exist according to Muse's staff.
Bands and Artists > Genre > Recommendation Thread(s).
One of them was evidently wrong but sounded awesome.
25/26, I feel stupid.
Index, ring and pinkie. I have small hands.
Bohemian Rhapsody.

EDIT: Sod that, Micro Cuts would be the shiz.