Train in high(er) altitudes?
I'm gonna write a review for this. Give me ten minutes...
Kickboxing > Tae Kwondo.
Proven fact.
Ah, good luck with that!
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I also got bitten by one othose little buggers, I got saturady night fever from it

EDIT: Can anybody else not see the picture?
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What? I haven't done anything warnable.

He's on a higher plane of thought in comparison to yourself, so left this argument. Think of it as intellectual osmosis.
Of course it isn't. I believe that The Lord will answer all our questions and problems.

What the guy with the red-face avatar with an awesome mustache said.
Sure, what the hell.


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good idea , i love the album, bit strange for a 16 year old:P

Even stranger for a 14 year old!
Celebrate the anniversary?
Can you cleanse me? I've been a very naughty boy!
This thread doesn't believe in opinion.
I throw it across the room in a huff and continue watching Loose bloody Women.
The rules in 'The Rules' do not have punishment unless said rule is really getting on Zappp's tits. Posting of the lol wut pear is exempt from this.
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I have a friend who sees every color slightly darker tinted than the "average" person sees it.

Tell him to take the bloody glasses off then.
He'd play a type of music everybody liked.
Neither exist.
Start writing a little bit.
Come back when you're done.
A watch that can control time!
Light, or the lack of it.
Recent in first and older memories in third.
I often think about this.
Listen to Kensai. He knows his ****.
And thus The Messiah 2, From Heaven with Love, was born.
Just some guy called 'Barack'.
Cool guy. Nice voice.
Kensai you are truly comedians!
Those are sexy shorts.
My pet is a Grizzly Bear. It likes teh br00tal metulz.
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Ah, right.

Clearly that person has not read the book, where, if I remember rightly, both Tyler and the protaganist die at the end.

I think it's up for interpretation. I read it as Jack waking in hospital, being delusional as to his surrounding environment and Tyler living on.
Quote by TheBurningFish
I think your safe in the ran around fighting with gangs during your sleep area.

And it probably means you're uncertain with what you want to do in life and are worried about how to achieve your goals, so you dreamt of this violent alter ego with a dominate personality that doesn't worry.

I think.

Edit: ^I fail to see the relevence there.

Read a couple of posts up. Something about a gun.
The point of Fight Club was that Tyler didn't die and fight club continued.
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Only if she could choose which of her urethra to use.

That changes nothing.
Quote by maXterbat0r
Because you should use thicker picks, you woman.

Aaaaannnndddd I honestly thought he was talking about strings until I read this.

Stupid Ovenman.
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Both. It's more efficient that way.

She could stand up to piss! Think of the possibilities!
1 warning means you can never be a Mod?
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These have gone from Demotivational to simply captioned...

They were never Demotivational.
Holy mother of God this is awesome. I wish I'd entered...
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They also need an Official Pictures Thread in the She Zone



And more... relaxed rules...
We NEED another She Zone.
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I'm also under the impression that the metric system is far superior to...whatever it is we Americans call ours.