*ascends into guitar heaven*

Also, **** Imperial.
This thread reminded me I've never made a productive thread.
I understand none of this.
Gotta love the hive-mind.
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I mean there are so many sigs out there, some worth and too many not.
I mean even that guy from Blink 182 has a Gibson LP Sig.

And dont mention Mick Thomson.

And dont even mention Dime.

Or Miley Cyrus.

So, what do you think?


(Lady GaGa comes to mind when i think about Fame xD)

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I think he's laughing at the fact that he thinks hes "intermediate" after one year.

By the way, Ovenman. Do I see new Muse referenced in that sig???

Twill be epic.

Damn right. I' reckon I'll get that lovely box-set, thoughts?
Paranoid Android is perfect for you, as it is for anyone in any dilemma plausible.
I really love that song.
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twitter is one of those things that needs to die in a fire.

So's ya mom! lolololol.

I'm kidding.
We don't have enough examples of people blinded by religion these days.

It sounds like it should work, haven't you already got enough to test?
So could you do multiple orders for a cheaper shipping fee?
That is very interesting, especially since I have been experimenting with my limited cables, pedals and connectors to try and create a similar effect.
Take it back to the shop and get a new one, either the same if you like it or another, 'better' one.
I seriously recommend you try out others if you haven't already.
Speaking of which, even as a Muse fanboy I think that 'Uprising' sounds too familiar.
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Nothing yet, still hoping more people join to help us out

What jobs do we still need?
I would pay 60p to not hear Coldplay.

No, wait, I actually would. 60p isn't a lot of money.
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*Hawt Chicks*

Oh you!
On a related, evil, copied side-note:

Have fun!
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It's my third today today without hand to gland combat.

Some of you may say I'm mad but I'm doing this as an experiment. I'm trying to go as long as possible without wanking to see how it affects my behaviour in the next couple of days.

It does however take a ****load of will power and every sight of a cute girl or boobs makes my pants immediately tight.

Has anyone attempted this before?
How long did you last?

I'm aiming for 2 weeks.

Never before.

Happy Birthday Mr. President!
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Looking for one, though.

Let's do this.
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I play sometimes. But I prefer six string, cause mah first guitar had six, and Zappp's guitar has six.

Have you got a band?
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no, because the mods own the site, so they make the rules

It's not the mods, it's those dirty Russians.
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And her brother, Perry

And his gay boyfriend, Fella Cho.
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*Wall of text.

Has Hugh Gee got a lady friend?

EDIT: And where are your fingers? How do you play guitar?
Imagine 4chan's replies...
That's a pretty awesome camera. Picture looks new.
Was it full of blood?
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My hero.
Would you happen to have an identical brother?
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Ill accept my prize in cash thanks

That certainly has more than one meaning.
Crazy bones. I had TWO sharkies!
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And this, of all things, makes me lose.
Supermassive Black Hole.