I should of mentioned that this was recorded on a phone in a live setting so yeah all live recording here guys. We usually get the track down rough before finish it so we can get a good idea of where were taking it 😊
Hi mate, thanks for the review of my track. I listened to so alive he is and what I can say is the vibe to this track is really cool it has that awesome 80s vibe that I love and hints of a bowie influence . It won't be everyones cup of tea but to a musician I can respect your hard work and efforts. Keep up the good tunes man
Thanks for reviewing my track dude. You're song reminds me of the early 00s and the music I used to listen to. Struggling to hear your lyrics but that's no issue as the melody is pretty cool. I really like the guitars in this too man, I find that they're recorded very well
Hi people, I'm the drummer from my band royal elephants and have just wrote this track for the band. It needs some extra work and some new lyrics in the verses as they're just repeated so far. Other than that critique away I will c4c
So I usually write my songs with a melody first because I find that the melody is one of the most important things in a song and the most memorable, but I find that I just back my songs with chords and would like to start adding riffs and new techniques in my songs. I don't know if this is a thing but is it possible to write a riff over a song that already has a melody and chords? Not sure if its a daft question... I've tried it over some of my songs and I feel that it kinda works if its not too messy. Is there other bands out there that do this or is it usually riff first then make a song
Can anyone give me some advice when trying to tab lead guitar.. is there any software out there that can help isolate lead parts? Im trying to work on "your love is my favourite band" by The Vaccines. But really struggling to hear little lead parts in the chorus as its pretty fast 😏 any help would be welcomed. Thank you.

Oh right, awesome! Do a lot of players use this technique?
Hi guys, so ive been practicing my tremolo picking and seems to be coming very slowly! I just wanted to ask about a technique ive been playing with because I find it easier to tremolo pick and switch strings. So instead of starting my tremo picking on a down pick, going from low E to high e ive been starting with an upstroke/up pick and i find it easier to go to the next string, is this a normal technique or is it a bad habit that will haunt my playing when I get better at tremolo picking?
Hi guys, am trying to learn this solo from one of kols old tracks the solo just stands out as awesome to me and would love to play it but having trouble with the tremolo picking at the start... are there any ways I can practice to get better at this? Solo stats at 1:35
Hi dude, I feel you passion for music! Thanks for the review on my song. I do think you need some work on your vocals to help the song flow better and also the drums they seem a little messy, But I can understand that cuz programming drums is a freaking nightmare! I like the tone of your heavey riffs and also the slow picking parts! Overall I think room for improvement but I does sound good
Hi mate, thanks for the review on my song/songs. I really like this it sounds nice and heavey! Would like to hear some vocals and melody over the top of it to get a real feel of your stlye! I feel the music its self has a lot of work put into and I can feel emotion from it so for that reason I really like it. Really good man!
Thanks for the replys! Ill have a listen to your guys tracks and give em a review 😎

Im just following some advice I found online. Was told once nitro base coat is on leave it to harden for a week. Then clear coat and leave it again for another week before wet sanding.. but yeah nitro laquer does have a melting phase, my clear coat will melt to my colour and then harden so then i can wet sand.
Hi guys, 2 songs to review here!

Me (the drummer) and the frontman both write seperatly for the band and then bring to practice to work on as a band. These two songs are prime examples of seperate work!

Take a listen and tell us what you think 😃

Thank you

Repainted it waiting 7 days for it to cure then am clear coating it 😁
Hi, so ive had to prime and colour my guitar again as i messed up the first time! My question is to anyone that has done this before... do i sand my colour coat, or do i clear coat and then sand? Am so confussed with this step.. i wet sanded my colour coat last time and had to start again as i went through the paint lol but my colour coat has orange peel effect going on now but looks really good! Will a clear coat and wet sand sort that out?

**Edit** I forgot to mention its nitrocellulous spray I am using!

Thats whe i was spraying so yeah ill probs sand it as it is and then spray again hopfully the colur will stick!
Ive not got any clear coat on it yet but not sure weather to sand it down to primer again to spray it surf green? Am very new to spraying so really unsure :/
Hi guys,

Has anyone got any tips on eliminating ground loop hum/crackles?

Im going through a Fender aby pedal to a line 6 spider 60w guitar amp, and then to a 150 bass amp, not 100% sure on brand of bass amp as its not mine but I can find out. From the aby to the bass i also go through an octave pedal for the bass. This really does sound amazing when it works but for some strange reason when changing amp effects we get ground loop hum and its so annoying! Sometimes if i do one amp at a time then bring the other one into power it can help but not all the time... any tips? Ive looked into getting the radial hotshot thats got a ground lift on it but dont have the cash for that yet so any tips with my cheaper fender aby would be appreciated
Hi guys, so ive been spraying a kit guitar surft green and came to start wet sanding today and unfortunatly on some of the edges where I thought there was plenty of paint its gone through to the primer I wasnt pressing hard just lightly and there I saw it, such a shame as i made the top almost like glass! Does this mean I have to do the whole thing again? Or is it possible if i buy some more spray to touch it up or will it look a mess?

Its indie/rock with a bit of blues in there. And maybe playing places with good pa systems that can mic us up and some that dont so a bit of both
Ahh okay thanks for the info. 🙂 ive been looking into an Orange crush 35rt.. says 35 watts would this be good enough to gig? Ive basicallly got 200 to spend on an amp.. any recommendation as i want one for gigging 😎

Thank you for the help 😁
Sorry if this question seems stupid but I am new to amps, Ive been given a Fender Frontman 25r 75w 230v-50Hz amp... what watt is the amp isnit 75watts? And good enough to use for gigs?
T00DEEPBLUE getting a bassist isnt an option atm were advertising but having no luck so its until we get one... so you say crank up the mids? Were newmto the whole amp and electric sound so what kinda settings do i crank up? Sorry if it sounds dumb but weve been an a acoustic driven band before now
Hi guys, am after some advice with getting a bigger/better sound from a guitar amp when playing live! We are a 3 peice band with one guitarist, synth and a drummer! We dont have a bassist. We want some advice with a getting a much bigger sound from the guitat to help fill out the sound so it doesnt sound as empty and tinny as we feel we just drown the guitar out when we play live and we struggle to hear when we are live as it doesnt cut through well. Were using an epiphone les paul so i know its not the greatest guitar in the world be we really need some help with this. We play indie/pop/rock with a hint of blues and rnb if that helps

Thanks in advance!!
Hey guys a song that I wrote for my band.. C4C, Its a rogugh live demo so not fully complete yet!
Hi, please check out my new song/demo. Its recorded live, I will C4C back!
Quote by AlanHB
I'm not sure what would be on the DVD past what is freely available elsewhere.

I've had some success building the popularity of bands on the local scene, and it's not really rocket science. Basically making a good band is a small part of it. Once you have that down it's all about promotion, and willing to dedicate cash towards promotion.

I'm happy to give specific tips if you like. Or at least, what has worked for me.

I would be happy to take some tips
Hi all, I've recently been looking into marketing my music, and I am always looking for new ways to reach out to new people turning them into fans. As most of you guys/gals will know on here that are in bands themselves, its difficult getting people to listen to your music never mind liking it or buying it.

I for one think that's to do with how many musicians there are... I feel as a musician trying to promote your music, we're all doing the same thing, and by the same thing I feel we are mostly promoting ourselves to each other, for example soundcloud, there are more musicians creating music on there than fans listening, and I know a lot of musicians don't really care about what the next guys doing so it kind of makes you feel no one cares about your music, not in all cases but I would say most.

I write music because I love doing it, it makes me happy. And I love the feeling of writing something that I like myself and that I would listen to even if I didn't write it(sounds strange, I know). So ask yourself this, would you like your music if you wasn't the one creating it ( I cant think of a better way of explaining this question lol)

Anyway, I've kind of gone of topic so back to it! What I want as a musician/band is to play bigger shows, get more fans, go on tour and all the stuff that comes with it... and truthfully I don't care about the money aspect of it, if I could eat, drink and have a roof over my head that's good for me.

I've done some research and came across this

Scam or legit? Not sure tbh, its really hard to tell, I cant find anything bad about it on the web anywhere, which makes it harder to make a decision on. I know this is more about marketing and selling your album which yes I would love to sell my album for the reason that someone likes my music enough to purchase it, but am more interested about getting those fans and getting people to the show etc..

What do you guys think about this? does it seem legit, or would you steer clear...
Pill Trove Peace is a great track man, I love that funky feeling bass and that drum beat gives off some hip-hop style vibes simple yet so effective. This kinda reminds me of streets of rage music, 2D side scroller, beat em up. I find the melody flows well throughout the track and I too dig the tone of the lead. This song definatly sets the tone for summer vibes! Great work man, I enjoyed it very much. If you havnt heard of streets of rage take a listen here man, what a game!
Hey all, Have a listen to my new demo, let me know what you think! I will C4C your track too
So I started lesson a few weeks ago now, the guy is a good guitarist and really, really knows his theory but that seems to be the only thing that he's teaching me, I told him that I am more interested in learning my guitar skills and techniques and I already have a small basic understanding of theory. but every time I ask something he always comes back with saying you need to know this and this to be able to do that etc... Am not sure am learning how to be better at guitar playing with this teacher, every time I ask a question he relates back to theory techniques. I've literally played the guitar in his lesson for about 2 minutes and listened to him talk the rest of the time. Is this the normal teaching process? or is he just trying to make out that I need to know all this theory to play guitar? Not sure what to do tbh... Any advice?
Looks good mate, I can see this being very useful
What are the most common Major/minors that work together well, for instance, a song I listen to goes like this Em, C, A, Am, Em. all in all 16 beats long. are there any other common ones like this. And what is the best approach at getting them to work together well?

I read this back and think it doesnt clearly state what am asking. The thing am asking is what other Chords like A,Am work together well. as in the same chord but Major/minor

Hey man, I had my first lesson last week after teaching myself for the last year but only seriously for the past 6 months-ish. It was okay, it was hard for me to know if the teacher was any good or not because I have no other teacher to compare him to. That's the trouble for beginners, people tell them to get a GOOD teacher but how do you know they are any good as a beginner because, I myself when I was a beginner would consider anyone putting chords together good.

Anyway so the teacher looked at my playing, and basically said to me that I am playing at a grade 5 level... No idea what that means tbh lol and he was going on about a lot of theory to me, I know that's part of the lessons but I am more interested in my technique and getting tips and progressing with that. The thing is after the lesson he never asked if I wanted to book in for another lesson... Not sure what to do but I know a lot of guitarist teach them selves like me, then get stuck and want to get better! But I think its all about finding the right teacher! Find the right teacher I think and you cant go wrong, that's also advice to myself! lol
Hey, thanks for the crit. This sounds very spaced themed and would work well in a game. I like the beat to the song it has bit of a funky feel to it. The best part for me is the keys melody before you go into the verse. I really enjoyed the musical side of this track
Thanks for the replys, from what most of you are saying deffinatly makes sense to me, so try and let the song breath, and take more of a minimilist approach with the rhythem and use some new voiceings for a change.. < I will attempt to implement these into the songs when playing with a full band from now on.

The kind of style I am aiming for is the likes of Calebs playing style in Kings of Leon (not musically, but the approach he has on it), I know there earlier stuff is lots of rhythem with bar chords, but as they grew as a band he takes a back seat but does play some good rhythem and singing at the same time, thats what I am all about

If anyone has more advice too, ill take it all on board
Hey man, I think this sounds pretty decent tbh. I just think it needs tightening up. The solo melody is very nice, it stands out well and is easy to hum along to but I would say tighten up This could work well in the right song for sure.

Review my song on at the link
Hey guys, so I write a lot of my music on an acoustic guitar and I am kind of taking acoustic songs to my band that I've written to play as a full band with electric guitars, bass etc..

To the people here that do the same thing, how do you change up your acoustic versions to make it work on electric and as an electric guitar style, because I see bands play tottaly different things when they do acoustic versions of their songs to when they play then as a band, Am just wondering what is the best approach to doing this?

This is an acoustic one of mine that I want to take to my band but I dont really want to be playing open chords all the time i wanna change it up and play down the neck more, any ideas?

Thanks for helping me out!