The song is played with the capo at the first fret i think.
Ahh, as stratman has said, it is Math Blaster, Been looking for this game for awhile now, gonna introduce my niece this game, Have so many good memories of playing this game! Thanks guys!
I need help finding a game, myself. I remember playing it at school in computer class, it was a math game. It is similar to a platformer game, all i remember is having to solve math equations to progress through the game. Does anybody know the name of this game? Im not sure when it was release but i remember playing it from 2000-2002.
Hey, there. Im looking for a singer, Preferably someone who can both scream and sing cleanly, and someone who knows there way around a DAW Program (I use reaper). The styles of my music are Metalcore and deathcore. If interested, send me a message. Thanks for your time.
Sold my 7 string schecter to get another guitar, but instead used the cash for bullshit. lol
Its not at all bad to have two of the same model, im also thinking of buying a second KE3 Jackson guitar, i want two cause i like how they sound and cause they feel the most comfortable to play, to me. I say go with it!
Hey i recently recorded one of my original songs, Take a listen and if you like, check out my other songs on my youtube channel. Also subscribe to my channel if you like the recordings! If you got some songs yourself, feel free to post a link in the comments section!

The link to the song is here
Hey, does anybody know what effect is used in the intro of "Make me wanna die" - The Pretty Reckless? Im gonna be recording a cover next week, and would like to use the same effect the band used!

Here is the link to the song -> Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless

And sorry in advance, if i posted this in the wrong forum.
Thanks guys, i was panicking cause i didnt know if the bit would be able to come out, thought i would have to install a new floyd rose. Thanks for the help guys! Cheers!
Hello, I got a question about the floyd rose, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, But as i was re-stringing my Jackson KE3, i was on the last string (High e) and as im tightening the string clamp screw (screw on the actual floyd rose, not the locking tuner's) on the floyd rose, it twists off! the bit peice came off and the actual part of the screw that screws in is still in there. If i took it into a guitar store, would a guitar tech be able to take off the stuck bit and replace the string clamp screw? Is this a simple repair? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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I checked two of your songs and tbh that's the issue with them. They're not badly written, everything seems to be in key, it just has every single metalcore cliché you would expect: 0-5-7-8 pattern, pedal riffs, sweep solos.
From what i checked there were no breakdowns, that's coo'. But yeah.

Thanks man, and yeah ive been trying to break out of that 0-5-7-8 pattern, your talking about. Thanks for your thoughts!
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No offense, but what's with all the generic metalcore lately here?

I dont know, i couldnt tell ya. lol and none taken, everybody has a different taste in music, and i respect that. haha
I have a few songs i've been working on, i would like to know what you think of them and how i can improve on each song. (P.S. Dont mind the song titles, i just gave them random titles so i would know which song is which and be forgiving about the drum tracks. .) Thanks for your time.
I Heard The Bugera Amp Already, The Amp Has So Much Gain, A Distortion Pedal Is Not Required And The Clean Sound Is Great, The Only Downfall To The Windsor Is The Single Channel Set-up, But Again This Can Be Easily Solved.
What Cabinet Speaker Would You Recommend With The Peavey Windsor Head?
Yea, I Heard Solid State Halfstacks Were Pretty Bad.
I Play Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Alternative And Classic Rock. My Budget Is $700 Or $800, And I Will Be Using It For Gigs And Jam Practice.
Ive Narrowed It Down To Three Amps:

The Peavey Windsor Halfstack $299.99 Head, $278.99 Cabinet Speaker.

The Bugera 6260 Halfstack $549.99 Head, $274.99 Cabinet Speaker.

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The Marshall MG Series MG100HFX Half Stack, $429.99 Head, $351.99 Cabinet Speaker.

What Do You Think Is The Best, Im Leaning Towards The Bugera Halfstack, Heard Some Mixed Reviews About The Peavey And Marshall Halfstack.

Thank You.