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kill dog

kill old lady

kill witnesses

kill cops

kill swat

kill armored vehicles

kill national guard

kill army

kill all bystanders

stay cool hunny bunny

holy fuck, ts lives in Liberty City?!

me must know how input cheat code!

otherwise, just tell her off, man. what's the worst she can do? be an angry old woman? call the cops? noise violations apply to the elderly as well.

be an adult, mate. shit.

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you still a busta CJ!

beat to it. San Andreas, though... definitely can get away with more shit there...
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The whole point of writing is to avoid cliché, and this is an attitude you should hold in your method as well as your product.

This is funny when you consider that you're attempting to write something original that you like and hopefully an audience of some sort will like as well. Because that's never been done before.

That being said, whatever boats your float, you know? Different strokes for different penises folks.

Also also, I like this thread, therefore I shall participate despite the fact that I haven't been on in months and months.

So now you're stuck with me. Again.
i put tacos, but honestly, i'd also kill for a chimichanga.
I always hated that guy.

But I love cats.

It's a stalemate.

Drink more. If you stay drunk, you don't get hung over.
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Omg Thats ****ing Hilarious, Can You Say It Again?

Do You Have Time?

I don't think he does.

The bean has probably been eaten by now.
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Or you could not take the advice of some random guy on the internet and think for yourself whether you want to or not...


Drugs are mandatory.

They make you a better human being.

It's a fact.
Alright, listened. It was decent. Liked the tune selection for the most part. but you need to work more build-ups for tension and get some good drops in there if you're going to do dubstep/dnb. Timing's a little off in a couple parts.

But it was okay. Keep working.
i'll listen, but try these threads instead. most pit users don't do a lot of electronic.

Ultimate Guitar Electronic Label

Techno and Dance--I know, it's great
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CoreysMonster for supreme dictator of the world.

welp, this is my vote.
pick up the sexy japanese owners/staff and have an orgy.

let's face it, all those japanese humans are good lookin'.
you'll be alright.

i got fired at twenty two too. shit sucks. but you'll be alright. just work it in to your resume and apply everywhere.

honestly don't know anyone now who hasn't gotten fired by twenty or so...

i think it's kind of the thing..
so meta.
comments are always nice, but not required.

i was hoping i was just really drunk when i saw that commercial.


well, it's the apocalypse. see y'all later when society has figured out electricity again.
wait until you actually have eight years under your belt, dude.

you'll have to be reeeaaalllyyy high to appreciate that shit.
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You bought one? :3


Ha! Feel your dreams squelch beneath my feet?!

Mostly because I don't have any money, nor a record player, and what's the use of a record if you can't play it or afford it?
I'll be waiting, Jay. And I'll cut you in half with my vinyl copy of Handwritten.
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**** you

Do you text your mother with those fingers?
Bad mod, Jay. Bad mod. Go home. But first unsticky this shit.
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I used to listen to these guys quite a bit, 8/10

Never heard of this guy until he came up here and played a show not long ago:

400/10. that was fantastic.
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*attempt at humor*

hey! my name's in that! cool!
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Fuck the sharks.

And Bettman.

boo to the first, hurrah to the second.

seriously. i just want to watch some ****ing hockey. is that so goddamn difficult, Bettman?
I redneckognize.

Do you?
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cry moar

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Wrong thread?

y r u guiz so meen?

i'd say it's good to be back, but we all know that's a lie.

I don't know why I still expect people to get smarter. Kids are just as dumb as ever. This is exactly why I wake up trying to kill myself every day.
all hail Patrick's triumphant return!

“George, would you hand me a trowel, please?” She held an arm out behind her, palm up, fingers opening and closing around an invisible handle as she waited. “George, please, a trowel. I need to move this dirt around, get it even. George!”

“I am sorry, Susan. But I cannot help but think that a hand rake would work much better in this situation.”

“Goddammit, George, will you just do as I say? For fuck’s sake.” She turned and scowled at him. George shrugged his shoulders and handed her a trowel.

“I am still of the opinion that-“

Susan stood up and walked around the flower bed, kneeling on the other side. “Seriously, George? Don’t you have something better to do? Like ****ing a wall socket or putting your hand in a tin opener?”

Shock streamed across his face. “Now Susan, there is no need for such-“

“I don’t give a flying fuck, you monotonous asshole! I don’t even want to fucking garden right now!” She wound up and threw the trowel at him. The point of its blade plunged into his chest, the earth that was held in its curve hit the rest of his body with tiny, hollow clunks.

“Susan.” George stared at her, then looked down at the trowel. He wrenched it free in a swift, easy movement. He held it out to her again. “Susan, gardening is supposed to be relaxing. You are not relaxed. Try going slowly and perhaps whistle a song that you know.”

“I don’t want to garden, George,” she said, her voice strangely thick. “I don’t want to do anything. I just want to die.”

“I know, Susan. But that is why I am here, so you do not die.” He put the trowel in her hand and turned to walk to the house.


“Yes, Susan?”

“I’m so lonely now.” Her face contorted.

“I know.”

“I just want him back.” Her eyes began to water and spill onto her face.

“I know.”


“Yes, Susan?”

“Thank you. I’m sorry.”

“It is okay, Susan.” His face flashed a smile. “You are going through a very difficult time. That is why I am here.”

“I’m sorry about your chestplate, too. I’ll buy you a new one in a week or so.”

“I can fix this one up for now. You should wait and spend the money on something you would like. It would make you a little happier.”


Susan knelt down again and began shifting soil around. George’s circuits quickly calculated her heart rate, temperature, and breathing rate. They sent a series of ones and zeroes to his central processor that her outburst had passed and she could be left alone for a while without supervision. He nodded, satisfied, and turned his hips towards the garage. He kept his main optics on Susan as she dug and tamped and poked the dirt like a small child, and whirred towards the garage and his recharge unit and repair kit.

beat that shit, yo. 497.
"Man, I fucking hate black people."

Realized I was the only white guy in the room.
Lol don't get me wrong, it's fantastic, I absolutely love it, but getting stuck and being a perfectionist at heart makes it quite difficult. I have written in giant letters on a few pieces of printer paper and stuck to the wall "Remember: It's a First Draft. It's Going to Suck Hard."

I don't have much of a plot, just a couple characters, about 6,000 words written and a bunch of scene ideas scattered here and there on scraps of napkins and shit, but it's hilariously fun. I think I might be starting to drive my girlfriend and roommates a little mad, especially because there's a large amount of wine and cigarette consumption coupled with gratuitous swearing
Big deal.

A couple IEDs and grenades and that thing is toast.


That's what you should yell when blowing up a police vehicle.
Fuck yeah, Santorum!

I support anyone Mustaine supports. No questions asked.
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viajantes do tempo = time travelers

Also: I -in the future- am reading what you -in the past- posted. You're not posting it from the future; you are in the past, your post happened before I read it.

Goddammit, you know I don't speak Mexican...

Is time travel always this confusing?

-Future halo43
I would just like to say that the daunting task of writing a novel is under way, and it fucking sucks.

But it's great. Especially when one of the fuck-I'm-so-frustrated-can-I-just-move-this-scene-along lines is "AND THEN EVERYONE WAS AWKWARD."

My chosen profession is awesome.

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Hello, Writer's Thread. I regret not being born as Tom Robbins. That is all.

Also this.
I was a hooker.

Best job I ever had.

I liked the outfit the most. I look fantastic in fishnets.
Well, seeing as I'm posting this in the future and it's you in the past reading it, I say fuck you to your whole theory.

You're an idiot. Go read more about time travel.

Goddammit, if Jake Gyllenhaal can time travel, anyone can.

Edit: Also, metal4eva, that's not time travel. That's immortality. Learn words please.
Yeah. He found out most of us are cunts. And not the fuckable kinda cunts. The shitty kind. Almost like assholes. But worse.
the first knot we learned in scouts
was the only knot we weren’t
supposed to know.

loop for charity,
thirteen circles for luck,
and through for the end.

thirty-seven boys
all learned how
to hang themselves
at ten years old.
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About the stupidest thing you've while wasted.

once i accidentally the whole thing. THE WHOLE THING.

i don't often, but when i do, it's intense.
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yes, it is. i'm not a fan of people from Cuntfaced Motherfuckonia.