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John Crichton,Wizard of Oz, of the Federation Starship SS Buttcrack. Pilot, have we sent the "Don't shoot, we're pathetic" transmission yet?

Oh my god

I definitely just heard that in character in my head

Well done, ZeG.
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If Tom Cruise would be jewish than he probably would have been circumsized.

The other ones were pretty good, but this is a winner.
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Halo sorry to disappoint but I already found that like 1500 posts ago



Fuck you guys, I got a big fucking suit thing that I ride around in and kill things with.

Plus, I get to fap all over hot chicks.

Life is good.

I guess it all depends on where you put the invisible hyphen, huh?

Stupid-ass hats. Stupid ass-hats.

The theme should be stupid ass-hats. Boom. We got a blockbusting bestseller right there...
You fucking English people and your stupid ass hats!
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Hey guys, I've been looking for a good book/book series to read and thought this would be the place to ask for a good recommendation. I'm mostly into fantasy but i can enjoy a good book of any genre. To give you an idea I just finished up Terry Goodkinds Sword Of Truth series, i liked the first three books but the rest really started to get preachy. I loved David Gemmells Troy series and Most things by Conn Iggulden. I tried to get into the Gardens Of The Moon series but it really didn't grip me.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated guys

The Shannara series by Terry Brooks. Read it or die.

The Belgariad, the Mallorean, the Elenium (and its follow up series I can't recall), are all good series by David Eddings. He and his wife wrote some books together as well. All good Fantasy/knight/magicy books.
Weekendish. Jimi's busy.

So, new theme discussion?

Rest, set... GO!
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We reject our earthly fires, gone are days of land empires
Lungs transform to take in water. Lungs and scales, we swim on and on

Do you have your instruments of pain?

Laser Beams?
Body Bag?
Ahoy thar, Sizzleby. S' thar sumtin wrong wi'ya, boy?

Argh-edit: Blast, Kensai, y' stupid Swedish pile-a shit.
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Got my underwater friends. Got my underwater underwater friends.
You're my very best friends let's all cheer!

This posts is dildos.

*beedly-deedly beedly-deedly beedly-deedly beedly-deedly beedly-deedly beedly-deedly*

Sokka should really have his fiery wang looked at...

I'll bet he stuck it in poor Appa or something

Dammit, Sokka! You've brought Mad Bison Disease reigning down upon humanity!!!
I suppose that in a general sense it's not that bad, but personally it's completely the opposite. I can understand that passion can stem from a single- and narrow-minded approach, but just because it can doesn't mean that it should always be like that.

I might just be the odd one out, but the more I learn about something, the more I study it and get to know it, the more it opens my mind and allows me to focus my passion more directly. I don't consider myself narrow-minded (although it's hard to see that in yourself), and I still have plenty of passion for the things that I like. By studying something and gaining that intimate perspective, I gain a greater knowledge on a larger spectrum, which allows for "specialization," if you will, of my passion.

Just me, though
Really chill and relaxing. Awesome pick, man. 8/10

Those are great, Corey.
Score. links will be supplied, and googledoc is in the works.

Edit: Alright, pm's sent, no rush, but let's try for at least before the end of the week. I realize y'all might be in school, so take your time.

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I think I keep telling you this, but I love you.

And great find, Jay. I knew something was up with that guy...
Landed on this cute a FUCK pic of Momo from some deviantart person... I hope they don't mind...
A little over an hour left, anyone who hasn't gotten it in, hurry the hell up.

Also, still in need of another judge.

@Severed: I'll pm you the links in a bit when I have everything compiled and the googledoc up.
I've been trying to decide on an Avatar avy...

Who/what should I use?
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Nope, but what will happen is that the students trying to set up this club will be harassed and ostracised completely as the student body blames them for no longer having their clubs.

What do you know, Irish boy? You don't even live here. Go back to your pubs (I approve) and room temp Guinness(I approve) and funny accents(I can't understand you) and horses (wat) and England hating (I approve) and potatoes (I approve) and shit (ew).
Texas is using psychology, guys.

By dis-allowing all extra-curricular groups, they'll force the homophobic majority of the student body to accept a GSA group without prejudice in order to get their own groups back.

Sometimes those Texans surprise me...
-Irvine Welsh writes dialogue like this, Patrick said.

Some people don't even indicate when dialogue begins, he added.
Last day to submit, y'all.

Also, I need at least 1 more judge.
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Yeah, I don't even know why, jetfuel said I was barned and I said I like barning then when I get back I was banned from it too, t'was a boring 3 days.

^61 episodes

Just thought I'd say this made me laugh
You got banned from FOTB?!

I honestly didn't know that was possible...
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Started my Avatar binge. Currently on episode 7

How many are there?



I've never actually counted...
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Didn't it snow in November?

Not that I know of. Maybe on Mt. Diablo or Mt. Hamilton. But not at sea level.
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Roseville Ca.
28.6 °F -2 °C

They mentioned snow here too, but it didn't happen. It just got cold.

But it's actually raining over in the East East East Bay (Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore), so it's possible...

I just think it'll be weird...
Your name always username always reminds me of Tanequil by Terry Brooks.

Plus you have a nice real name.

I like you
It's supposed to snow in the Bay Area soon (SF, Ca). Like, at sea level. That never happens.

I'm not talking about soft hail or any of that shit. I mean real snow.


You've taken on a very broken, halting style lately. It's, for lack of a better word, weird.

I really like the beginning, everything up to "(turtle shell" has a meaning, a real tangible feeling, something I felt and could grab onto. But after that, it's just not... Good. The only thing I like about it is how it looks. Other than that, I'm not sure what to think. I'd like to know what was going through your head as you wrote this to see if I can understand or if it'll just continue to be a weird and mystical Aaron thing.

So: First half is awesome, second half is weird, therefore you get 6 's out of 10.
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I was writing a court room dialogue piece. Cliche, I know.

Are you doing a "prosecution questioning a witness" kinda thing?

I think that would be pretty cool. I mean, if it's well written, you should do fine. I'm imagining a Twelve Angry Men screenplay style bit, which I read as a book. As long as there's a few little descriptive paragraphs in there somewhere, it could work well.
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How many words/pages for a first book?

I'm writting a novel, but it's looking more novella. I don't want to add to it for the sake of it, but I was wondering is there any sort of guidelines?

General guidelines

Flash fiction: 1-500 words
Short, short: 501-1,999 words
Short story: 2,000-7,499 words (though some magazines, ezines, etc. consider
4,999 the limit, instead of 7,499).
Novelettes: 7,500-24,999
Novellas: 25,000-49,999
Novels: 50,000 words and up (mainstream novels are almost always 80,000 words and up though)

But length really isn't important. Write the story, decide what to classify it after it's complete, edited, rewritten, edited, rewritten, edited, and finalized.
I'm partial to conversation, especially if it's good and entertaining.

I read a story recently called Surgeon-Barbers or something like that (it's in a book called Dislocation, a group of short stories from Irish writers from the last 20 years or so). It doesn't have quite as much as 90% dialogue, but it takes place between two men, one barber, one surgeon, and a barber chair. That's it. Other people flutter in and out, but it's mainly conversation and thoughts between those two people.

I guess what I'm saying (forgive the rambling, it's been one of those sleepless nights ) is that if you make the conversation interesting and intriguing and just plain good, I'd read a story about two people meeting in a coffee shop and talking. If it was 400 pages and was 400 good pages, I'd read it.