didn't bother reading any post other than the OP's.

but i'd imagine at least 100% of them say go to the fucking coffee shop, you cuntfaced motherfucker. jesus.
well that was anti-climactic.
Anansi Boys is really good, probably better than American Gods.

The Wheel of Time series was far too repetitive after book 4, got to book 6 and quit it.
This is bullshit. I can't watch it live in the States unless I pay forty bucks.

Goddamn money grubbin kiwi sons a bitches...
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Where's the poll option for "I'm too cool for the rest of these poll options"?

Whichever button you use to ban people.

In short, ban him for titters and diarrhea.
Go back to Facebook, hippy.
I quit all the time. I just love the little fuckers too much to leave them alone for too long.

Don't count me in, 'cause I gotta work this week and a wedding this weekend, and then lots of pages to write, and then beer to drink, and then the rest of my life ahead of me. I'm gonna need 'em.
How about the Dubliners? Pretty traditional, mostly old Irish tunes, and probably quite a few of their own, I'm sure. Or even the Pogues or the Tossers, although they're much more punk-speed traditional-instrument Celtic.
I lol'd hard, but how is this still open?
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Okay, so stories using dreams as plot device -- too cliche or can it still be done?

Quote by Harvey Swick

Quote by dann_blood
Sure. Everything's cliche, it's your job to either 1) make it original in some way or 2) write in a way that makes it original (ie character experience).

Question answered.

People have already overdone everything you want to write about; that's pretty much a fact. But you can still write about it and make it original and interesting. It just takes imagination and guts.
I couldn't care less, so I voted accordingly.
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IPv6 is interesting. It allows an IP address to theoretically be assigned to every cell- for everybody on the planet.

Does that include half-cells, like sperms?

Can they track my swimmies?!
The future doesn't exist yet. It's merely an idea or a hope, a possibility. Therefore, if it exists, it's no longer the future.

So, riding on that thought, we do not live in the future, we live in the present, since we don't have probabilities, we have realities.

In short, ridiculous thread.

Also, didn't watch the video. It's probably pron anyway.

This is pretty much all you ever think about, isn't it? How the government is constantly out to get you, monitoring every move, and creating new ways to make your life difficult, yeah?

Give it a rest, mate.
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There is one type of metal. Crap. Have a nice day.

Ah, it's Canadian Troll season, and I seem to have found a big one
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I work in a mine in Australia I am on about $110 000 a year.

Wait, I thought you killed people and ate children?

Man, times have changed...
I'll need to check you out on BeenVerified. I don't quite trust you. You might be one of them badguy types...
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Signature updated.

The fuck?

Oh shit. That's the stuff. I'll be, uh... busy... for a few minutes...


I was promised boobs at the beginning of this thread, and you have yet to deliver.

My vote stays with Jackal. At least he likes boobs and good beer
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I give beer and wenches.
(Invalid img)

Y'see, this plays to my needs. I think I vote the same as last year...
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First you're a shark fan, now you're into mushroom tits.

I feel like I don't even know you anymore.

I'm same as always, I just have new pants.
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Horseshit. She needs a pushup bra. Mine are naturally perky.

There's also the matter of vagina versus penis. And it's not that I don't like penis, especially your penis, but I like vagina just a little better.

Sorry, mate. Good luck, though
Yes, it's music. It's not always great, but there are a fair few good artists out there. Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Death Grips, Shad, cLOUDDEAD, and I'm sure there are more that I'm too lazy to type out.
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It's got all the qualities of music, but no one can seem to do it right. I try to respect it, and I've given it so many chances, but I just can't get into it.

It's because you're from Jersey.
Sorry, DB. I'm voting Ibanez. She has better boobs.
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I never really know what to make of this.

You don't know what to make of valuing a relationship?
Relationships center on trust.

Cheating breaks that trust.

Keeping it quiet destroys it.

Besides, if you truly cared about your relationship in the first place, you wouldn't cheat.
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I used to enjoy internet arguments. Of course, I'd choose my battles and only go in for something that I knew I could win. Happened often enough.

Then I became a mod, and all of a sudden, I'm not right because I'm right, I'm right because I'm an asshole mod who abuses his authority and is always right because I could ban you otherwise.

No fun anymore.

This, sans mod-dom.

Basically, I'm always right, and have to get Jet or Rev to ban you. It's okay, they love me.
Goddamn politicians, wasting our tax dollars on muffins and shit.

What the **** man. **** America.
I see aliens every day. That's what happens when you live in California.
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It taste bad cooked too.....

Do you truly enjoy hurting children so?
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But in Remember the Titans the school administration forces integration and over time everyone realizes that they're not so different from one another and that diversity can be rewarding.

Yeah, but they had Denzel. Who does the military have? Obama. See the difference?
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I think this is a really bad plan. Only democrats could have made it. If two guys in the army get involved it will really mess up their judgement in battle situations. The army is not about love, it is about killing bad guys. How can you do that if you are afraid that your gayfriend gets a bullet in the ass or worse.

Also what if one of these gay dudes is in love with a normal heterosexual soldier? They spend day and night together so trouble will come from this.

We also don't want aids to spread trough are ranks. How can we go to war if our soldiers are dying from a disease?

Only a black president could have come up with this.

Ha, better luck next time, mate. Try to be a little less obvious.

Pic semi-related.

I'll never reach 100,000. I don't even know how to say that number.
Quote by Kensai
100,000 on 29-11-3511

I have my doubts about being alive then, and if ultimate-guitar will still be around. Guitarplayers might've been replaced by robots, and guitars by robot guitars. Also, humanity will have been enslaved by robots.

You forgot the whole alien robot enslavement of our robots bit.
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Jack Daniel's should only ever be considered a prefix for "and coke".

Sigging for truths

But seriously. Jack is only for coke mixing. Sometimes Dr. Pepper if the mixer doesn't know better.
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The ending of The Mist. I watched that movie with my then girlfriend and on a scale of 1-10 I was absolutely stoked by that ending.

The end of The Mist is in my top ten best movie endings ever. It was so amazing. I haven't read the book yet, so I don't know if that's how he wrote it, but it struck me as the most Stephen King ending Stephen King could possibly write. It was just perfect.