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Add me to the Keystone Hate Fest, that stuff gives me headaches.

That's called a hangover, mate. That's what happens when you drink a lot and get dehydrated.

I can tolerate Bud and Coors, but Natural Ice and Keystone are pure piss in a can. Absolutely terrible.
I whip lots of ass. But I use whips, not tissue.
I once finished a whole Chinese. Best day of my life.
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Anyone else think that "Post-Chinese Coma" would be a good band name and/or song title?

Go for it, dude. That'd be awesome. I'd listen to that based on pure naming magnificence.
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Stereotype fail. The people you describe are posers who can play two powerchords on guitar through their shitty 10W amp and think that listening to Slipknot and Korn make them metalheads. Not the case... Oh how wrong you are. True metalheads are respectable people with a true passion for real metal.

I have a question...

If you only know two power chords...

Don't you know all power chords?
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Don't be of the gays.

Don't gay gay gay gay.
Finished Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Fantastic read. Wish I’d read American Gods first, but it’s only my second Gaiman book after Coraline; I swear I didn’t know.

Anyway, he’s wonderful, I have to read more of his work. He’s absolutely lovely and I just want to eat him and gain his powers.
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Is there a reason not to hate New Jersey?

I've met a couple cool people from Jersey. Didn't have annoying accents or anything.

But other than that, no. They're the hideous boil on America's ass, but they're not really noticeable over the rash of the South.
Drugs, mainly. Sex sometimes. A lot of soccer as well. And Dr. Pepper. And Death Grips.
Oh, I get it, we're supposed to vote for Synyster to fuck up the poll...

Not bad, TS. But needs more clarification.

What's up, son?
I see myself being older and still not giving a fuck.

Pretty good place to be, honestly.
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I have never heard of Eire before. Ever.

Ireland, dollface.
I watch Fox News. It's the most unbiased out of all news agencies.
We're still waiting on...

I don't actually know why we're still waiting...
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This thread lacks riotous pizazz.

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I need to be popular at my middle school. Should I wear sunglasses to lunch?

Not if you want to look like a tool.

Er... More of a tool.
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In my experience drunk people are super obnoxious to be around if you're sober.

They're easier to fight, though, so just act like you're drunk, bump into one, then beat the shit out of the asshole who over reacted because you bumped into them.

BOOM! Popularity.
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Everybody that posts in this thread is a ****in' homosexual. Who gives a flying ****? This site is for 13 year-olds.

Awwww you aren't popular, are you? Makes me tear up just thinking about your plight.

Piss off, ya cunt.
Suck everyone's dick.
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I sincerely don't give a ****.
About any of it.

Example of why things don't get any better.

And then you'll complain about things still being shit.

We really are amazing people...
I'm of the opinion that the stupid minority are more visible than the smarter majority, as well as somehow transmitting their stupidity via radiowaves to the politicians, who really don't need any more stupid than they already have.

We're intelligent, we just don't pay attention at all the wrong moments.
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*huge waste of time*

You must have absolutely nothing to do.
you lint licker!!!!

Cootie queen!
I was a hipster long before being a hipster was cool. And the hipsterness of this statement is hilarious because I'm completely serious.
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You didn't even remotely enjoy any of those?


I'm trying to tell you, Thrice isn't bad. I don't dislike them for any particular reason. Musicianship, songwriting, everything is there, and they are good. But not something I do or would listen to on a regular basis.
Clubbing babies made me feel happier than that

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But they haven't been remotely punk or metal since like 2003. And bros like shit like Emmure and Wiz Khalifa, I've seriously never met someone who loves Thrice that isn't rad as fuck

they're more or less Radiohead meets Refused

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...what lead you to that opinion?

Well, living in NorCal for one, bros run wild in the streets blasting Thrice and similar music, as well as all types of shit metal. They're not bad, by any means, I just tired of them quickly because I heard it all the time.

It's also a funky combo of punk and metal, which I'm sure has a name, that just grates on my ears after a while. Just not my thing.
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I still don't get why you don't like them ;_______________;

No reason, actually. Just not my thing. They come off as bro material and tryhards.
I was gonna say something about Thrice...

But I'm pretty sure I'd get a real ban then
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Ahhh good, good.

Give into your anger.
You foul baboon. You bleeding sore on a dog's hind. Thou art as warm and kindly as a Northerly wind, and thy kiss is as sweet as a hornet's sting.

You dim witted troll of a man. Go back to your mother's teat, you pompous ass.
Wow... Didn't see that coming...
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If he does I swear I'll do a three page Asuka dump

Do it.

Dare you.
My sides hurt from laughing so hard xD
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Long as I don't have to put up with the weird cat girl things, I should be around some.

Did you say cat girls?