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I could survive without ever hearing a country song ever again
submission bamp.

Should we set a stiff date for close?

teeheehee he said stiff...
I love all the defining of genres that's going on.

It makes me almost want to give a fuck about all those shit bands. I'm glad you guys care about something, because if you didn't, then who would?

I filmed your mom and I fucking last night.

That oughta be pretty horrific. You dad will hate it. You should watch it.
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we do have a 'writing' review section. where some regulars have done some critiquing of famous writing, giving background info, their opinions, recognizing the techniques used, etc. you can find it here. anyone can submit anything to go there. i'm not sure if that's along the lines of what y'all want?

I think that's pretty awesome. I didn't know it was there. And I'm ug-old. I know it's a "technique" thing, but maybe it should be brought to the main forum. I don't think most people dive that deep when they first get here, and that's a great resource that's not being taken advantage of.

I was going to rant about lackluster comments, such as "oh this is good, or beautiful, or it spoke to me" or what have you, but I'll keep it shorter. It really bothers me that no one picks at stuff much anymore. It's mostly the younger ones. But I always try to single out a part that I liked or didn't like and talk about it. Not many do that anymore. We had an idea a while ago about "leading by example," but that didn't (or hasn't, actually) really kick in or catch on. So... Yeah... Let's do something about that... I don't know how, I'm just annoyed about the couple of comments I received on the piece I just posted, and I've been seeing the same thing on nearly every post.

Semi-short rant: Completed.
John Darnielle, Justin Pierre, Charles Bukowski, Maynard James Keenan, Nicole Krauss, Isaac Asimov, Phillip K. Dick, Charles Manson (his work is amazing), the whole beat poet and new beat poet movement, the Weakerthans, Kristian Matsson, Colin Meloy, Death Cab For Cutie...

I could go on, but it's quite a lot longer and I'd be writing for hours. Pretty much everything I read or listen to has a way of changing the way I write ever so slightly.

The more you read, the more you can write.

And if you're not going to read, fuck off, you're a waste of space.
The blues.

Fuck modern music. I remove the blues, I remove everything that came after.

Nefarious evil-doing at maximum...

the Mountain Goats
Motion City Soundtrack

Or D.

the Decemberists
Death Cab For Cutie
Dead Kennedys
these words
they’re all
and i can’t breathe
or think
or move
and it rained for months
but they were the best months I’ve had
in years.
Don't, no reason to. You can feel silly if you like. But not stupid.
Refrain is fantastic. Not too keen on the rhyming (not ever keen on rhyming), but it's not forced very much, so it's alright, I suppose. I couldn't stop thinking of all the documentaries and movies I've seen on Vietnam. I don't know if that was what you were going for, but that's what I saw.

Overall, well done, mate.
no, i was joking, dude
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I was going to pick wintersky, but I saw he was already seconded. Also, I got two nominations.

i was talking about the other marsvolta <_<
The repetition of the "chorus" deal is rather boring and cliché. I enjoyed everything else besides that.

Also, the truth line, perhaps take a more metaphoric approach? I think you still want an internal rhyme there, so try noose, as both choking on the memories and undeniably present, as the truth is. Still a little iffy, but better than just truth.

Overall, well done, mate.
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I subscribe to Bear Grylls hair treatment regimen: Wash hair twice with piss, dry by mountain air.

Nothing works better.
I'm on my phone, that's all, but thanks anyway, Iz.
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I'm in.

I wish I could screencap your post in there
^that has to be one of the best didnt read gigs ever.

Also... That's pretty normal. People are idiots. C'est la vie.
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Does my mom count?

No, she likes me better.

Horsedick's mom favorited me.

I'm no one's favorite.
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I don't troll. If you weren't a janleven little shit, you'd know that.

Now piss off, youngun.
Nice to be back, thanks Dano. I'll be in and out fairly regularly now. Anyway, thanks for the negative. I see what you're talking about, even though I don't agree Linebreaks here are because it was only three sentences, and it bothered me how they looked when posted.

@Nil, thanks, man. It's actually 12-13 years old, seventh year referring to seventh year of school.

Also, make sure your kid learns the joys of sticks, dirt, and wagons. Simple entertainment and imagination are highly undervalued these days.
Cry - tears of joy when I was ****ing your mom.

Laugh - when I spooged on her face and some went up her nose.
Ha grand. The man who could do no wrong. It's a sweet sadness that we watch our dear mentor and hero fall from grace.
Canada sucks. Really. All you do is drink syrup, run around on ice, fuck moose, and complain that you get hated on.

Get a life, snoweater.
Aww man

I wanted to be your favorite
Banned because no party is fun unless you're hammered enough to slap people with your dick.

Edit: on second thought, I do that when I'm sober...
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Ts was so I figured why not?

Oh, alright then.

Ts, try apple flavored horse jizz shots from New Zealand. Supposedly those work great and don't taste too bad either.

Brutal, Cap'n

Don't worry about this then. We can take care of it, man.
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So... will you just get in touch with me when I'm needed?

Never judged before.

Sticky the thread, check up every few days, in about a week or so, we'll start complaining to Cap'n that we should close it, he'll hem and haw about it, then maybe a week after that, it'll close and you can judge.
Bananad. And peared. You'll make a nice fruit salad.
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Yeah, or spray paint.

Or antacids.

are we just naming random things or...?
I try never to talk about writing, mostly because I hate the questions people ask, but also because I hate automatically coming off as an arrogant asshole (which I am, but that's beside the point).

In the end, writing, being a writer or poet or novelist or whatever you want to call it, is really a personal thing. Showing your work to people as a means of validation is a necessary evil. But if you're writing to purely make money or be noticed and you don't work for a news or other media outlet, you're writing for the wrong reasons.

This is all opinion, of course, and everyone is entitled to their own, especially in the diverse area of "writing." I may not be a fan of overly flowery words and empty phrases, but if that's how you write, more power to you.

I will, however, exercise my privilege to tell you that you suck. And I'm always right.

(I do believe I forgot something, but I can't remember what...)

Amazing. You silly Kiwis.
I got to "food terrorists"

That's great, the cause, but Anon is just being silly. If they actually wanted to do something, they'd openly contest the law instead of being the children they are, hiding behind masks and letting other people rack up the arrest records.

Fucking idiots, the lot of 'em.
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Pee in his mouth so he learns to be a better person around you.

Thanks, I needed both the advice and a new sig. You're the best, babe.