Maybe you shouldn't be a cunt. Just because someone has a general dislike for their surroundings doesn't mean you get to be a cunt, you cunt.
Neti Pot.

/end thread
No. I avoid people. Life's easier the fewer people you know.
Got a huge sex vibe, not necessarily that it describes sex, but it puts forth that idea of a strong communion, either in discussion or in bed, where minds or beings are shared to the point of silence, when everything relaxes and slows down from all the excitement, all information ready to be processed, stored, and recalled at a later date.

I also like the long sentence I wrote for no reason.
Well done. First stanza, ants line, I felt was trying too hard. I get that little longings are annoying, like ants, but not in the moustache. That's too hipster. Skin would make more sense, personally.

The rest is wonderful. Simplicity of the words sets this apart from a lot of other stuff in S&L, using the easiest words and crafting the right ideas without choking in pretentious phrasings. Breath of fresh air.

Well done, mate
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Didn't the UN just declare that Internet access is a basic human right? It seems rather idiotic to ban him from all web access; it's not like he can't find children the "old fashioned way". And the authorities can install nanny-ware on the man's computers and monitor his Internet use. It's really not that difficult, and is much easier to enforce than a total ban.

"The old fashioned way"

Made me think of dialing a number from a payphone, "Hi, is this Rent-A-Child? I'd like two sevens and a three for this weekend please..."
We sat on the path, cutting it across, wrapped in plastic and grey under the stone outcropping, possibly used by tribes and wolves for ritualistic traditions. It was warped and worn into a step, almost a throne, by the rain and wind and snow and time. She smiled at me sideways, whispering "Do you think we'll ever go back again?"

"Back how?"

"To not in love."


"Will you miss me?"

"I'll try not to."

"Me too."

The stars glowed dimly through the clouds. We wrapped ourselves tighter, waiting for the passing of time to change us as well.

99, but check it just to make sure. I'm on my phone with no word counter.
banned because too late, you just made it
banned for being far too nice.



banned because well at least things haven't changed here...

I took a break, Andrea. An extended vacation, if you will. Somewhat of my own design, although it was mainly because I was pissed off at a few nameless people who were outright pricks for the sake of being outright pricks.

I could go on, but I should be banning...
banned because I said so. and my omnipotence will crush you.
^I usually can slam through books, but DFW gives me a lot of trouble for some reason.

Maybe it's the fact that his sentences and paragraphs are nine thousand miles long.

Anyway, finished The History of Love by Nicole Krauss recently, highly recommended. Really well written.
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Oh hai.

Usually Dylan is the one getting raped, it sounds like he has learned a lot from me.

i do believe he has. he's gotten pretty good at it, so i expect to learn great things from this thread.
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fuck you, i'll encourage whoever i want
Yeah, been here, done that, but I think he's really just lonely and needs a cuddlebuddy.

Sometimes he can be so cute :3
Dylan beat me up, called me a fagball, and dragged me into this thread.

At least he didn't rape me.

But I think that's coming soon...

i was hanging by my feet
from a tree branch
during the summer of my seventh year.

i hung there all day,
upside down,
and pretended i was walking on the sky.

when i fell and hit my head,
it dawned on me,
my feet were my wings and if i only knew how,

i would fly.
Bweez: Hey, fuck you guys, I couldn't care less about the damn series, I'm just hungry as fuck. Where's that damn sandwich... Here it is! Oh, a picture? Fuck that, I'm hungry. *munch*
I'd never win against Koh.

I can't keep a straight face for shit.
Daa fuuucckkk??

Gerrroout, slammed.
What I don't understand is why people outside of Philly even like the Phillies.

I mean, what's their draw these days? They have Halladay, a pretty good rotation, a few other good players, and could do well if the were like clockwork, but why pick them over any other team that has the same attributes?

And I'm saying this as a Californian who's seen far too many Philly fans pop up in the last year and a half or so...

Those bandwagoners are fucking everywhere...
You know...

I'd do so much better if it was "UG's Fantasy UEFA Cup"...

OMG LET'S ALL GO SUCK HIS DICK!!!!1!1one!!1eleven!!
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so i found out yesterday i've always been going to the ladies' restroom at the public library. i swear a worker once pointed me to it

Dude... That's brutal...

Are they not marked or what?

Also, when you found out, you should have whipped it out and pissed in the sink as a "Fuck the public library!" statement.
Happy Opening Day, everyone

I'm so excited
If you ever heard my mom's snore, you'd take that wisdom to heart. Old lady shakes the whole house...

Living at home again sucks

Damn you, dwindling job market!!!!
Bump noted, recieved, and fucked.

Damn... I haven't had a single good idea... Deadline stop mid April, Cap'n?
Nah, he tortured himself by watching it again.
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I like the movie only because I am in denial. Hopefully M. Night can redeem himself with the sequel.

Even if he is, I'd still nab Brian before you
Tha fuck, BD?

Don't do that, I drafted a solid team!
Best OmNomNom thread in a while.

Everyone I was going to vote for got picked, so I'm third-ing them all.

It's a response/hindsight look to Howl pt. 1, in a similar style, and Ginsberg kinda beats you over the head with his descriptions, so I kinda mirrored that, but perhaps I got a bit carried away

Anyway, thanks for reading
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You have the same name as my beard?!?!

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Seriously, if you could only do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be (job, hobby, whatever... just that's the only thing you can do besides eat bread, drink water, sleep/other essentials for being alive)?


I could do so much more if all I had to worry about is essential living. I despise money. It's probably the most useless human invention.

Whoever first said "Hey... I'll buy that shiny rock for three sea shells..." should be shot in the face.
I grow a wicked nice beard (see profile pic).

The only problem is I can't keep it because I'm getting a new job that involves interacting with people

I'll miss you, Fredrick

(yes, my beard's name is Fredrick)
I guess you're way older than me, but you seem the same as all the other little jerkoffs here.

That gives me hope for when I grow old
PM'd you references.

Thanks for reading. Hope they help
Ah, the first romance of the new thread.

How wonderful. Isn't it beautiful, guys? Absolutely amazing
The scratched out bit is an extraneous life update, which is explicitly mentioned as a no-no in the OP.

Edit: Here

-no whining

... Happy now?"

"Not quite. So what constitutes as spam? It's hard to tell what it really is sometimes."

"Well, anything that is unrelated to the topic at hand, anything that has been said before and received no response, anything that is inconsequential or could cause people to become annoyed. In other words, unless you have something to say that's a worthwhile conversation starter or encouraging, don't post it."
A shadow's shadow is a whisper with no discernible origin

Quite enjoyed, though I felt some of the linebreaks were off, as in they were longer sentences that may have done better staying whole than being diced up, but nothing that really detracts from this bit.

The repetition of that stanza is something I'm on the fence about. I'm not partial to repetition unless it's a fantastic section (which yours really wasn't), however if you were to take out either at this point, it would definitely impact negatively (which it would... terribly...).

I also think that a lot of questions are raised that could do with more explanation. Plus, the only one you really got to was answered with an I don't know, which leaves me wanting.

Kinda just sorta realized it's OTS, BUT THAT'S NO EXCUSE FOR LACKING AWESOME. Go practice and edit more to be more awesome. I expect an increase of 3 awesome units the next time I see you.