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Hey, can anyone recommend me any artists? I've been listening to Astral Projection and Infected Mushroom's older stuff lately and I'm looking for something similar to that



Also check out Shpongle, Hallucinogen, and Mr. Rogers (I actually met Mr. Rogers, he was so fucking cool, I got tons of production tips from him).
Good Lord, can anyone understand a single word this ruffian is spouting?

He's got quite the... Hmm... Underclass vernacular, I must say...
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Does anyone else find holocaust fiction just really... idk, simple? I just feel like playing the death camp card is a cheap way to play with peoples emotions. Maybe I'm just mad because I'm currently writing probably my 9001st paper about the holocaust for english class.

Wull thurrs yer prablum.
Well, I'm a big fan of the blues and folk, so I can't say that I'd really care much
Thanks, Princess Nan! And everyone else! All four others of you!

(Yes, including Mome even though you didn't say happy birthday )

This is the best birthday ever!

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Posey is gonna blow this year.




You suck too! So there!
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Sup dawg, I herd you liek posting about losing to win with xzibit, so I put you posting about losing to win at putting someone losing at losing while they won so they could lose at winning while they lose at losing while you xzibit them in me posting about you posting about losing to win at putting someone losing at losing while they won so they could lose at winning while they lose at losing while you xzibit them so you can lose while winning by posting someone losing while winning with xzibit while you read someone losing while winning by winlosing xzibiting your winlosing xzibiting of someone winlosing.

Sup, dawg. I herd you liek making no sense, so I quoted you making no sense so you can make no sense while you lose the game.
Banned because yes, it is

Quite a wonderful name, don't you think?
I, Duke Meow, hereby issue bans on everyone who has ever banned in this banning thread.

It's my birthday, I can do whatever I want. SO THERE.
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Good day chaps.

I had an unfortunate run in with a witch the other day. She turned me into a cephalopod! A rather trying event, to be sure, but the four extra limbs sure come in handy.

Hear ye, hear ye! The results are in.

1. Todd Hart – 6
2. ZanasCross – 8
3. cam_sampbell – 9
4. alaskan_ninja – 12
5. SheKILaDZE – 16
6. thebaron1066 – 18
7. dann_blood – 24
8. PeZ546 and kid meatball – 25 (tied)
10. Twist of Fate – 26
11. mesopatamius – 27
12. jwizzle5786 – 29
13. c3powil – 30
14. thewho65 – 35
15. dr_shred and vagelier – 44 (tied)

Congrats to Todd Hart.

Scores here.

I'm open to PMs for more extensive crits. You'll have to ask the other judges if they're giving crits out.

Now, next round: themed or no?
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What do you think of the unexpected betrayel of May and Ty Lee?

If I may chime in...

Honestly, I wasn't very surprised. I mean, I didn't exactly suspect it was going to happen, but I figured they were a little more sensible than Azula and would eventually stop putting up with her shit.

By the way, the moves Ty Lee put on her to stop her firebending were awesome.
You're a bear. How is this anything new?

I honestly think you could have come up with something more to describe yourself, rather than just "I like to eat people." I just don't feel that this is anything profound or even moderately interesting. Have you tried going vegan? Maybe you should try that and write about it. I think that a story about your struggles as a vegan bear would be better than boring old people eating.
Huh... I'll get back to you on this one...

It's... Interesting...

Let me formulate my thoughts...
jiminizzle's been busy with school. He'll have 'em done in the next few days at the most.

In the meantime, what's the consensus on a theme? Should we do repetition?
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They should make an adult avatar, with sex and stuff.

This is a good post. I like this post.
This is a strangely worthy necrobump, Zig
Well, good luck in life, my child. You will need it.
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Not to sound rude or anything, but fuck off.

Not to sound rude or anything, but you're being a jackass.

Death is not something you should wish on someone. Wish that they got hit by a bus, or broke their ankle, or got a coffee that they abhor, but don't wish they were dead. You have no idea what consequences can arise from one death, even if you don't care about the person.
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Don't you dare comfort him you.

Don't tell me what I can and can't do. It makes me wangry.

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It's okay, they're just weenies
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its amazing quailty of lyrics and musicianship obviously


No one makes music like this anymore. I'm surprised more people aren't following in suit. They could be big.
I don't come on here high. I always get in arguments and can't properly defend myself because I'm too busy giggling.

Minus .8 shiggly-pee-wee-ding-dang-doodles. You're now at 3.2/10.

This isn't looking good, sport.
Never seen you before.

But you're Aussie. That's 4 shiggly-pee-wee-ding-dang-doodles out of 10. If you turn out cool, you'll probably be at 8 shiggly-pee-wee-ding-dang-doodles out of 10.
I think your idea is in there, and I don't think it's "half implied" either.

This is definitely not a paper bit. It's a spoken bit. Without the spoken tone and inflection, I think it loses a lot of it's umph, it's zazz, if you will.

To give an example of what I mean, I italicized the parts I stressed, bolded those I felt angry, and full-stopped where I paused:

If I was going to wish. any. misfortune against you,
I'd stop short of cut thumbs.
because. for the few days. that it takes for them to heal,
you can't. do. a. fucking. thing.
I am so pissed off at the Giants...

They keep winning in spring training...

Any good Giants fan knows that when they do well in spring league, they suck in the regular season.

After you finish, you must open up a tea shop and learn the art of tea making.

Then, and only then, will you be a Master Avatard.
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Good lord, HOW? How can you hate Bill Murray. If you grew up with Ghostbusters, that's just not possible.

He tried to kill me once. With a glockenspiel. It wasn't pretty.
I'll vote later. Right now I'm protesting the closing of the Om Nom Nom thread before I could wrangle up a second nomination.

So this is me, protesting:

Hey hey! Ho ho! Patrick wanted a second vote! Hey hey! Ho ho!
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EDIT: I didn't know that last one was one picture.

Doesn't matter, that was brilliant
Uh... Yeah

Wat is this?
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Sing this poem to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme.

Your mind will get fellatio'd.
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I am insanely jealous. I live in California. No not the cool part. I live in the valley surounded by ****ing cows and no good music. We used to have a little warehouse where there would be metal shows but it got shut down. Makes me sad.

You live near Turlock, don't you?
No, but I met your Mom's Vagina last night. Oh burn.

If you were to fall to the left at this moment, would you get seriously injured?
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This new wave of Christian metalcore and deathcore is major lulz. They keep popping up as if it's some kind of trend.


I used to play in an Irish punk/folk kinda band, and the only shows we could play were with these pseudo-christian-punk-hardcore bands, so we ended up writing a song called "See? We can do it too." that we'd play in the middle of the set which was a hardcore punk Christian song. One of the lyrics was exactly that: "Rrraaaaaawwwww! I HEART JESUS CHRIST!!!"

That song of ours got a better response than all the other bands' songs combined